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Security Questionnaires Explained: How to Respond to the Most Common Questions

Security questionnaires are a set of questions used to assess the security posture of an organization, usually to determine if one company can trust another and work together. These questions are designed to identify and evaluate potential vulnerabilities, as well as to ensure compliance with industry standards and regulations.


App Security & Compliance for SaaS Companies in Saudi Arabian Market

In this episode of SaaSTrana, host Venkatesh Sundar is joined by Sangmesh Hiremath (Founder of Marmin.AI) to discuss how application security and compliance are crucial for SaaS companies to grow in Saudi Arabia, the Middle East, and the European markets.


How to Reduce Insider Threat Risks in a Hybrid Office: 10 Best Practices

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way we work forever. Although some part of the workforce returned to the office as soon as restrictions loosened, many employees wish to continue working remotely. According to data from Gartner, 60% of knowledge workers are remote, with at least 18% not planning to return to the office anytime soon. A hybrid office is a great option for both types of workers.


Data Privacy Laws Organizations Cannot Ignore in 2023

Data privacy has become a hot-button issue in recent times, leading to the implementation of stringent laws governing who can collect information and how it is accessed. Governments across the world are increasingly turning their attention towards ensuring data protection for citizens. Non-compliance of regulations can be catastrophic for any organization.


5 Tips To Keep in Mind for Data Privacy Day

No matter what industry you’re in, data privacy is an issue that impacts you. And when it comes to being safe online with sensitive data, whether that’s your personal data or sensitive data that is important to your organization, being informed is the first step. With that in mind, ahead of Data Privacy Day on January 28, we asked a handful of Netskopers from our CSO, internal security, and Netskope Threat Labs teams to provide tips around data privacy that they think everyone should know.


Identifying and securing your business's dark data assets in the cloud

The world runs on data. That has always been true, but the power of data has perhaps never been greater than it is today. We live in the great age of information — where a seemingly infinite repository of knowledge lies at our fingertips. But data is not, of course, only to be consumed for personal use. Indeed, the greatest impact of data is on the world of business. Data is the fuel that keeps the engines of enterprise humming.


Covenant C2 Fills the Void Left by Empire PowerShell

Post-exploitation tools are used by threat actors to move laterally inside a network and escalate their privileges in order to steal data, unleash malware, create backdoors and more. Red teams and ethical hackers also use these tools; indeed, simulating the efforts of adversaries plays a key role in implementing effective controls to secure systems, applications and files.