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Zero Trust is not a shortcut to security

According to a recent Microsoft report, Zero Trust is now 'the top security priority' for 96% of the interviewed security decision makers, while 76% said they were currently in the process of implementation. Microsoft's report also says that the biggest challenges facing adoption are perceived investment and effort to achieve the principle in practice. Sounds familiar, but the reality of Zero Trust is that, for the most part, it's nothing new.
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Wireless Network Assessment or Wi-Fi Hacking

Wireless network technology is widely used but at the same time, it has many security weaknesses. Several reports have explained weaknesses in the Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) & Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) to encrypt wireless data. Before understanding the benefits of Wireless Network Assessment it is necessary to know what it is, why it is needed, how the service works and what you get from the service.

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When is a Digital Twin Entertaining?

When it’s ensuring that tens of thousands of visitors have the best experience possible every single day. Keeping people entertained is a 24/7 endeavor, even the smallest hiccup results in a social media firestorm. Keeping things running requires thousands of dedicated employees and a staggeringly complex network that sprawls the area of a major city and is comprised of millions of endpoints - each of which plays a critical role in ensuring everyone is safe and has a great time.


Best practices for securely configuring Amazon VPC

Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC) is an AWS service that enables you to launch AWS resources within your own virtual network. Because you can deploy VPCs in separate regions and other VPC components themselves are deployable across different Availability Zones, VPC-hosted environments tend to be highly available and more secure.

Why misconfigurations continue to plague public cloud network services and how to avoid them

Cloud security as a strategy is constantly evolving to meet the needs of organizations for scale, agility, and security. If your organization is weighing the merits of the use of public cloud versus private cloud, here are a few facts to keep in mind.