Zero Trust Integrations Are Expanding in the CrowdStrike Partner Ecosystem

Organizations need to stay ahead of the ever-evolving security landscape. It’s no secret that Zero Trust security is crucial for successful endpoint protection. Due to the rapid transition to a remote workforce and shift from the traditional data center into dynamic cloud infrastructure we’ve witnessed in the last year, more and more companies are finding the need to accelerate their digital transformation to keep pace with the expanding threat surface.

CISOs: Why the Rezilion - Tenable Integration is a Game Changer for Product Security and Devops

As the frequency of new products released rises and as the attack surface keeps growing, most companies are faced with a common problem – a growing vulnerability workload. Their vulnerability scanners report countless vulnerabilities and there is simply not enough resources or time to fix all of these vulnerabilities, leaving their networks vulnerable and exploitable.

Integration of the ThreatQ platform into McAfee Enterprise infrastructure

Proper management of threat data is critical in today’s security operations and modern SOCs. The knowledge of threats, their priority in our environment, their management, and the ability to analyze them, will give us anticipatory capabilities we wouldn’t have without this management.

Humio and Mimecast Integration Helps Organizations Mitigate Cyber Risk From Email

We are excited to announce the availability of a new integration with Mimecast which allows Humio customers to ingest email security logs from their Mimecast email security service. Email is the top initial attack vector, with phishing campaigns responsible for many damaging cyber attacks, including ransomware.

How to remove friction in DevOps with Intelligent Orchestration partner integrations

Synopsys’s world-class application security products, services, and the recently released Intelligent Orchestration can help you build secure, high-quality, resilient software faster. But no single vendor can provide solutions for all the challenges a company faces today. Firms need partners to solve the myriad business challenges they face. Synopsys Technology Alliance Partner program partners with the technology industry’s leading organizations to create joint customer value.

Better Together: Egnyte's Construction Integrations

Construction, like any industry, relies on software throughout all phases of a project. From inception to completion, a plethora of programs come into play to facilitate each task at hand. The unfortunate part of having so many applications working side by side is that they treat the data the same way – side by side, in their own silos. Very often, data produced by these applications moves and morphs into the next phase – a bid becoming the basis for a contract, for example.

Detectify releases new and improved integrations

Integrations are intended to make work and the flow of information smoother. In our case, the integrations expedite critical vulnerability information found by Detectify to security teams and the application owners. That way, you can receive vulnerability information directly into your digital workplace of choice. Our solution seemed to be achieving this for our customers and the use cases kept growing and eventually outgrowing our scalability.

Best Practices for Building API Integrations

Modern applications aren’t built in silos. They rely on the features of other applications. This reliance can come in the form of open-source libraries, access to a wealth of data, or complex features distilled down into a consumable API. Incorporating third-party dependencies into your own project can be challenging. It comes with the benefits of faster development, and the downside of reliance. There is a relationship that happens when using a dependency.