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Automating Kubernetes Backups with CloudCasa REST APIs

For power users who want to run their scripts from the command line or use workflow automation tools to provision their environments, watch this short tutorial on how to use the CloudCasa REST API to manage Kubernetes backups. The tutorial goes through an example of executing a CloudCasa backup job through the REST API, which requires tasks such as querying for backup job ids and invoking an action against that job through an http request.

Accelerated Cloud Adoption, Digital Transformation, and More Cyber Resiliency In 2023

In this episode of 2023 Predictions, Sathya Sankaran, General Manager of CloudCasa by Catalogic, speaks with Swapnil Bhartiya on his insights into where he sees the industry heading in 2023. The pandemic resulted in the acceleration of cloud adoption and digital transformation and Sathya expects this momentum to continue in 2023 as well.

Any2Cloud to Recover Kubernetes Clusters from GKE to AKS

Learn how easy it is to do a full-stack migration of a Kubernetes application from GKE to AKS using CloudCasa. In the video, Martin Phan demonstrates how to use CloudCasa do a GKE backup of an application that is using MySQL on a PV, and then recover the application to AKS using the Any2Cloud recovery capability of CloudCasa.

GCP FileStore Backup for Kubernetes Persistent Volume Data on GKE Clusters

Google Cloud Provider (GCP) Filestore is a good place to keep lots of rich, unstructured data, such as graphic designs, video editing files, and other media workflows that use files as input and output. Having GCP Filestore backups enables users to protect themselves against the rare case of inaccessibility, accidental changes, ransomware attacks, or other types of disasters.


Amazon EFS Backup and Restore for Amazon EKS

Amazon Elastic File System (EFS) is a simple, scalable and fully managed file storage service to support the storage and throughput needs of your Kubernetes applications. Amazon EFS is designed to be highly available and durable, however your EFS data can still be prone to data loss, data corruption, and have compliance issues. Amazon EFS Backup and Restore of data helps protect against data loss due to hardware failures, accidental deletion, ransomware attacks, or other types of disasters.


Cluster Autoscaling During Kubernetes Backup and Recovery

Companies often see seasonal business spikes with periods of increased on-line demand or activity. To meet the changing application demands, Kubernetes has become the platform of choice to automatically scale web applications and infrastructure up and down. Autoscaling in Kubernetes adjusts the resources that are available to run the application or service, while minimizing the cost of those resources.


Backup and Restore of MySQL Database in a Kubernetes Environment

MySQL database is one of the most popular open-source relational database management systems, and it is a top choice for some of the world’s favorite websites and web applications including YouTube, Twitter, and WordPress. Handling so much data and protecting it is incredibly important to organizations.