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Managing Active Directory VPN via Security Groups

Virtual private network (VPN) is extremely valuable technology, especially for organizations with a remote or hybrid workforce. VPN provides users with a secure and encrypted connection so they can access the corporate network over the internet — while keeping your confidential data and sensitive systems safe from prying eyes. VPN can also hide your IP address so that you can visit websites that are not normally accessible from your location.

Data Security Explained: Challenges and Solutions

Data is the most valuable asset for any organization, regardless of size or sector. Loss or corruption of financial reports, business plans and intellectual property can bring even a global enterprise to a standstill. Moreover, a wide range of compliance regulations mandate the organization protect information in accordance with data security best practices.

A Comprehensive Guide to Active Directory Monitoring Tools

Effective Active Directory (AD) monitoring is a cornerstone for security and compliance. It empowers administrators to spot suspicious activity, including improper changes to AD objects like user accounts and Group Policy objects (GPOs), in time to avoid data breaches or minimize their impact.

Data Subject GDPR Requests: Rights and Requirements

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a European Union law that governs how companies may collect and use the personal data of EU residents. It establishes standards that help ensure that this data is not stored, handled or shared in a way that would expose individuals to risk. The law also specifies how organizations must respond in case of a data breach.

Introduction to Information Governance

Organizations are experiencing explosive growth in the volume and variety of data they collect, store and process. Unfortunately, many of them do not understand what types of data they are handling — and what value that data has — so they cannot maintain proper control over it. As a result, they often suffer serious legal, financial and reputational consequences. Proper information governance can help you avoid the same fate.

Three Easy Ways to Maintain Data Security and Compliance in NetSuite

Information is an organization’s most valuable asset — and with over 94% of US-based organizations using cloud-based systems, one data breach can have serious consequences for a growing business. Maintaining the integrity and security of your data should be high on your priority list — and luckily, with the right applications, getting there can be simple. NetSuite is a fantastic system for data security and compliance.

Why Data Security Starts with Salesforce

Customers want digital experiences that make their lives easier and wallets lighter. However, they have a complicated relationship with their personal data. They don’t trust most companies, but they also won’t stop sharing information with them. Salesforce’s 2020 State of the Connected Customer report backs this up, noting that: Businesses start every new relationship having to earn their customers’ trust.

Office 365 Ransomware Protection

Most organizations today rely on Entra ID (formerly Azure AD) and Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) for core business operations. But how secure are these vital platforms against ransomware? This article explores the key concern concerns in Entra ID and Microsoft 365 and details the key security controls they offer to block, detect and recover from ransomware. Then it offers a robust solution that can further safeguard your data and IT systems.