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ITSM Walkthrough - EXPRESS - ServiceNow Integration - Tanium Tech Talks #86

See how to configure the Tanium integration for powering the ServiceNow service desk experience with real-time visibility and control on today's Tanium Tech Talk. Watch the guided setup, take note of implementation considerations, plan for user permissions, and do more with the info in this video. VIDEOS IN THIS SERIES CHAPTERS.

ITAM & CMDB - EXPRESS - ServiceNow Integration - Tanium Tech Talks #85

See how Tanium can feed your ServiceNow CMDB with fresh asset inventory on today's Tanium Tech Talk. We're going to start at the beginning with asset data: hardware, software, usage, and more. Many Tanium customers update their ServiceNow CMDB multiple times per day to enjoy the benefits of accurate and timely asset data.

Improve File Management in Microsoft Teams with Egnyte Integration

Microsoft Teams has seen a remarkable surge in popularity and usage post-pandemic. With 320 million+ users spanning more than 1 million organizations, it serves as an important tool to keep teams connected and foster productivity. While MS Teams excels in real-time collaboration, conversational channels, online meetings, and video calls, it grapples with file management and accessibility stemming from its inherent design and architecture.

New Cyberark and GitGuardian Integration: Keeping Your Secrets Secure

Explore the industry-first solution designed to empower security and development teams in securing secrets across multi-cloud, DevOps, and containerized environments. Discover innovative use cases, from detecting public GitHub leaks to enforcing secret management policies. Don't miss this opportunity to delve into the future of secrets security with our very own Mackenzie Jackson from GitGuardian and special guests Evan Litwak and David Hisel from CyberArk. Save your spot now for an engaging conversation redefining your approach to secret protection in software development.

JFrog + Qwak Integration Demo

Together, JFrog and Qwak instill governance, transparency, visibility, and security into every facet of the development and deployment lifecycle for ML models. From managing dependencies to ensuring compliance and optimizing storage, this integration empowers your organization to embrace the future of machine learning with confidence and efficiency. Watch this demo for an overview of the integration.

How to Secure Network and Boost Productivity with Ekran System and Venn Integration

Explore the future of remote work – where cutting-edge security meets peak productivity. We're thrilled to unveil the dynamic partnership between Venn and Ekran System, a game-changing fusion set to revolutionize how you safeguard your company's most sensitive data while maximizing efficiency. Venn introduces Secure BYO-PC, a cost-effective solution for remote work, while Ekran System ensures robust security and user privacy. Learn how to protect digital workspace without complexity.

Release Spotlight: Orca Connector

Imagine navigating the vast, unpredictable ocean, where every wave and current brings a new challenge. This turbulent navigation experience mirrors the journey of companies navigating the complex world of cloud environments, filled with hidden dangers such as security vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and compliance violations. In these deep digital seas, where threats lurk unseen, it’s crucial to have vigilance, a sophisticated understanding, and a guiding tool to illuminate the path ahead.

Integrating JFrog Artifactory with Amazon SageMaker

Today, we’re excited to announce a new integration with Amazon SageMaker! SageMaker helps companies build, train, and deploy machine learning (ML) models for any use case with fully managed infrastructure, tools, and workflows. By leveraging JFrog Artifactory and Amazon SageMaker together, ML models can be delivered alongside all other software development components in a modern DevSecOps workflow, making each model immutable, traceable, secure, and validated as it matures for release.