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Economic impact of automation and artificial intelligence

One of the most important technology trends in cybersecurity is AI (artificial intelligence). The idea behind AI in cybersecurity is to use AI-enabled software to augment human expertise by rapidly identifying zero day malware, APTs, malwareless attacks, or hacking attempts, reducing the organizations’ incident costs.

Power Up with AI - How to Take Your GRC to the Next Level

Get ready to dive into the intersection of AI and GRC, where leveling up your program isn't just a metaphor – it's the next level of success. GRC leaders are discovering how AI is the ultimate power up, enhancing their security posture and helping them knock out risks and liability proactively. With AI by their side, GRC teams are dashing through challenging security questionnaires, scoring points with customers, and leaving their competitors in the dust.

Wallarm AI Engine: How It Works

The main task of the run-time application security is to protect modern applications and APIs. In this endeavor the solutions face a number of challenges: Download this whitepaper to learn how Wallarm solves the difficult task of effective application security by relying on AI and machine learning including a unique combination of hierarchical clusterization, statistical n-gram based models, recurrent neural networks and reinforcement learning.

New Acquisition Powers AI-based Network Detection and Response and Open XDR Capabilities for WatchGuard

Once integrated into the WatchGuard Unified Security Platform architecture, the CyGlass technology will deliver AI- and ML-based detection of network anomalies and accelerate Open XDR capabilities.

ChatGPT Update: How Security Teams and Threat Actors are Using Artificial Intelligence

ChatGPT and other Large Learning Modules have been in use for less than a year, yet these applications are transforming at an almost exponential rate. The changes taking place present an odd duality for the cybersecurity world. It is both a boon and a danger to security teams. In some cases, enabling teams to do more with less.


Navigating the AI Maze: Demystifying Artificial Intelligence and Its Misconceptions

In the world of technology, few concepts have captured our collective imagination like Artificial Intelligence (AI). It’s the promise of machines that can think, learn, and perform tasks with a level of sophistication that mimics human intelligence. Yet, the allure of AI has also given rise to a web of confusion, myths, and misunderstandings.


91% of Cybersecurity Professionals Have Experienced Cyber Attacks that Use AI

A new report takes an exhaustive look at how cybersecurity professionals see the current and future state of attacks, and how well vendors are keeping up. The role of artificial intelligence (AI) in cyber attacks and cyber defenses can be pretty confusing.


Release with Trust or Die. Key swampUP 2023 Announcements

Every year, JFrog brings the DevOps community and some of the world’s leading corporations together for the annual swampUP conference, aimed at providing real solutions to developers and development teams in practical ways to prepare us all for what’s coming next.


Bridging the gap between AI/ML model development and DevSecOps

AI and machine learning (ML) have hit the mainstream as the tools people use everyday – from making restaurant reservations to shopping online – are all powered by machine learning. In fact, according to Morgan Stanley, 56% of CIOs say that recent innovations in AI are having a direct impact on investment priorities. It’s no surprise, then, that the ML Engineer role is one of the fastest growing jobs.