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The latest News and Information on Application Security including monitoring, testing, and open source.

Celebrating one year of Rapid Scan Static

As we celebrate the first anniversary of Rapid Scan Static, we look back at the growth of our new SAST engine. In June 2021, Synopsys officially released Rapid Scan Static, a feature of Code Sight™ SE and Coverity® by Synopsys and powered by the Sigma scan engine. Rapid Scan Static reduces the noise and friction for developers by providing fast results that enable them to take action earlier in the software development life cycle (SDLC).

Six Steps to Achieve Zero Trust in Application Security

The continuing escalation in cyberattacks on large corporations, coupled with an acceleration of digital transformation, has forced organizations to reassess their security strategies and infrastructure. This escalation has driven growth in the adoption of zero-trust application security and compliance. The zero-trust approach means that no devices or software should be trusted by default, even if they have permissions and previous verification.

Insight is the Key to Understanding Your Application's Security Posture

The official definition of insight is “the capacity to gain an accurate and deep intuitive understanding of a person or thing.” Having complete insight into your application’s security risks is the key to making them secure and compliant. Most organizations look at application security risk in individual silos of their application architectures and not how individual components interact with each other within the application architecture.

What Are the Most Prevalent Flaws in Your Programming Language?

A few months ago, we released our 12th annual State of Software Security (SOSS) Report. In our announcement blog, we noted new application development trends (like increased use of microservices and open-source libraries), the positive impact that Veracode Security Labs has on time to remediate security flaws, and the increased use of multiple application security scan types. But what we have yet to dive into is the security flaws we found in different programming languages.

API Security Becomes Complete with Application Security Posture Management

Let’s face it – Application Programming Interfaces or APIs are a foundational part of modern applications. They are just as crucial as home-grown code, open-source packages, frameworks, and libraries in your application’s architecture. One of the questions I have heard for years while working with commercial enterprise applications is: do you have an API?

We are Mend - Company celebration of rebranding from WhiteSource Software to Mend

Mend company celebration of the launch of its rebrand, from WhiteSource Software to Mend. Mend effortlessly secures what developers create. We remove the burden of application security, allowing teams to meet the need to create and deliver quality, secure code faster.

Why end-to-end visibility is critical to secure your apps in a serverless world

One of the universal truths in technology is that security always lags behind innovation. Companies must move quickly as they seek to innovate, increase efficiencies and be disruptive in ever-crowded markets. Living on the bleeding edge means you will get a few cuts, but the risk of not adopting new technologies is greater than those of a few system failures or breaches. One challenge is that it is often not apparent what new risks exist until boundaries are pushed.

Developing Secure Software With Confidence

Software development and security often have separate challenges and concerns. Developers are worried about pushing software to production in a timely manner. Security teams worry about the security of the code being pushed. Veracode offers a solution that meets the needs of both sides. On Peerspot, where Veracode is ranked number one in application security, users discuss how Veracode enables them to build an advanced application security program.