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Corelight Investigator introduces new Machine Learning Models

Corelight Investigator furthers its commitment to delivering next-level analytics through the expansion of its machine learning models. Security teams are now enabled with additional supervised and deep learning models, including: We continue to provide complete transparency behind our evidence -- showing the logic behind our machine learning models and detections, allowing analysts to quickly and easily validate the alerts.


Using Python libraries for secure network communication

Python is a popular and powerful programming language that is often used for building web applications, data analysis, and automation. One of the key challenges in such projects is ensuring the security of network communication, which can be vulnerable to various threats such as man-in-the-middle attacks and eavesdropping. Fortunately, Python offers a range of libraries for encrypting and securing network communication.

Forward Networks Raises $50M in Series D Funding, Achieves 139% Year-over-Year Growth

Funding led by MSD Partners and includes new investors Section 32 and Omega Venture Partners with participation from existing investors Goldman Sachs Asset Management, Threshold Ventures, A. Capital and Andreessen Horowitz.

Royal Ransomware - Analysis of One of the Most Active Ransomware Groups in Late 2022 and Early 2023

In our new threat briefing report, Forescout’s Vedere Labs analyzes the Royal ransomware threat actor group and encryptor payload, presents threat hunt opportunities for network defenders and shares details of the group’s tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs).


Corelight for the everywhere cloud

Editor's note: This is the first in five-part series authored by Ed Amoroso, founder and CEO of TAG Cyber, which will focuses on how the Corelight platform reduces network security risks to the so-called Everywhere Cloud (EC). Such security protection addresses threats to devices and assets on any type of network, including both perimeter and zero-trust based.


Visibility Helps Global Energy Company AES Assess Risk and Secure its OT Networks

With 70 international plants spanning 15 different countries, the AES Corporation is a next-generation energy company helping lead the way to a carbon-neutral future. Like many organizations, AES wanted to improve the security posture within their OT networks with technology spanning multiple vendors. Recently I sat down with Kyle Oetken, Director of Cyber Defense, and Andrew Plunket, Sr. Cybersecurity Engineer (OT), at AES to discuss the challenges and lessons learned for securing OT environments.