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CrowdStrike Partners with Center for Threat-Informed Defense to Reveal Top Attack Techniques Defenders Should Prioritize

The MITRE ATT&CK matrix revolutionized security, providing a common language and taxonomy for companies and security vendors to use when talking about and measuring cybersecurity, with an emphasis on adversary behaviors. However, building a defensive strategy using this insight can be overwhelming due to its 14 tactics, 191 techniques and 386 sub-techniques, and often thousands of implementation procedures for each technique that change constantly.

Snyk and StackHawk form strategic alliance to equip app teams with modern, developer-first security testing

Application innovation, design, development, quality assurance, and security testing have changed dramatically over the past decade. Engineering teams are leveraging agile development processes, modern cloud platforms, reusable microservices, and extensible APIs, enabling them to shift to more frequent deployments more easily.