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Building a Healthier and More Productive SOC

Security professionals are burning out, and they often aren’t getting enough support from their higher-ups. In fact, Devo and Wakefield Research have found that 45% of IT professionals surveyed felt that their leaders haven’t proactively responded to employee burnout, and 59% wish their leaders would offer additional training, mentorship, and development. Responsibility for tackling this issue lies with InfoSec leaders and their organizations.


What to Look for in a Security Operations Platform

Despite concerns of a global recession, a new IDC Worldwide Spending Guide forecasts cybersecurity investments will reach $219 billion in 2023, an increase of 12.1%. No doubt, the ongoing rise in cyberattacks and an increase in focus by boards and the C-suite on mitigating risk and building resilience are behind the steadfast commitment to invest in security solutions and services.


Solving the Integration Problem at Scale: How Torq Connects With Any Tool Using Hyperautomation

Setting up your security tools to work together seamlessly is often easier said than done, leading to time-consuming tasks and potential security gaps, especially without the proper tools. You must have both the ability to connect to any product, using APIs, CLIs or proprietary protocols, and do that in a simple no-code manner, without having to know the ins and outs of each technology. Without these, the ability to quickly automate is greatly diminished – as in legacy SOAR products.

How Social Engineering Took Down MGM and Caesars

Two major players in hospitality and gaming, MGM and Caesars, were victims of two, separate cyber attacks. While the details are still unknown, what is known is that Caesars paid the hackers a multi-million dollar ransom, and that both attacks began with social engineering.

Arctic Wolf Offers Canadian Rural Healthcare Network Holistic Security Support

As a rural healthcare network located north of Toronto, Ontario, the employees of Grey Bruce Health Services understand that PHI fetches a high value on the dark web, and that they could be one ransomware attack away from stolen data, or worse, encrypted networks that prevent critical patient care. With Arctic Wolf, including Arctic Wolf Managed Detection and Response and Arctic Wolf Managed Risk, IT Director Liane Coates feels confident and comforted that there’s a protective defensive layer not only monitoring the environment 24x7 but working on vulnerability management and proactive security strategies.

The SecOps Cloud Platform Ecosystem

A hosted panel discussion with industry leaders to explore what advantages the SecOps Cloud Platform confers for ecosystem builders. The panel is moderated by LimaCharlie's Head of Product, Matt Bromiley. The panel participants are: Senior Security Researcher at Thinkst, Casey Smith Security Evangelist at RunZero, Huxley Barbee Head of Tines Labs, John Tuckner.

Redefining Cybersecurity Operations: The Power of Torq's Workflow-Centric Case Management

Cybersecurity is a landscape forever in motion, an arena where threats evolve at an alarming pace. The tools we employ to counter threats should match this pace and anticipate the unforeseeable. Still, a chasm exists where tools are not keeping up with the changes, particularly regarding case management. I’m Dor Morgenstern, lead PM for Case Management at Torq. With a background rooted in cybersecurity, I’ve seen firsthand the evolving challenges that security operations face.

Arctic Wolf

How Security Operations Reduces the Risk of a Cyber Incident by Over 90%

The value of cybersecurity solutions is uniquely difficult to quantify. As with any risk-reduction investment, the ideal outcome is we simply avoid the outcome we’re defending against. But then how can we understand the value of our security strategy? Even if we can identify attempted compromises that are thwarted, it’s still challenging to scope out the potential impacts we were able to avert.

Arctic Wolf Managed Security Awareness: The Mission

Arctic Wolf Managed Security Awareness® prepares your employees to recognize and neutralize social engineering attacks and human error—helping to end cyber risk at your organization. Fresh. Original. Effective. That is the content you can expect to see through Arctic Wolf Managed Security Awareness®.