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Why Data Loss Prevention strategy is core to successful M&A

When two companies merge, there is typically a lot of data that needs to be transferred between the two organizations. This data may include confidential information such as customer records, financial reports, and employee data. If this data falls into the wrong hands, it could be used to commit fraud or theft. That’s where data loss prevention (DLP) comes in.


Commercial software licenses in software due diligence

In a merger and acquisition (M&A) tech transaction where the code is much of the value, acquirers want to ensure that the components used are properly licensed. If they are not, the purchaser might be exposed to legal issues that they will need to address. In 2021, 78% of the code that Synopsys audited was comprised of third-party components.


Devo SOARs to New Heights with LogicHub Acquisition

In cybersecurity, one thing is certain: the bad guys are relentless. They never stop working and scheming to find new ways to attack weaknesses in data security. Their objective is criminally simple: breach organizations to steal and monetize data. And they use every means possible to do it. On the other side are cybersecurity companies and the professionals who work for them. We never stop working to improve our products and services to protect our customers from those global threat actors.


CrowdStrike to Acquire Reposify to Reduce Risk Across the External Attack Surface and Fortify Customer Security Postures

The digital footprint of the modern organization is expanding at an unprecedented rate. The move to the cloud, Internet of Things (IoT), digital transformation, connected supply chain partners and related trends have led to an explosion of internet-facing assets. Cloud workloads, websites, user credentials, S3 buckets, SSL certificates, IoT, operational technology (OT), rogue IT devices, and more exist in the thousands across most organizations.

Arctic Wolf

vxIntel Joins Arctic Wolf to Boost Detection and Threat Intelligence

I’m excited to announce that vxIntel, a leading provider of cyber threat intelligence has joined Arctic Wolf. vxIntel’s Malware Intelligence Platform currently analyzes over 500,000 files each day and over 10 terabytes of data each month from over 100 global data sources.


How attack surface management helps during an M&A process

There is always the risk that sensitive data will be exposed during mergers and acquisitions. Throughout the M&A process, you’re adding new ways for hackers to enter your systems, enabling them to access sensitive customer information. This is because the merging of companies usually results in an increase in the attack surface, therefore, increasing the number of unknown security risks the acquiring company is unaware of. The numbers don’t lie.


5 Common Risks Involved in Mergers and Acquisitions

The total global value of corporate mergers and acquisitions (M&A) reached $5.9 trillion in 2021. For 2022, the figure is expected to reach $4.7 trillion. This would make 2022 the second-best year on record for the M&A market after 2021. Clearly, robust M&A opportunities exist for companies looking to stimulate growth, increase market share, and influence supply chains. Despite those potential benefits, however, M&A deals are also fraught with serious risks.