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CVE of the month, the supply chain vulnerability hidden for 10 years CVE-2024-38368

For over a decade, a massive vulnerability that could have unleashed a huge supply chain attack lay dormant. Luckily the good guys found it first or so it seems. This month we are taking a look at CVE-2024-38368.

Secrets in Plain Sight: Unveiling over 1 million secrets on public websites

Join us at CodeSecDays for an insightful session with Cybernews researcher Vincentas Baubonis, who will reveal how their team discovered 1,141,004 secrets across 58,364 websites. Learn how exposed environment (.env) files containing passwords, API keys, and email credentials can lead to data breaches and site takeovers. We’ll discuss common leaked secrets like database credentials and AWS keys, and their impact, and share research methodology, ethical considerations, and steps to prevent exposure.