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How to Import your Historical Controlled Documents into Egnyte

‍ If you’re a quality professional then you know that maintaining compliance, audit, and tracking of your controlled documents is critical. When you adopt Egnyte’s Controlled Document Management, you’ll have all of the tools to review, approve, release, and train your users on your policies, procedures, and other controlled docs. But what should you do about all of your existing controlled documents?

5 Data Center Security Threats Businesses Must be Aware of in 2023

As reported by CIOSEA News, global cyber attacks saw an increase by 38 percent in 2022. This is in comparison to the percentage of such attacks seen in 2021. It's an alarming situation, one that clearly shows that cyber security threats are constantly growing. In some countries, cyber attacks were more severe and greater in number than in others. DIGIT News reported that the UK saw a 77 percent increase in cyber attacks in 2022. These are astounding figures, and they all point to how dangerous cyberspace has become.

Secure your organization with just-in-time access

Just-in-time (JIT) access is a cybersecurity feature where users, applications, or systems are granted access to resources only when needed and for a limited time. This approach limits the risk of privileged accounts gaining unauthorized access to sensitive data. JIT access is often used in conjunction with other security measures—such as multi-factor authentication and encryption—to provide a strong, layered defense against threats.

How to Bake Security into your CI/CD Pipeline

According to IBM Security's "The Cost of a Data Breach Report", the global cost of data breaches in 2022 increased by 2.6% compared to previous year, reaching $4.35 million. The source code of major companies like Nvidia, Microsoft, Uber, Slack, Toyota was leaked, often caused by usage of hardcoded secrets (you can see more details in the infographics below). In those cases, lateral movements were compromising software supply chain security. In their report Gartner claims about 45% of companies should expect to become targets of supply chain attacks by 2025.

The top 8 Cybersecurity threats facing the automotive industry heading into 2023

The content of this post is solely the responsibility of the author. AT&T does not adopt or endorse any of the views, positions, or information provided by the author in this article. Most, if not all, industries are evolving on a digital level heading into 2023 as we take the journey to edge computing. But the automotive industry is experiencing technological innovation on another level.


Close Encounters of the Third- (and Fourth-) Party Kind: The Blog

With organizations becoming increasingly digitally connected, a lack of visibility into their vendors’ security diligence has made exploiting these relationships a go-to tactic for cybercriminals. So, what can organizations do to minimize risk stemming from their business ecosystems?


Sysdig 2023 Cloud-Native Security and Usage Report

Content The sixth annual Sysdig Cloud-Native Security and Usage Report digs into how Sysdig customers of all sizes and industries are using, securing, and paying for cloud and container environments. We examined the data and found some interesting trends that may help you as you work to develop best practices for securing and monitoring your cloud-native environments. This year’s report has new data on cloud security, container vulnerabilities, and Kubernetes cost optimization.


Our Orchestration Journey

"Most people overestimate what they can achieve in a year and underestimate what they can achieve in ten years." This quote, often attributed to Bill Gates, came to mind as I looked back on the last 13 years at ForgeRock. It continues to amaze me how our customer focus first led us to redefine the IAM space, and then to introduce many innovations that have since become universally acknowledged as critical capabilities.


Why BreachWatch is the Best Dark Web Monitoring Tool

Dark web monitoring is an important tool that gives businesses and people insight into what information about them is available on the dark web. A dark web monitoring tool works by scanning thousands of websites, searching for your credentials and personal information. However, not all dark web monitoring tools and services are built the same. Different services offer different features when scanning through lists of stolen credentials and personal data.


The Genesis of Trustwave's Advanced Continual Threat Hunt

Trustwave’s recent revamp of its Advanced Continual Threat Hunt (ACTH) platform was inspired by the need to scale to meet a growing client base amid an ever-increasing threat landscape. Now with a patent-pending methodology, the SpiderLabs Threat Hunt team can conduct significantly more hunts and has an unprecedented ability to find more threats.