Geneva, Switzerland
May 19, 2022   |  By Application Security Weekly
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Oct 19, 2021   |  By ImmuniWeb
In this video we’ve discussed Why is cloud security important?
Sep 29, 2021   |  By ImmuniWeb
In this video we discussed dark web monitoring, phishing, and cybersquatting.
Sep 29, 2021   |  By ImmuniWeb
In this video we will explain mobile app security.
Aug 16, 2021   |  By ImmuniWeb
What is an SSL certificate? How does it work and how to test it?
Aug 12, 2021   |  By ImmuniWeb
Check your website for GDPR and PCI DSS compliance, security, and privacy.
Aug 2, 2018   |  By ImmuniWeb
ImmuniWeb® Discovery is a part of the ImmuniWeb Application Security Testing Platform. Leveraging big data and a non-intrusive OSINT reconnaissance technology, it quickly builds a comprehensive list of your external web and mobile apps for actionable inventory, continuous monitoring, risk and compliance management.
Aug 2, 2018   |  By ImmuniWeb
ImmuniWeb® Platform is The Turnkey Service for Application Security Testing. ImmuniWeb® Platform leverages Machine Learning and AI for intelligent automation and acceleration of Application Security Testing (AST). Complemented by scalable and cost-effective manual testing, it detects the most sophisticated vulnerabilities and comes with a zero false-positives SLA.
Jul 17, 2018   |  By ImmuniWeb
Geneva Information Security Day (GISD) is a leading European cybersecurity conference created as a vendor-independent platform for open and actionable discussion of emerging digital threats and remedies, knowledge sharing and building sustainable cybersecurity industry. Join global senior executives at a series of panel discussions and networking sessions where you can share knowledge, best practice and thought in a confidential environment.
Apr 18, 2017   |  By ImmuniWeb
ImmuniWeb® Application Security Testing Platform leverages a machine learning technology for intelligent automation of web vulnerability scanning. Complemented by human intelligence, it detects the most sophisticated web application vulnerabilities and comes with zero false-positives SLA.

AI-Enabled Attack Surface Management, Dark Web Monitoring, & Application Penetration Testing solutions tailored to reduce complexity & costs.

ImmuniWeb SA is a global application security company operating in over 70 countries, headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. Most of ImmuniWeb customers come from regulated industries, such as banking, healthcare, and e-commerce.

ImmuniWeb® AI Platform leverages award-winning AI and Machine Learning technology for acceleration and intelligent automation of Attack Surface Management and Dark Web Monitoring. The data is later used for a threat-aware and risk-based web or mobile Application Penetration Testing. ImmuniWeb is the only company that offers a contractual zero false-positive SLA with a money-back guarantee. ImmuniWeb's AI technology is a recipient of numerous awards and recognitions, including Gartner Cool Vendor, IDC Innovator, and the winner of "SC Award Europe" in the "Best Usage of Machine Learning and AI" category.

ImmuniWeb® AI Platform includes the following products:

  • ImmuniWeb Discovery. ImmuniWeb® Discovery leverages OSINT and the award-winning AI technology to illuminate attack surface and Dark Web exposure of a company. The non-intrusive and production-safe discovery is a perfect fit both for continuous self-assessment and vendor risk scoring to prevent supply chain attacks.
  • ImmuniWeb On-Demand and ImmuniWeb MobileSuite. ImmuniWeb® On-Demand and ImmuniWeb® MobileSuite leverage the award-winning Machine Learning technology to accelerate and enhance web and mobile penetration testing. Every pentest is easily customizable and provided with a zero false positive SLA. Unlimited patch verifications and 24/7 access to the security analysts are included into every project.
  • ImmuniWeb Continuous. ImmuniWeb® Continuous monitors your web applications and APIs for new code or modifications. Every change is rapidly tested, verified and dispatched to your team with a zero false positive SLA.

ImmuniWeb® Community Edition runs over 120,000 daily free tests, being one of the largest application security communities in the world. ImmuniWeb SA is an ISO 27001 certified and CREST accredited company.