Remote Work

6 challenges when protecting a distributed workforce

When employees connect to professional networks remotely the cyber-threat level rises. Elements such as the expansion of the security perimeter of organizations when working remotely or the proliferation of threats from COVID-19-related topics have changed the way we understand cybersecurity. But there are other, more specific challenges that make it more difficult for MSPs to protect clients that have a remotely distributed workforce. These 6 challenges are.

How to stay creatively inspired while working from home

Creativity can be fickle. One day, your brain is full of bright ideas you’re keen to jot down, develop, and share with others. The next day, you have nothing. Zilch. Not even a flicker of an idea. You suddenly feel like a world-class restaurant that’s run out of ingredients.

Other Ways Remote Work Has Changed Businesses

As the pandemic continues and employees are finding themselves “stuck at home” for the foreseeable future, companies are coming up with new ways to approach overall wellbeing for their employees. Things like breakroom snacks, on-site gyms, and commuting passes are less appealing and don’t make a lot of sense. So, companies are getting creative in the ways they support their employees during remote work. Here are some of our favorite examples.

Predictions 2022: Work-from-anywhere Marks the Beginning of the End of On-premises Security

A decade ago, many were reluctant to move to the cloud. Many felt like they would have to relinquish controls they had within their perimeters. That sentiment has since reversed, where organizations have become more comfortable with cloud technology. The newest concern is about corporate data leaving the cloud, especially as employees expect to work from anywhere. Software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications have enabled people to stay productive from anywhere, but have also amplified security gaps.

Prepare for the next phase of work from anywhere security

What are some of the steps you take to continuously ensure data loss isn’t an issue and what can others do to stay ahead of the problem? Hear from Tom Davison, Senior Director of Security Engineering, and Nick Sears, VP Sales SASE Solutions at Lookout to find out how to keep your data secure with Lookout's SASE, CASB, and ZTNA.

Cyber Insurance: New Coverage Restrictions Expected in 2022

Get ready for upcoming changes to cyber insurance policies. Due to risk associated with the increase in remote work, insurers are more likely to initiate in-depth cybersecurity risk analyses of companies seeking to purchase or renew policies, the Wall Street Journal reports. The adoption of stringent privacy regulations in the United States and abroad could also justify additional scrutiny by insurance companies during the initial underwriting and renewal process.

3 Tips for Negotiating Permanent Flexible Work Status

It’s finally happening. More than a year after embarking on “the world’s largest work-from experiment,” many businesses are bringing people back to the office. For some, this is excellent news. They’ve been looking forward to highway commutes, in-person meetings, and always valuable watercooler talk. These people are in the minority.

Remote Work and Cybersecurity in the Legal Industry: What to Know

The COVID-19 pandemic changed many aspects of how businesses operate, remote work being one of the most significant. At the outbreak’s peak, 71% of American workers telecommuted at least part-time, 62% of whom rarely worked remotely before. This shift has impacted many industries, but the legal sector faces more disruption than most. Legal work rarely happened over telecommunication services before the COVID-19 pandemic.

5 Signs You Have the Remote Access VPN Blues

As the pandemic wears on, and return to work plans continue to shift and morph, there’s really never been a better time to re-evaluate how your organization is handling remote access. Your hastily put-together VPN setup may have gotten the job done in the early days of lockdown, but is it really ready to protect a hybrid workforce that’s now used to flexibility and choice? Here are five signs that it might be time to reconsider your remote access VPN.

Cyber Security Month in the WFH Era: Three Key Steps to Secure Hybrid Teams

This October, as businesses emerge from the pandemic, many are making strategic decisions about their long-term work arrangements. While there is a substantial debate about remaining remote or bringing people back to the office, many companies are choosing to meet in the middle, embracing a hybrid work arrangement that allows people to work both on-site and remotely.