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The Role Regulators Will Play in Guiding AI Adoption to Minimize Security Risks

With Artificial Intelligence (AI) becoming more pervasive within different industries, its transformational power arrives with considerable security threats. AI is moving faster than policy, whereas the lightning-quick deployment of AI technologies has outpaced the creation of broad regulatory frameworks, raising questions about data privacy, ethical implications, and cybersecurity. This gap is driving regulators to intervene with guidance in creating standards that reduce the risks.

New Report: How SME IT Professionals Really Feel About Security, AI, MSPs, and More

Twice a year, JumpCloud commissions a survey of IT professionals working at small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). These surveys examine pressing current matters like the security landscape, emerging technologies, job outlook, and more. JumpCloud’s latest report was released on July 16. It surveyed 612 IT decision-makers in the U.K. and U.S. to get a read on the SME IT market, both today and where IT professionals think it’s headed in the future.

Detours Ahead: How IT Navigates an Evolving World

We asked, 600+ IT pros answered. See the full survey findings and discover how other IT experts across the U.S. and the U.K. are navigating security threats, shadow IT, AI, and other pressing topics in our latest SME IT Trends Report. 50% report being more concerned about their organization's security posture than they were six months ago, and only 10% of respondents have no plans to implement AI.

GPT Consulting

GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) consulting involves leveraging advanced AI models, particularly those developed by OpenAI, to provide expert advice and solutions across various industries. This consulting approach utilizes the capabilities of GPT models to assist businesses in improving efficiency, enhancing customer experience, and driving innovation. Here's an in-depth look at GPT consulting, its applications, benefits, and challenges.

CrowdStrike Unifies Threat Data and AI for Next-Gen Managed Detection and Response

CrowdStrike is setting a new standard for managed detection and response (MDR), building on our established reputation as pioneers and industry leaders. Falcon Complete Next-Gen MDR combines cutting-edge AI-powered cybersecurity technology with the expertise of the industry’s top security analysts to stop breaches across the entire attack surface 24/7 with unmatched speed and precision.

The Evolving Role of CISOs in an AI-enhanced Cybersecurity World

As businesses increasingly rely on digital infrastructures, the threats that aim to exploit these technologies also evolve. It’s no longer just about safeguarding against unauthorized access; it’s about understanding and mitigating the complex risks introduced by AI and machine learning—topics I’ve often discussed, emphasizing the need for an advanced cybersecurity strategy that evolves as quickly as the technologies it aims to protect.

AI-Powered Tool Meliorator Fuels Russian Disinformation Campaigns on Social Media

Russian state-sponsored media organization RT has been using AI-powered software to generate realistic social media personas and spread disinformation for the past two years. This sophisticated tool, known as Meliorator, has been employed to target multiple countries, including the US, Poland, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, Ukraine, and Israel. Meliorator's Capabilities.

Monitoring and Auditing LLM Interactions for Security Breaches

Monitoring and auditing are critical components of cybersecurity, designed to detect and prevent malicious activities. Monitoring involves real-time observation of system activities, while auditing entails a systematic review of logs and interactions. Large Language Models (LLMs), such as GPT-4, are increasingly integrated into various applications, making them attractive targets for cyber threats.