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Sep 22, 2023   |  By Kirsty Paine
What are my quantum options? And what has Goldilocks’ porridge got to do with it? You’ve heard that eventually you’ll need to migrate to quantum-safe cryptography. Perhaps you’re raring to go. And yet, here I am, ready to tell you one thing: don’t do anything yet. Your options really depend on your quantum problem, but if you’re looking to migrate your cryptography today, you’re moving way too soon.
Sep 22, 2023   |  By Michael Haag
On September 4, 2023, CERT-UA revealed a meticulously planned cyberattack targeting Ukraine's critical energy infrastructure. The attack's modus operandi was distinct; it utilized deceptive emails containing bait links, luring victims into downloading a seemingly innocuous ZIP archive. This archive, however, harbored malicious files designed to hijack the victim's computer, redirecting data flows and exfiltrating sensitive information using services like mockbin.org and mocky.io.
Sep 20, 2023   |  By Laiba Siddiqui
Imagine that you work in IT and security for a federal entity. How do you manage your event data across different systems and networks? When something goes wrong, how do you detect, investigate and remediate these security incidents? That’s what the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) addresses in M-21-31: a memorandum that provides guidance for federal agencies to increase their visibility and response capabilities before, during and after a cybersecurity incident.
Sep 19, 2023   |  By Kristen Chiarenza
Software supply chain attacks are increasingly complex and damaging — underscoring the importance of increased government visibility throughout a cybersecurity incident. Over the last two years, the U.S.
Sep 18, 2023   |  By Tamara Chacon
So you want to hunt, eh? Well my young padwa…hold on. As a Splunk Jedi once told me, you have to first go slow to go fast. What do I mean by that? Well, if you rush into threat hunting and start slinging SPL indiscriminately, you risk creating gaps in your investigation. What gaps might those be? As a wise man once said, Know thy network. Actually — in this case — know your network and hosts.
Sep 18, 2023   |  By Tamara Chacon
If you have spent any time searching in Splunk, you have likely done at least one search using the stats command. I won’t belabor the point: stats is a crucial capability in the context of threat hunting — it would be a crime to not talk about it in this series. When focusing on data sets of interest, it's very easy to use the stats command to perform calculations on any of the returned field values to derive additional information.
Sep 14, 2023   |  By Shanika Wickramasinghe
Our cyber adversaries are always staying one step ahead. Threat actors love nothing more than trying out new tactics and techniques to attack targets, achieving their malicious objectives. Today, anyone is susceptible to cyber threats at practically any moment. MITRE ATT&CK is a framework that serves as a guiding light— it helps you assess your existing security measures and enhance device and endpoint security mechanisms against these evolving cyber threats.
Sep 11, 2023   |  By Austin Chia
Data security is more important than ever. In 2022 alone, over 1,700 organizations worldwide have been affected by compromised data. With organizations relying heavily on technology to store and process sensitive information, the risk of data breaches is constantly rising. This puts data security at the forefront of any organization’s security plan.
Sep 7, 2023   |  By Austin Chia
The importance of data security cannot be overstated. Data Loss Prevention (DLP) has emerged as a crucial component in safeguarding sensitive information and ensuring compliance with ever-evolving regulations. In this blog post, we'll share everything to know about DLP, exploring its definition, key components, types of solutions, importance, best practices, tools, and common challenges.
Sep 7, 2023   |  By Austin Chia
The world is becoming more reliant on data through data analytics and AI, where a lack of data quality can cost 74% more time spent on non-value added tasks by employees. This makes proper data governance more crucial than ever. As organizations become data-driven and interact with more data than ever, understanding the ins and outs of data governance is essential for ensuring data quality, security, and regulatory compliance.
Sep 14, 2023   |  By Splunk
Join Ryan Kovar and special guest Derrick Lawson, Staff Sales Engineer at Splunk, for a discussion about M-21-31, a US memorandum establishing an event logging maturity model for federal government agencies. They’ll discuss strategies and tools that can help agencies with compliance.
Sep 13, 2023   |  By Splunk
Grab a cup of coffee and join Audra Streetman and special guests Haylee Mills, Katie Brown and Drew Church for another episode of Coffee Talk with SURGe.
Sep 6, 2023   |  By Splunk
Join Ryan Kovar and special guest Jamie Williams, MITRE ATT&CK for Enterprise Lead and Principal Adversary Emulation Engineer, for a discussion about MITRE ATT&CK use cases and Jamie's essay in a new book by SURGe titled, "Bluenomicon: The Network Defender's Compendium.".
Aug 31, 2023   |  By Splunk
Grab a cup of coffee and join Mick Baccio, Ryan Kovar and Audra Streetman for another episode of Coffee Talk with SURGe. The team from Splunk will discuss the latest security news, including: Mick and Ryan competed in a 60 second charity challenge to share their favorite hack of all time before a deep dive on extortionware vs. ransomware.
Aug 30, 2023   |  By Splunk
Join Ryan Kovar and special guest Rick Holland, VP and CISO at ReliaQuest, for an interview about Rick’s career journey, his advice for cybersecurity leaders, and his contribution to the SURGe team’s new book titled, “Bluenomicon: The Network Defender’s Compendium.”
Aug 16, 2023   |  By Splunk
Join Audra Streetman and special guest Jake Williams (@MalwareJake) for a discussion about hiring in cybersecurity, interview advice, the challenges associated with vulnerability prioritization, Microsoft's Storm-0558 report, and Jake's take on the future of AI and LLMs in cybersecurity.
Aug 16, 2023   |  By Splunk
Grab a cup of coffee and join Mick Baccio, Ryan Kovar and Audra Streetman for another episode of Coffee Talk with SURGe. The team from Splunk will discuss the latest security news.
Aug 3, 2023   |  By Splunk
Join Ryan Kovar, Shannon Davis, and Audra Streetman for a special edition of Coffee Talk, live from Black Hat in Las Vegas! The team of Splunk security experts will recap some of the latest security news, including: Ryan and Audra also competed in a charity challenge about the risk of being hacked while at a hacking conference.
Jul 27, 2023   |  By Splunk
Grab a cup of coffee and join Mick Baccio, Ryan Kovar and Audra Streetman for another episode of Coffee Talk with SURGe. The team from Splunk will discuss the latest security news, including: Mick and Ryan also shared their top advice for people attending Defcon for the first time next week.
Jul 26, 2023   |  By Splunk
Join Audra Streetman and special guest Eva Galperin, director of cybersecurity at the Electronic Frontier Foundation, for an interview about data privacy, stalkerware, artificial intelligence, and the recent rise in deepfake sextortion schemes. You can follow Eva on Twitter (aka X) @evacide and learn more about her work at EFF.org.
Oct 21, 2018   |  By Splunk
The hype around artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) has exploded, sometimes overshadowing the real uses and innovations happening everyday at organizations across the globe. The reality is that applying AI and ML to data-dependent challenges presents opportunity for better security, faster innovation and overall improved efficiency.
Jun 1, 2018   |  By Splunk
Do you have a plan for cybersecurity? Digital technology is touching every aspect of our lives, which is giving bad actors unlimited runway to create new threats daily. It's this atmosphere that makes it imperative that organizations are prepared, informed and actively hunting for adversaries.
Jun 1, 2018   |  By Splunk
Cyberattacks are top of mind for organizations across the globe. In fact, 62 percent of firms are being attacked at least weekly and 45 percent are experiencing a rise in the number of security threats. But do organizations have the processes in place to investigate and effectively respond to these incidents? IDC recently surveyed security decision makers at 600 organizations to understand the state of security operations today.
May 25, 2018   |  By Splunk
How can you utilize machine data to be prepared for the General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union?
Apr 1, 2018   |  By Splunk
A security information event management (SIEM) solution is like a radar system that pilots and air traffic controllers use. Without one, enterprise IT is flying blind. Although security appliances and system software are good at catching and logging isolated attacks and anomalous behavior, today's most serious threats are distributed, acting in concert across multiple systems and using advanced evasion techniques to avoid detection.
Apr 1, 2018   |  By Splunk
Security incidents can happen without warning and they often go undetected for long periods of time. Organizations struggle to identify incidents because they often work in silos or because the amount of alerts is overwhelming and hard to determine the signals among the noise.
Mar 1, 2018   |  By Splunk
All data is security relevant and defending against threats involves every department in a company. With cyberthreats and bad actors constantly evolving, it is imperative for everyone in an organization to come together to identify and protect critical data.
Feb 1, 2018   |  By Splunk
Recent cyberattacks have made it clear that organizations of all sizes need to focus on a holistic and cohesive security strategy. Security operations centers (SOCs) have become a focal point in this effort, consolidating the right people, processes and technology to mitigate and remediate attacks.
Jan 1, 2018   |  By Splunk
Current IT security tools and mindsets are no longer adequate to meet the scope and complexity of today's threats. Internet security has evolved over the last ten years but advanced persistent threats and the sophistication of the malware have fundamentally changed the way security teams must think about these new threats and the tools used for detective controls.

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