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WSUS: Create Computer groups in WSUS - Part 4

In the last three articles, we covered the introduction to WSUS, installation, and initial configuration. In this article, we will talk about computer groups and explain how to create one. Computer groups help you organize your computers and target updates to them at a convenient time. For instance, you can create a computer group called ‘Accounting’ and assign all accounting machines to it.

Step-by-Step: Setting Up SMTP for Backup Alerts in BDRSuite

If you’ve implemented BDRSuite in your environment and think you’re finished, you might be mistaken. Following the implementation of a backup and restore strategy, it’s crucial to implement proper monitoring. Firstly, you want to know the health state of your backup infrastructure and the underlying layer. Secondly, you want to know whether the scheduled backup jobs have succeeded or failed. This is where SMTP, or Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, comes into play.

Google Cloud - Reservation

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) provides users with the ability to make reservations, allowing them to reserve virtual machine instances and save costs. With GCP reservations, users can plan and allocate their computing resources more effectively. By reserving instances ahead of time, users can ensure that their applications have the necessary compute capacity, while also benefiting from significant cost savings compared to on-demand pricing.

Hyper-V Cluster NIC Teaming

NIC teaming in Hyper-V refers to the process of combining multiple network interface cards (NICs) into a single logical NIC, also known as a team or virtual NIC. The goal of NIC teaming is to provide improved network performance, availability, and redundancy. When multiple NICs are teamed together, the traffic can be distributed across them, reducing the load on any single NIC and increasing overall throughput.

AZ-104 : Microsoft Azure Administrator Certification Comprehensive Training Series

Microsoft Azure stands at the forefront of the Cloud revolution, offering a comprehensive suite of cloud services that empower organizations of all sizes to achieve unprecedented agility and scalability. For tech professionals seeking to unlock the full potential of Azure and elevate their career prospects, pursuing Microsoft Azure certifications is a strategic move. These certifications validate your expertise in Azure’s vast capabilities and make you a highly sought-after asset in the job market.

VMware vs KVM: A 5-Point Analysis

Following the boat-rocking acquisition acquisition of VMware by Broadcom at the end of 2023, uncertainty and skepticism has been looming among VMware customers as the changes were fast and drastic, impacting everyone in one way or another. While VMware still remains the virtualization leader and isn’t going anywhere (especially for large customers), a number of smaller organizations have been poking around to find whether realistic alternatives exist.

Backup & DR Planning Guide for Small & Medium Businesses

In the Backup & Disaster Recovery for SMBs- Concepts, Best Practices and Design Decisions ebook, we will take an in-depth look at considerations that need to be made when designing your disaster recovery strategy and we will define the concepts involved in doing that. What are the differences in RPO and RTO? Why is high availability not enough to protect your business-critical data? What is the difference between HA and DR?

Microsoft 365 Beginners Guide for IT Administrators

Since the outbreak of the global pandemic, demand for cloud SaaS has skyrocketed. For businesses looking for cloud productivity, communication, and collaboration, Microsoft 365 is a popular choice. This e-book contains all of the information about Microsoft 365 and serves as a guide for IT administrators who want to learn more about it. You'll learn more about creating an account, starting a new subscription, renewing an existing subscription, and the different editions available.