Opportunistic Attackers: Who Are They and How Can You Deter Them?

When presented with an opportunity, people who never even planned to attack your organization may turn into a severe cybersecurity threat. Forget to block a dismissed employee from accessing your system and they may steal or alter your critical data. Grant a third-party contractor excessive access to your infrastructure and they may cause a serious data breach. That’s why it’s crucial to make sure you don’t give insiders an opportunity to turn malicious.


How ethical hacker Frans Rosén deleted your Apple Shortcuts via CloudKit

SHORT SUMMARY: STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN – In February 2021, Detectify co-founder and Crowdsource hacker Frans Rosén was looking for security bugs in Apple services. Noticing that many of Apple’s own apps store their data in public databases on Apple’s data storage framework CloudKit, Frans was curious to know if any specific apps’ data could be modified with access to the public CloudKit containers in which their data was stored. Long story short, they could.


Hackers leverage RF to compromise smart TV remotes

This year’s RSA Conference was certainly a surprising one. There was an understandable focus, of course, on remote working security, alongside a relatively high number of presentations dealing with the issues of the moment – Kubernetes, the IoT, and the Biden administration’s plans for cybersecurity. In the midst of these headline presentations, it was easy to miss some of the less dramatic research, and even easier to miss its implications.


Detectify Teams up with Hackers for Change

STOCKHOLM — Aug. 18, 2021 — Detectify , the SaaS security company powered by ethical hackers, today announced its partnership with Hackers for Change. The collaboration will equip non-profit organizations with the tools required to strengthen security and decrease the likelihood of cyber-attacks, supporting the mission of Hackers for Change to provide charities and nonprofits with industry-quality cybersecurity services at no cost.

Hacker-Powered Security

This episode is a deep dive into how startups can leverage the power of crowd sourced hackers to find bugs and security issues in your apps. Ben Sadeghipour has over 685 vulnerabilities found in major sites such as Snapchat, AirBnB and even the U.S. Department of Defense, Hacker One helps companies by providing tools to help with response assessments and running their bug bounty programs.

Protecting your crypto wallet from hackers, thieves and bots

Over the past five years, blockchain technology has gone mainstream. More and more investors, businesses and opportunistic hobbyists are filling their cryptocurrency wallets with crypto assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum. In fact, the global user base of all cryptocurrencies increased by an estimated 190 percent between 2018 and 2020. There is undoubtedly money to be made, ushering newcomers into the world of blockchain.


The Identity Brief: A Conversation with an Ethical Hacker

Our first two guests on the Identity Brief Podcast came to identity through unconventional means. Ori Eisen saw digital identity and passwordless authentication as a way to fight the fraud he had witnessed while working at a large bank. Ari Jacoby realized that contextual identity and authentication data was a powerful tool to fight fraud at Deduce where he saw bots and fraudsters trying to gain an advantage.

Axis Security

How do Hackers Hack - An Experiment in Open Portal Attacks

I built it – and hackers came It’s been an eventful 12 months. With people working from home, there’s been an over 40% surge in machines accessible from the internet running RDP, with RDP attacks up over 400%. 1 This site even has instructions for how to create more than one RDP instance on the same Windows 10 machine. 2 There are also these instructions for Windows 2016, that create a larger attack surface that by allowing multiple RDP connections into the same endpoint.