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Evaluating & Managing Service Provider Security Risks (in 2023)

If you’re considering partnering with a service provider, it’s essential also to consider the security risks they could introduce to your organization. In this post, we outline the primary cybersecurity risks associated with service providers and provide tips for managing them to help you safely benefit from this strategy for reducing operational costs. Take a tour of UpGuard’s Vendor Risk Management solution >


How MSPs are Improving Business Models with Unified Security Services

Historically, MSPs have offered a broad portfolio of outsourced IT products and services, but not cybersecurity. Demand for security services from companies of all types and sizes is rising significantly now due to the steady rise in cyberattacks. According to a recent survey, 52% of MSPs state that cybersecurity is the most requested offering by customers. Adding security services to their portfolios gives MSPs the opportunity to reinvent themselves and access a broader customer base.


Why RMM integrations are important for MSPs

IT environments have become increasingly complex in recent years. This can be attributed to factors such as distributed work environments applying hybrid work models, the increase in the number of devices, and the growing number of systems to be managed. This complexity makes it increasingly difficult to provide a good service to your customers effectively.


Is Your MSP Taking Its Own Security Seriously?

Most small and midsized businesses trust an IT services partner to help them secure their networks. A few years ago, high-profile cyberattacks targeting MSP vendors Kaseya and SolarWinds thrust the security risk of relying on a complex chain of vendors into the technology media and moved the Department of Homeland Security to issue a statement about the need for greater security in the IT services industry.

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Helping Customers Optimise and Secure Digital Transformation

Rewind a couple of years and enterprises were heavily focused on acquiring new tech to drive forward their digitisation plans. Then, when the pandemic struck, organisations were forced to fix any technology gaps in their environment and digitise services to hastily plug these gaps. Cybercriminals - aware of the opportunity that the new remote landscape offered - were also taking advantage, quickly exploiting vulnerabilities across the digital ecosystem to infiltrate and breach organisations.

Introducing Keeper Security Government Cloud for MSPs

Managed Service Providers (MSPs) play a crucial role in delivering reliable and secure IT services to organizations of all sizes and across various industries. With the rise in cyber threats, especially ransomware attacks targeting public sector organizations, the need for robust cybersecurity tools has become paramount.


Harnessing the Managed Services Opportunity: Netskope Unveils New Managed Service Provider (MSP) Program

In today’s service economy, enterprise and mid-market organizations alike are increasingly favoring a managed services model for their advanced technology solutions. To address the heightened demand and evolving procurement trends, we are pleased to announce the new Netskope Managed Service Provider (MSP) Program.


Explore the ONE Security Platform for MSPs

As cyberattacks and the overall threat landscape grow more complex, managed service providers (MSPs) need to evolve. As an MSP, you must be capable of protecting customers from attacks targeting networks, devices, and users. Finding ways to protect your customers’ expanding threat surface is one thing, but doing so without compromising on operational efficiency or profitability is another. At times this can feel like an insurmountable task.