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EP 36 - The Evolution of an Ethical Hacker

Our guest today is Phillip Wylie, an offensive security professional and evangelist, author and podcast host who recently added director of services and training at Scythe to his extensive CV. Wylie talks with host David Puner about the critical need for ethical hacking in cybersecurity, identity security revelations from years of penetration testing, and his fascinating career arc, which began in professional wrestling. Considering a cybersecurity career?


China's Cyber Offensive: FBI Director Reveals Unmatched Scale of Hacking Operations

WASHINGTON – In a startling revelation, FBI Director Chris Wray disclosed at a recent conference that China's cyber espionage capabilities are so extensive, they bigger than the efforts of all other major nations combined. While the U.S. government has long been cautioning against the cyber threats emanating from China, Wray's statements took the conversation to a new level of urgency.


Caesars Entertainment Gets Hacked, Exposing Countless Gamblers

Caesars Entertainment is one of the largest casino companies in the United States and is well-known for its loyalty program. The company serves countless customers in Las Vegas and elsewhere throughout the world. The massive loyalty program takes in data from all of Caesars customers, and that program may have just backfired on the company, potentially hurting many of its customers in the process.

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Demystifying the Dark Web and DarkNets, Part IV - Corporate Spies, Scammers, Spammers, Stalkers, and Cyber Criminals

September 7, 2023 Author: Anonymous Hacker, as told to Lindsey Watts Preface: Thus far in our series, we’ve looked at what DarkNet types exist in addition to the dark web, communication methodologies on DarkNets, social-ethical questions raised by anonymous, and unregulated and un-censored communication platforms. Your interest might be piqued at this point but if not hold onto your seat because it’s about to be.


Do You Use ChatGPT at Work? These are the 4 Kinds of Hacks You Need to Know About.

From ChatGPT to DALL-E to Grammarly, there are countless ways to leverage generative AI (GenAI) to simplify everyday life. Whether you’re looking to cut down on busywork, create stunning visual content, or compose impeccable emails, GenAI’s got you covered—however, it’s vital to keep a close eye on your sensitive data at all times.


Common Hacker Tools that Complement Mimikatz

Mimikatz is a popular post-exploitation tool that hackers use for lateral movement and privilege escalation. While Mimikatz is quite powerful, it does have some important limitations: As a result, other toolkits have been created to complement Mimikatz. This article explains how three of them — Empire, DeathStar and CrackMapExec — make attacks easier for adversaries.


Behind the Mask of Anonymous Sudan: An Analysis

Anonymous Sudan is a rapidly expanding and influential group of hacktivists that identify themselves as Sudanese, motivated by both religious and political beliefs. Since January 2023, they have been carrying out distributed denial-of-service (DoS) attacks, allegedly motivated by defending Islam against Western nations. These attacks have disrupted critical infrastructure and various global sectors, including finance and healthcare.