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Sysdig 2023 Cloud-Native Security and Usage Report

Content The sixth annual Sysdig Cloud-Native Security and Usage Report digs into how Sysdig customers of all sizes and industries are using, securing, and paying for cloud and container environments. We examined the data and found some interesting trends that may help you as you work to develop best practices for securing and monitoring your cloud-native environments. This year’s report has new data on cloud security, container vulnerabilities, and Kubernetes cost optimization.


CrowdStrike Announces Expanded Service Integrations with AWS

At AWS re:Invent 2022, CrowdStrike announced expanded service integrations with AWS to provide breach protection across your AWS environment, simplified infrastructure management and security consolidation. On January 31, 2023, AWS announced CloudTrail Lake Partner Integrations, with CrowdStrike signing on as a launch partner. With this integration, organizations get the opportunity for a consistent security posture between on-premises workloads and those running in the AWS cloud.


An Overview of the Netskope AWS CloudTrail Lake Integration

Following the recent AWS CloudTrail Lake announcement, this blog will guide you through how to configure a Netskope Cloud Exchange instance to send Netskope user access logs to AWS CloudTrail Lake using the Cloud Log Shipper (CLS) module and the CLS plugin developed for CloudTrail Lake. Cloud Exchange (deployed in Amazon ECS on Fargate) can be obtained from the AWS Marketplace.


How Adversaries Can Persist with AWS User Federation

In recent incident response investigations, CrowdStrike Services has observed adversaries use the sts:GetFederationToken API call to create federated sessions from IAM users. In this scenario, the federated session inherits permissions from the base IAM user. Perhaps surprising to many incident responders, the privileges and access of the federated session are not revoked when the base IAM user’s credentials are deactivated.

This Month in Datadog: Cloud Security Controls Ruleset, New Test Coverage Page, and more

Datadog is constantly elevating the approach to cloud monitoring and security. This Month in Datadog updates you on our newest product features, announcements, resources, and events. To learn more about Datadog and start a free 14-day trial, visit Cloud Monitoring as a Service | Datadog. This month, we put the Spotlight on Cloud Cost Management.

Techniques for Effectively Securing AWS Lake Formation

A couple months ago, we received a request from one of our enterprise financial clients looking to build their internal data lake capabilities. The client wanted to know more about security best practices related to the AWS data lake management tool, AWS Lake Formation, and asked our team for help. One of our principal security consultants specializing in cloud got to work, preparing an overview of critical security considerations when architecting a data lake system.


Financial Firms In The European Union Are Facing Strict Rules Around Cloud Based Services

In today's hyper-connected world, most of us now take care of our daily tasks with the help of digital tools, which includes online banking. Whether we're reviewing our account balances, transferring money, applying for payment cards, or simply paying our bills, banking has become more digital, and requires financial firms to adapt to this new world of transacting business. This adaptation has seen EU-based financial firms adopting and relying more heavily on cloud services.