AI everywhere: How AI is being applied in 4 different fields

Image Source: Pexels This blog was written by an independent guest blogger. Historically, the idea of artificial intelligence (AI) saturating our world has been met with suspicion. Indeed, it’s one of the more popular tropes of science fiction — learning machines gain sentience that helps them take over the planet.


How data poisoning is used to trick fraud detection algorithms on ecommerce sites

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) systems have become the norm for using client data to provide recommendations to customers. As more people are working from home and conducting business online, it is imperative that fraud detection software is used to protect user information. But these protective systems also utilize ML to automate the process and understand when a potential attack is taking place.


Use AI to fight AI-powered cyber-attacks

Cyber-attacks are commonly viewed as one of the most severe risks to worldwide security. Cyber-attacks are not the same as they were five years back in aspects of availability and efficiency. Improved technology and more efficient offensive techniques provide the opportunity for cybercriminals to initiate attacks on a vast scale with a higher effect. Intruders employ new methods and launch more comprehensive strategies based on AI to compromise systems.


The Role of AI and ML in Preventing Cybercrime

According to a seminal Clark School study, a hacker attacks a computer with internet access every 39 seconds. What’s more, almost a third of all Americans have been harmed by a hacker at one point or another, and more than two-thirds of companies have been victims of web-based attacks. A 2020 IBM study showed that the total cost of data breaches worldwide amounted to $3.9 million, which just may sound the death knell for many businesses affected by breaches.


Top 5 Construction Technology Trends to Watch in 2021

The construction industry is not unfamiliar with disruption. In 2008, the Construction Engineering Index plunged 68 percent. Firms that survived the financial crisis that year faced severe margin pressure – dropping from 5 percent in 2007 to 1 percent by 2010. The industry had to act fast and looked for more innovative ways to cut costs and boost profitability. The industry had to act fast and looked for more innovative ways to cut costs and boost profitability.


SIEM & AI - A Match Made in Heaven?

Are Information security event management (SIEM) and artificial intelligence (AI) a marriage made in heaven or just more sales hysteria in the industry? The reality, of course, is that security and system/application event correlation systems have been around for quite a long time. The term SIEM was first promoted by analyst firm Gartner in 2005. The lingering question is, are the analytics available in SIEM products identical to AI, or is AI only rebranded for sales purposes with analytics?


From Alan Turing to Future Artificial Intelligences - Reading Security Signals

The notion that the time we are living in now is “unprecedented” is a common one, but historians and philosophers alike will happily note that things are rarely so different that we can’t learn a lot from the past. Despite IT often being dominated by forward-thinking individuals developing novel and innovative new designs, a lot of the problems and potential solutions for IT security are ones that have stood the test of time.


Deepfake Voice Technology Iterates on Old Phishing Strategies

As the world of AI and deepfake technology grows more complex, the risk that deepfakes pose to firms and individuals grows increasingly potent. This growing sophistication of the latest software and algorithms has allowed malicious hackers, scammers and cyber criminals who work tirelessly behind the scenes to stay one step ahead of the authorities, making the threat of attacks increasingly difficult to both prepare for and defend against.


Use of Machine learning for pricing strategy in e-commerce and retail Industry

Pricing can be a thorny task. Pricing challenges and intense competition in ecommerce markets have shot up drastically in the emerging age of internet because of price transparency. There is always a cheaper alternative or a costlier alternative of almost everything you see on an e-commerce website. Any person with a high threshold of time would explore all the options before investing the money into something.


Can AI Predict Workplace Violence?

In June 2020, a knife attack at a kindergarten in China injured 39 people, many of them children. The perpetrator was a security guard at the school. This was an insider attack and a horrific act that happens far too often across the world. While the majority of the cybersecurity industry is focused on securing data, the growing convergence of digital and physical security remains unhinged.