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Digital Identity

Unless Your ID Cloud Vendor Can Fulfill These 5 Requirements, Proceed With Caution

I recently participated in a panel discussion covering "What to Look for in an Identity Cloud Provider" with two of my colleagues here at ForgeRock, which was hosted by the Cloud Security Alliance. With widespread confusion about cloud, hybrid, privacy, MFA, governance, and so much else, I found this discussion a useful primer on the basics of a cloud identity service as well as what's important to look for before signing the dotted line with a vendor.

How AI-based Liveness Detection can fit into your digital onboarding process

The National Crime Record Bureau (NCRB), in its report, recorded 50,035 cybercrime cases in 2020, and it is alarming to see that the numbers have surged exponentially ever since the pandemic. This opened the gates to remote onboarding and the use of facial recognition algorithms to distinguish users’ unique features, enhancing their onboarding experience. On the flip side, this has also given scamsters and fraudsters ample opportunities to manipulate and employ technologies for wrongful gains.

Telecommunication: Realizing Opportunities in Financial Services by Addressing AML/CTF Challenges

Globally, the telecom service providers are under massive pressure to add new revenue streams because of the commoditization of voice and data services and dropping margins. In this regard, several service providers have started offering financial services to leverage their distributor network and existing relationship with the subscribers.

How Your Organization Can Prevent Account Takeover

I've spent my 20-plus-year career in cybersecurity, working closely with IT administrators, CIOs, CISOs, architects, and others to understand what they're up against and the capabilities that would truly help them sleep better at night. Though the tools and technologies have improved enormously in the last couple of decades, enterprises remain under attack.

AI-based OCR: Mastering the Art of Data Extraction

With the speed of technological advancements, one term is ubiquitous, Artificial Intelligence. Across various fields, AI is changing how we look at current technologies. One technology transformed with the implementation of AI is OCR, Optical Character Recognition. OCR can process images of text and convert them into a machine-readable format. It can take handwriting and printed documents and convert them into a digital format.

MFA Prompt Bombing: Why a Cookie-Cutter MFA Solution Doesn't Cut it Anymore

Have you ever been in a situation where an interesting but obscure subject is mentioned in conversations by different people in a short amount of time? I've experienced this phenomenon recently with some of our customers. The topic that's top of mind for them is MFA prompt bombing – a new sinister attack method. Before we jump into what it is and how it can be mitigated, let me take a moment to explain how it even came to be.

The Identity Perimeter Just Got Smarter

ForgeRock announced today the newest offering in our AI-powered product family, Autonomous Access. This is a proud day for the ForgeRock team as we advance our vision around artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML). We’re building the identity platform for the next decade by infusing artificial intelligence into the entire identity lifecycle, which is so critical because the risk landscape is fast-moving and constantly changing.

Accelerate Digital Investments in Retail with Scalable Digital Identity

"A happy customer is a loyal customer" is considered the quintessential adage of retail. Give customers what they want, when they want it, and how they want it, and you're set to achieve the ultimate prize: omnichannel success. But in today's highly competitive retail landscape, it's not that simple. A well-oiled digital transformation program that delivers seamless experiences across web and mobile engagement channels is no longer enough.

Signicat Acquires UK-based Anti-Fraud and Identity Technology Company Sphonic

The combination with Sphonic will make the pan-European digital identity specialist better able to protect banks and other customers against fraud, financial crime, and money laundering. The acquisition creates one of the strongest identity ecosystems globally.

Three Benefits Authorization Brings to your Identity Strategy

Organizations today are embracing cloud-native technologies to increase time-to-market, scalability and cost savings. A big part of the cloud-native transition is moving legacy systems and architectures to the cloud. With this comes both complexity and new risks because modern applications are often composed of dozens of microservices, housed in containers and hosted on immutable, dynamically scaling platforms like Kubernetes.