Stranger Danger: Live hack of how a Log4Shell exploit works

The Log4Shell vulnerability took the Java community by surprise at the end of 2021, and many organizations are still mitigating its impact. To help development teams stay informed as the situation unfolds, Snyk has created and continues to update its Log4j vulnerability resource center.

Live Hacking: Find Vulnerabilities in Your Apps Before Hackers Do

As cloud-native technologies disrupt the Application Security (AppSec) market, forward-thinking enterprises are shifting their security to the left. A range of cutting-edge security platforms is now available, empowering developers to build secure applications within the development process. But what do secure applications look like, and why does it matter? Why are enterprises implementing security during the deployment phase?

Being Aware Of The 6 Different Types Of Hackers

Hackers are often associated with young adults who are constantly on their computers, staring at the screen full of codes and sitting in a dark room away from society. But don’t be fooled, hackers might just be some of the most intelligent people in today’s digital world; breaking into systems to test their abilities and expanding their knowledge to find new and innovative techniques- and strange as it may sound, not all of them want to steal your data.

New years resolution: Don't show my security tokens when hacking my demo application on stage

Traditionally, we start the new year with resolutions. We want to do more good things, like working, other things we try to eliminate. Considering the latter, my 2022 resolution is to stop accidentally exposing confidential information while I hack my application during demos on stage or similar. Yes, this new years resolution sounds very specific, and it has an excellent security horror story behind it…

Snyk Log4Shell Stranger Danger Live Hack

In this recorded session, we present a live hack webinar on the Log4Shell exploit. We give a brief overview of the vulnerability and dive right into some examples of the exploit in action. We then show several real-world remediation approaches as well as other fixes outside code. We give a final round of fun demos, including container and IaC hacks as well as Java-based game hacks. We wrap up with a great list of takeaway resources and answer your questions.

6 Common Hacking Techniques and How to Avoid Them

According to the recent Verizon Data Breach Investigations report, 45% of breaches featured hacking in 2020. With high-value information such as user credentials and credit card information being stored on personal devices and transmitted freely online, hacking techniques have evolved to become more sophisticated than ever before.