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Going Beyond Network Perimeter Security by Adopting Device Trust

It’s a familiar nightmare you’ve heard of and might even face as a developer or security engineer: alerts firing in all directions warning that your company’s VPN and firewall — that supposedly “safe” defensive perimeter around your infrastructure — has been breached. And the scariest part is that you find out after the fact — after access credentials and customer assets have been stolen.

Overview of Teleport 12: Device Trust and Desktop Access

Join us as we showcase the latest features of Teleport, the first identity-native infrastructure access platform for engineers and machines. Teleport delivers phishing-proof zero trust for every engineer and service connected to your global infrastructure by replacing insecure secrets with true identity.

Securely Deploy Kubernetes Clusters with Teleport Machine ID and GitHub Actions

Current approaches to managing machine identity for infrastructure like Kubernetes Clusters and CI/CD workflows rely on outdated security mechanisms like passwords, shared secrets, and other manual processes that are error prone and increase the risk of breach.

Introducing Windows Passwordless access for local user

Passwordless Windows Access for local users Get RBAC for Windows Server and Desktops without a reliance on Active Directory. Easily copy text between the clipboard on a client and a remote Windows machine and instantly share directories and files from your local client with no manual upload or download.

Teleport 12 Is Here!

After 4 months of hard work we’re proud to announce the release of Teleport version 12! From expanded Windows and Kubernetes support, to a preview of a brand new feature we’re calling Device Trust, Teleport 12 is loaded with improvements and new capabilities that make it easier than ever to securely access your entire infrastructure ecosystem.