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Lookout Reimagined: The Freedom of Control | Lookout

A company’s brand is more than just its logo and color palette. It’s a signal to the world about their vision and commitment. This is why I’m super excited that Lookout is debuting a reimagined identity and position centered around freedom of control. ‍ Lookout started its journey in 2007 trailblazing the concept of mobile security.


The Ultimate Security Checklist to Launch a Mobile App in Nigeria - iOS & Android

Nigerian authorities have made great strides in data security, and businesses worldwide are taking notice. If you're planning to launch a mobile app in Nigeria, it's crucial that you understand the importance of app security and take steps to ensure that your app meets Nigerian data privacy requirements. We’re aware that data protection can be overwhelming as it requires a holistic approach that incorporates legal, administrative, and technical safeguards.


HIPAA Compliant Mobile App Development: Features, Risks and Checklists

The wide penetration of internet facilities has its imprint on almost all sectors, including the healthcare industry. With most people using smartphones, the demand for online applications is tremendously increasing. As a result, people are shifting towards tele-medication and treatment. However, every successful product has its drawback. Likewise, the popularity of healthcare applications has also captivated more security threats.


Trustwave Upgrades Fusion Platform Mobile App

Trustwave has updated its Fusion Platform mobile app, for Apple iOS or Android, adding a bundle of new features and enhancements designed to make monitoring an organization’s security status at any time or place even easier. The Trustwave Fusion platform is a cloud-based cybersecurity platform that serves as the foundation for Trustwave’s managed security services, products, and other cybersecurity offerings.


The Heightened Importance of Cybersecurity in Mobile App Development

Mobile device use is pervasive, and has eclipsed traditional computing. We often hear how various malicious mobile apps are released into circulation. For these reasons, mobile app development needs to focus on cybersecurity just as much as it does on functionality and flexibility, if not more so. It’s an inevitable aspect of app development that must be taken more seriously, as the very real threats to business proliferate.


8 Best Secure Photo Apps in 2023

It would be maddening if someone looked over your private files on your phone. Imagine someone scrolls through your phone gallery without your permission and steals your secret files. How irritating that would be! Moreover, you never know what will happen if your photos get exposed. Someone could spread your private pictures on social media and use them for evil intentions that can lead to serious embarrassment or, in the worst scenario, severe crimes.


How do the latest iPhone updates address Cybersecurity issues?

The content of this post is solely the responsibility of the author. AT&T does not adopt or endorse any of the views, positions, or information provided by the author in this article. Apple is typically known for its minimal design, user-friendly UI, and hardware. But, the success of their products, especially iPhones, has long relied upon timely cybersecurity updates and their effectiveness.