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Face Verification: How IDcentral's Face Trace works

Remote, Digital Onboarding is now deemed a “car in the garage” solution to onboarding new customers online. This typically contains a form of Government ID verification and Biometric Check before secure signup(Face Match). But the ” new car in the showroom” solution that you desire is IDcentral’s Face Trace product.


Identity Verification for Neo Banking: Ensuring Security and Compliance

In the world of finance, digital onboarding is becoming increasingly important for neo banks. Neo banking refers to a new generation of digital-only banks that offer a wide range of financial services through mobile apps and online platforms. These banks are typically built on top of existing infrastructure, and they rely heavily on technology to provide a seamless and efficient customer experience. Digital onboarding is the process of registering for and opening a new account with a neo bank.


Data Privacy Week 2023: Privacy Gains Power From Other Societal Forces

Privacy was a major topic of conversation in 2022 — beyond just keeping personal data out of the hands of cybercriminals. Privacy now ties into many adjacent areas, including Zero Trust security, antitrust concerns, usage of services provided by "Big Tech," and biometric authentication. As the conversation around privacy progresses beyond a focus on security infrastructure and best practices for preventing data breaches, regulations are working to catch up.


2023: Perspectives from the ForgeRock C-Suite

Few industries move as quickly as cybersecurity, broadly, and the identity and access management (IAM) segment, specifically. There is a constant barrage of novel threats that can lead to costly breaches — and innovative, new ways to combat them. Seismic changes in the workplace push IAM leaders to create solutions that protect employees and data no matter where they are.


Top Insights for Implementing a Low-Cost KYC Process

Banks have invested countless millions in Know Your Client and Know Your Customer verification, but they haven’t been able to use this knowledge beyond regulatory “check the box” procedures that can irritate clients and even cause some of them to switch banks. However, things don’t have to be this way.


Identity Verification APIs Explained: Identity Verification Services in India

Over the last 3 years, Identity Verification in India has seen a marginal boost in the number of verifications conducted digitally. The market growth in the identity verification sector comes as an effect of the disastrous pandemic that caused record-high identity theft, ATOs, and numerous other frauds all initiated through fake identities, resulting in rapid innovation in identity verification API.


Top 5 Trends in Identity Theft 2023

It’s seldom easy to predict what a hacker will do exactly. Cybercriminals frequently act out of impulse and chance rather than following a rational course. The Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC) believes it has a preview of what lies ahead in 2023 after studying patterns in the second half of 2022. Takeovers of social media using identity theft, either assuming fake profiles or claiming an original profile was popular in 2022.


Getting Started with Identity Governance and Administration

Identity governance and administration (IGA) helps organizations give each person the right access to the right IT resources, at the right time and for the right reasons. Let’s take a look at 6 core best practices for successfully implementing IGA, as well as some tips for choosing the right tool.


UK's automated self-check-outs using Age Verification API

Self-checkout kiosks are automated devices that enable consumers to scan and pay for their products without the help of a cashier. By this point, we’ve all encountered them. They are frequently seen at supermarkets, department shops, and other retail locations where it is possible to skip tedious manual check-out.


Africa: Why Digital Identity Verification is on the rise

In Africa, there are a plethora of banking prospects. The area is a “sleeping giant” when it comes to having access to conventional bank accounts, online banking, and reasonably priced financial services. Identity Verification APIs are now providing resolutions to the finance sector with their old customer onboarding woes in Africa. The World Bank estimates that 57% of Africans still don’t have a bank account of any type, including a mobile money account.