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Leveraging ThreatQ and Infoblox SOC Insights for Enhanced Security Operations

Organizations face an ever-evolving array of cyber threats that require swift and intelligent responses. Security Operations Centers (SOCs) are at the forefront of this battle, tasked with detecting, analyzing, and mitigating threats to safeguard valuable assets. To bolster their defenses, many enterprises are turning to innovative solutions such as ThreatQ™ and Infoblox SOC Insights, which offer advanced capabilities for threat intelligence management and network security.

The Future of Security Operations: An Inside Look at the LimaCharlie SecOps Cloud Platform

So, you’ve heard of LimaCharlie, but want to know more? Do you want to better understand how you can best utilize the SecOps Cloud Platform for your environment? Join Matt Bromiley, Lead Solutions Engineer, as he breaks down the SCP and provides an in-depth look at how LimaCharlie is redefining security operations.

Always Ahead: Arctic Wolf on Artificial Intelligence

In this episode of Always Ahead, our Chief Product Officer Dan Schiappa explains how Arctic Wolf is incorporating the efficiency and speed of artificial intelligence into our security journey, empowering our world-class security concierge team to deliver comprehensive protection at the speed of data.

The Howler - Episode 6: Mark Manglicmot, Senior Vice President, Security Services

In this episode, our hosts sit down with Mark Manglicmot, Senior Vice President of Security Services at Arctic Wolf, who brings his fun, energetic personality to the podcast while sweating it out over hot sauce! Interested in running with the pack? Explore careers at Arctic Wolf — one of the fastest-growing and exciting cybersecurity companies in the world, to learn about how you can join our Pack, create impact, and influence what’s next in security operations.

LimaCharlie Lands $10.2 Million Series A Funding to Transform Security Operations

COVINA, Calif - Feb. 8, 2024 - LimaCharlie, the creator of the first-ever Security Operations (SecOps) Cloud Platform, today celebrates a $10.2 million Series A investment round led by Sands Capital with follow-on from new and previous investors, including Lytical Ventures, CoFound Partners, Long Journey Ventures, Myriad Venture Partners, StoneMill Ventures, and Strategic Cyber Ventures.

Arctic Wolf's 24x7 Monitoring Secures Parramatta's Fans and Members Valuable Data

As two of the most recognizable brands in Western Sydney, Parramatta Eels and Parramatta Leagues Club know that cyber threats are always lurking. Thanks to a comprehensive partnership with Arctic Wolf, the club is able to to focus on a full digital transformation to become a club of the future, providing fans and members with customized experiences while expanding the breadth and depth of their cybersecurity.

Introducing the SecOps Cloud Platform

Gone are the days of one-size-fits-all security solutions that do not adequately address the complexities of modern networks and evolving threats. These general-purpose tools lack the flexibility to adapt to your unique environment and specific needs. As a result, organizations end up with a fragmented collection of tools that need to be manually integrated and stitched together, leading to inefficiencies, gaps in security coverage, and extreme costs.

Step Builder: One Giant Leap for No-Code Capabilities

No-code support should be just that – the ability to build automations without coding. At Torq, we continually work to extend the out-of-the-box no-code automation features available in our platform. That’s just what we’re doing with Step Builder, a new no-code feature that is now in GA. Step Builder gives Torq users the ability to quickly and easily create custom content without the need to code, making your options for integration limitless.