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Building Security into Your M&A Process Part 1: Due Diligence

If you read the news, you already know that we’re seeing a huge uptick in mergers and acquisitions (M&A). Global M&A volumes hit a record high in 2021—increasing by 64% over the previous year and topping $5 trillion for the first time ever. This activity continues to surge in 2022 as companies use M&A to manage the still-unpredictable economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and find their strategic footing.

M&A, trust in software, and a good night's sleep

Building trust in your software is important, but software trust is even more important in M&A transactions. The Black Duck® Audit team is part of the Synopsys Software Integrity Group. And Synopsys is all about trust. The Synopsys mission is to help you build trust in your software. There is nothing better than a good night’s sleep. And with the importance of software to almost every business today, concern about software risk can negatively impact your slumber.

WhiteHat brings new dimension to DAST capabilities at Synopsys

The acquisition of WhiteHat Security, the leading the DAST solution provider, is a step toward a more comprehensive, end-to-end portfolio for AppSec. Today, Synopsys closed the acquisition of WhiteHat Security, an application security pioneer and market-segment leading provider of dynamic application security testing (DAST) solutions.

Lookout Acquires Password Management Company SaferPass to Address the Rising Threat of Identity Theft

It’s hard to think about personal digital safety and enterprise cybersecurity without referencing passwords. This is why I’m excited that Lookout has acquired SaferPass, an innovative Password Management company that provides secure online identity solutions for both consumers and businesses of all sizes. With the rise in identity theft and threats that seek to compromise corporate applications and emails, passwords offer a critical line of defense.

Netskope Acquires WootCloud, an Innovator in Enterprise IoT Security

By 2025, there will be 55.7 billion connected IoT devices (or “things”), generating almost 80B zettabytes (ZB) of data. These are just some of the statistics that underscore enormous opportunity in IoT—and the enormous security risks all those IoT devices create.

Vector Capital Acquires Majority Ownership of WatchGuard Technologies

Over the last 25 years, WatchGuard has driven consistent innovation and growth. In recent years that growth accelerated significantly—fueled by our aggressive portfolio expansion and our ability to build and retain an enviable channel community—as we united behind the mission of making enterprise-grade security accessible to all customers via Managed Service Providers (MSPs).

Signicat Acquires UK-based Anti-Fraud and Identity Technology Company Sphonic

The combination with Sphonic will make the pan-European digital identity specialist better able to protect banks and other customers against fraud, financial crime, and money laundering. The acquisition creates one of the strongest identity ecosystems globally.

Welcome to the Age of Cybersecurity Attack Stories

Let me tell you a story. Not a bedtime story or the sort of happy-ending story you’d read to your kids. This is a darker, much more serious story. It’s a story about cybersecurity. Specifically, it’s a story about attack stories. You may be asking yourself, what is an attack story? Every cyberattack has a story. And that story consists of a sequence of steps adversaries take to learn, access and control the resources and data of the victims they’re pursuing.