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Improving AWS Security Services with Sysdig Secure

One of the primary goals of information security is to protect data, which of course entails protecting the resources that store and provide access to that data. According to the NIST Cybersecurity Framework, organizations need to develop and implement the necessary protections to restrict or mitigate the effect of a possible cybersecurity incident. Security should be integrated right from the source of the cloud architecture design process.

How to access AWS Console using AWS IAM

This blog post explores the traditional authentication and authorization processes to AWS Management Console, and how Teleport can replace them to further secure and audit your Infrastructure Access for AWS. You can access your AWS Management Console through a variety of methods. If a user has AWS Administrator or Root Access, they can see and edit all infrastructure in its entirety. AWS has multiple tools available to mitigate access, but are they enough?

Stronger Cybersecurity, Thanks to the New Rubrik Security Cloud

Sad fact: cyberattacks continue to grow in volume and sophistication. Plus, ransomware doesn't hit like a bomb–it’s often more like a Trojan Horse, where many organizations don't realize they are under attack until it's too late. Despite investments in infrastructure security tools deployed at the endpoint, perimeter, and network, bad actors are still getting through to hold data for ransom.

NC Protect is now available in both Microsoft Azure Marketplace and Azure Government Marketplace!

We are excited to share that NC Protect for Microsoft 365 is now available in both Microsoft Azure Marketplace and Azure Government Marketplace! archTIS customers can now take advantage of the productive and trusted Azure cloud platform, with streamlined procurement, deployment and management of NC Protect for M365 from the Marketplaces.

How to Configure Single Sign-On (SSO) for Amazon RDS Access

This blog is part two of a series about identity-aware access for Amazon RDS. In Part I, we covered how to use OSS Teleport to access Amazon RDS instances running in private subnets. In Part II, we will guide you through the steps to configure single sign-On (SSO) for Amazon RDS with Okta, SAML and Teleport.

Lookout Accelerates Zero Trust Journey for Ivanti Customers With SSE

To keep pace with the demands of a digital-first economy, organizations are accelerating cloud adoption and expanding work-from-anywhere initiatives. But as operations become more efficient, security teams struggle to keep pace. Existing solutions are not built to scale and can’t provide seamless access that safeguards data, which now reside in countless applications on premises and in the cloud.

Mobile App Security & Google's Data Safety Launch - Yay or Nay?

Internet and software giant Google recently recalibrated how it categorizes its Playstore apps. Google's Android applications are tagged with 'nutrition labels' based on the security practices and the data they collect from users to share with third parties. The recently announced Google Play's Data Safety section goes into action from July 20th.

Monitoring AWS networks at scale

Corelight is pleased to announce our integration with AWS’s Traffic Mirroring to Gateway Load Balancer (GWLB) Endpoint as a Target. This integration simplifies the monitoring of network traffic and generating Corelight data in massively scaled-out public cloud environments. When it comes to monitoring network traffic today, we see two primary deployment patterns, each with their own pain points.

Identity-Based Data Security on AWS

Speakers: Dave Cole, CEO of Open Raven Ev Kontsevoy, CEO of @Teleport Modern data drives business value. But the speed with which it is created and accessed across a global AWS footprint increases risk considerably. The old ways of securing data – VPNs, shared credentials stored in a secure vault, offsite backups – are no longer sufficient and don't work at cloud-scale. Join Teleport CEO Ev Kontsevoy and Open Raven CEO Dave Cole as they present a practical view of modern data security in two parts.