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Secrets Management


Secrets Management Best Practices: Secure Cloud-native Development Series

Build secure cloud-native applications by avoiding the top five security pitfalls we lay out in our Secure Cloud-native Development Series. This blog is the fifth and final part of the series, and it will teach you to handle credentials and secrets management best practices for securing cloud-native applications. Every organization has their way of managing credentials. In the past, with legacy application architectures, this was a bit more manual and arduous.


Three Recent Examples of Why You Need to Know How Vulnerable Your Secrets Are

In today's digital landscape, the issue of compromised credentials has become a major concern. Discover how renowned companies like Microsoft, VMware, and Sourcegraph were recently confronted with the threats of secrets sprawling.

Add Your Own Custom Secrets Detectors To GitGuardian

Did you know you can add custom detectors to make GitGuardian Secrets Detection even more powerful? GitGuardian already looks for over 390 different types of specific secrets - from Adobe and AWS keys to Zoom and Zendesk Tokens. That's on top of looking for over a dozen generic patterns like Bearer tokens and JSON web tokens. Now, anyone on a Business plan or higher can request to extend GitGuardian's secrets detection engine to support detectors specific to their organization.

The Art of Protecting Secrets: Eight Essential Concepts for SecOps Practitioners

Secrets management is an art, and mastering it requires a deep understanding of security protocols, meticulous attention to detail, and a proactive approach to staying ahead of threats. In this blog, we present you with eight essential concepts to enhance your credential management strategy.


Prevent Credential Exposure in Code

In today’s software development world, developers rely on numerous types of secrets (credentials), to facilitate seamless interaction between application components. As modern applications become more complex and require authentication for services and dependencies, the practice of hardcoding secrets during software development is on the rise.

Is secrets management a solved problem? Panel discussion

This video a panel of experts discuss why secrets sprawl is still such a difficult problem despite having the tools and technology that should make it a solved problem. This discussion is from a longer webinar around secrets management with: Mackenzie Jackson from GitGuardian James Governor, Co-founder & Analyst at RedMonk Andrei Predoiu, DevOps Engineer at Bestseller Mike Carey, Senior Product Manager at 1Password.