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How to stop PS5 scalpers this Black Friday

The PlayStation 5 has been in high demand since its November 2020 launch day. Supply chain issues stemming from the Covid-19 pandemic and trade war between China and the US have led to an ongoing global shortage of computer chips. Sony simply can’t keep up with demand for its newest console. This demand has created a huge opportunity for product scalpers. The PS5 remains one of the most targeted products by scalper bots two years after its launch.


Why Students Need a Password Manager

Keeping track of your assignments in school isn’t easy, but keeping track of your passwords is even harder. Students could benefit from using a password manager because it makes it easy to create, store and secure their passwords, documents and sensitive data all in one place. Read on to learn why a password manager would be useful for students.

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16 Threat Intelligence Terms Everyone Should Know

Understanding the ins and outs of threat intelligence can be complicated for an organization. If your business is anything but cyber, it’s understandable to be overwhelmed by terms like ransomware, cryptocurrency, and DDoS attacks, especially in relation to your systems and assets. That’s okay.

Things to Ask Your SSE Vendor: Episode 8: How can I get actual value from my CASB?

CASB can often just be a 4-letter word. With teams across the board struggling to implement CASB effectively (or get it up and running at all), Axis determined to create our solution in a way that makes controlling SaaS access and protecting data in these apps easy for teams managing them.

Insiders cause 20% of data breaches

Apart from external attackers, organizations need to consider another type of threat when planning their cybersecurity strategy: insider threats. There are different types of insiders. On the one hand, there are people who have secret knowledge and unintentionally create risk openings within an organization; and on the other, there are others who intend to cause harm, motivated by profit, extortion, or personal grievance. This means insiders can be classified as follows.


Sanction Screening: a comprehensive guide to help financial institutions fulfil sanction compliances.

Financial institutions use sanctions screening as a tool to detect, prevent and manage sanctions imposed on individuals and entities. Sanctions are issued on entities, organizations and individuals who are deemed drug dealers, human traffickers, terrorists and smugglers by the respective country or the U.N.


Commercial software licenses in software due diligence

In a merger and acquisition (M&A) tech transaction where the code is much of the value, acquirers want to ensure that the components used are properly licensed. If they are not, the purchaser might be exposed to legal issues that they will need to address. In 2021, 78% of the code that Synopsys audited was comprised of third-party components.

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Zero Trust is not a shortcut to security

According to a recent Microsoft report, Zero Trust is now 'the top security priority' for 96% of the interviewed security decision makers, while 76% said they were currently in the process of implementation. Microsoft's report also says that the biggest challenges facing adoption are perceived investment and effort to achieve the principle in practice. Sounds familiar, but the reality of Zero Trust is that, for the most part, it's nothing new.