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Real-time Security Alerts via Microsoft Teams

Prioritizing the security of your Kubernetes environment is of utmost importance. As organizations increasingly rely on containerization for their applications, the need for robust security measures is ever-growing. But security doesn’t work in isolation; it should seamlessly blend into your workflow. This is where the integration of ARMO Platform with collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams becomes invaluable.


Data Sovereignty Best Practices in M365

The volume of data moving to and collaborating in the cloud has spurred government concern and oversight over protecting sensitive personal, business, government and defence data. Data sovereignty is the concept of a country or jurisdiction having the right to govern and control digital data collection, storage, processing, and distribution within its borders. Organisations operating across international borders must comply with the rules of each country/jurisdiction where their data resides.

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The Phishing-as-a-Service platform targeting Microsoft 365 customers

Threat Intelligence Analyst How does phishing-as-a-service (PhaaS) really work, and can it really bypass MFA? Here, we will walk you through the user interface of a PhaaS platform, and how its users can quickly build their own attacks using the built-in attack models and templates (and bypass MFA). For a layered approach, beyond MFA, we will introduce you to the benefits of using a threat intelligence solution to stay-ahead of emerging and advanced phishing attacks.

Office 365 Security Review | Get your Office 365 Security Reviewed Today

Are you looking for an Office 365 security review? Our team provides comprehensive security reviews of your Office 365 environment. Learn how our testing approach can identify common issues and ensure your data is kept safe while also gaining the most from all the features and benefits that Office 365 services offer. Get in touch with us today and see why an Office 365 security review is essential for businesses of all sizes!

NC Protect: Advanced Data Protection for Govt, Defense & Supply Chain in Microsoft 365 Applications

Empower your organization to take advantage of all the productivity and collaboration the Microsoft suite has to offer with meeting regulations including NIST, CMMC, and ITAR for information security. archTIS’ zero trust attribute-based access control (ABAC) powered information security solutions for public sector enhance native security capabilities to empower secure collaboration within your agency, with other agencies, defense, multinational coalitions and supply chain partners.

Enhance Productivity with Egnyte for Microsoft Teams Integration

Microsoft Teams is the world’s most popular collaboration tool - used by over 300 million users globally. Its popularity stems from its breadth of collaboration capabilities, including instant chat, conversational channels, online meetings, and video calls. However, the sheer volume of content generated by these collaboration workflows can quickly lead to content management challenges.

Managing MFA and MFA Role Out

Hello everyone! Welcome to this video where we'll delve into the intricacies of managing MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) and #MFA roleout. Throughout this session, we'll navigate through various challenging scenarios, including tenants with security defaults, conditional access policies, and per-user MFA. Our main focus will be on Octiga, a powerful tool that analyzes MFA from a risk perspective. We'll explore a template that allows you to easily include or exclude users from MFA policies, giving you greater control over your security measures.

Harnessing the power of real-time communication between Microsoft Teams and Slack

In today’s digital landscape, the need for real-time communication has never been greater. For engineers in IT teams and service desk analysts, the ability to exchange information swiftly and effortlessly can make all the difference in resolving critical issues, brainstorming solutions, and fostering a productive work environment.