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External Sharing in SharePoint: Tips for Wise Implementation

Microsoft SharePoint enables users to share files with coworkers in just a few clicks. However, external sharing is just as easy— which puts the security of your sensitive data at risk. To help you control external sharing of files and folders without interfering with legitimate collaboration, this article details the external sharing settings available in the Microsoft administrative interfaces and offers best practices for configuring them.


How to Install TLS/SSL Certificates in NetApp ONTAP

HTTPS is the standard method for internet communications that transmit sensitive data. The TLS protocol is the backbone of HTTPS, encrypting connections so transmitted information can’t be intercepted or modified. HTTPS should also be used with local web applications that transmit sensitive data. This includes NetApp servers, since external applications and users need to authenticate, authorize and transfer data with the NetApp ONTAP operating system.


Securing Your Amazon S3 Buckets

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the world’s largest cloud provider, with well over a million active users. The popularity of AWS makes it one of the biggest targets for cybercriminals — and one of the leading contributors to breaches is incorrectly configured Amazon S3 buckets. For example, an insecure bucket led to the unauthorized access of 23 million documents and 6.5 TB of data belonging to Pegasus Airlines.


Data Lifecycle Management

Data lifecycle management (DLM) is the process of safeguarding data appropriately throughout its existence. The basic data lifecycle stages are creation, storage, data usage, sharing and destruction: Figure 1. The 6 basic data lifecycle management stages The goal of DLM is to ensure data security and regulatory compliance during all stages without throttling business productivity. Achieving this goal requires different processes and policies at various times during the data lifecycle.