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Tanium Plays Critical Role in Supporting AstraZeneca's Mission to Deliver Life-Changing Medicines

Tanium shares the success story of customer and global pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca in securing over 125,000 endpoints across 125 countries using the Tanium XEM platform. The company consolidated multiple endpoint-management tools to improve agility, efficiency, and visibility across company functions, minimising the risk of a cyber-attack. This allows AstraZeneca leaders and scientists to prioritise their mission to focus on the patient and optimise their results.

Consistent growth and disruptive business strategies set Xalient on a winning streak

Xalient announces that it has been ranked 48th in the E2E Tech 100 list in association with The Independent. This marks the second consecutive year of Xalient's recognition for its outstanding performance, sustained growth, and groundbreaking business strategies.
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The Importance of Robust API Security in Insurance

When an incident occurs, from an unfortunate car accident to damaged business equipment, policyholders rely on mobile applications and online portals that collect information, open claims, and process them through automated workflows. Behind the scenes, an insurer's APIs handle what amounts to a policyholder's life story in data.