Newton, MA, USA
Mar 17, 2023   |  By Omer Grossman
When 921 password attacks occur per second, it’s time to treat everyday employees’ credentials like the true operational risk they are. Today’s attackers assign a level of value to employees’ passwords they once reserved for privileged users’ credentials. Why? Workers now have a shocking amount of access to sensitive resources. I’ll elaborate… but through the perspective of a chief information officer kept up at night by risks.
Mar 16, 2023   |  By Srujana Vari
You’ve heard about it. A lot. But there are quite a few nuances when it comes to how Zero Trust security is defined and discussed. Is it a platform or a principle? It’s one of those terms that’s so widely cited that it has the tendency these days to elicit eye rolls within the cybersecurity industry and to be referred to as a buzzword by those sitting at the cool kids’ lunch table.
Mar 9, 2023   |  By Sam Flaster
“Black Swan” author Nicholas Nassim Taleb once wrote that “intelligence consists in ignoring things that are irrelevant (avoiding false patterns).” Organizations must take this definition to heart as they incorporate Identity Security intelligence – an essential element of any Zero Trust cybersecurity strategy. Many organizations have dedicated Security Operations Center (SOC) teams responsible for their threat detection, investigation and response efforts.
Mar 2, 2023   |  By Ari Novick
Once threat actors gain a foothold on a system, they must implement techniques to maintain that access, even in the event of restarts, updates in credentials or any other type of change that might disrupt access. These techniques are collectively known as persistence techniques. In this blog post, we will focus on how malware can achieve persistence by abusing the Windows Registry.
Mar 1, 2023   |  By Kristen Bickerstaff
There’s always a balancing act when it comes to building and deploying cloud-native applications in environments like Amazon Web Services (AWS). The whole point of moving production to the cloud is that developers can move faster than ever before, innovating and shipping new features on a daily basis. But that same speed can be an organization’s downfall if development outpaces security processes and accidentally exposes secrets or other credentials to potential attackers.
Feb 22, 2023   |  By David Higgins
Phishing is a big problem that’s getting even bigger as cybercriminals find new ways to hook employees. With threats coming from every direction – emails on company computers, text and voice messages on mobile devices and in personal communications channels, malicious typosquatting sites, phony marketing QR codes and more – it’s only a matter of time before someone trips up and opens or clicks on something they shouldn’t.
Feb 17, 2023   |  By John Natale
Have you ever received a puzzle as a gift from a well-intentioned friend? They likely thought something along the lines of, “Hey, this person’s into solving problems — I bet they’d love putting together this bad boy on a rainy day.” The sentiment was spot-on. Puzzles are your thing.
Feb 16, 2023   |  By Zahi Ohana
Everyone knows what phishing is. It has been around for more than two decades. Now it seems that phishing is more accessible than before. This blog covers how malicious actors can benefit from the rise of subscription models of phishing, or “Phishing as a Service.”
Feb 13, 2023   |  By Chris Maroun
Most companies now recognize the serious and insidious nature of cybersecurity threats. But many fail to grasp that the digital transformation, remote work, automation and cloud migration activities of the last few years have turbocharged the number of identities seeking access to data and critical business systems. This surge in identities has exponentially increased the likelihood of cyberattacks, undercutting the effectiveness of traditional identity and access management (IAM) paradigms.
Feb 9, 2023   |  By Anna Walsh
Today, CyberArk announced that our founder and CEO Udi Mokady will step into the role of Executive Chairman and our Chief Operating Officer, Matt Cohen, will become CyberArk’s CEO, effective April 3, 2023. Together, Udi and Matt make a great team and we’re excited for this next chapter in CyberArk’s journey.
Jan 23, 2023   |  By CyberArk
Quanta is a specialized contracting services company that delivers comprehensive infrastructure solutions for the utility, renewable energy, communications, pipeline, and energy industries. Founded in 1997 when four companies merged, Quanta has grown to become a $12 billion organization. See how CyberArk helped them enhance their security and reduce demand on IT teams.
Jan 23, 2023   |  By CyberArk
Healthfirst’s unique advantage is to put members first by partnering closely on shared goals with its broad network of providers. Healthfirst is also a pioneer of the value-based care model, where hospitals and physicians are paid based on patient outcomes. See how CyberArk helped them reduce security costs with solutions like federated identity control.
Jan 23, 2023   |  By CyberArk
Unpredictable, complex and urgent cybersecurity threats remain the principal concern for businesses from the largest enterprises to the newest start-ups. In Brazil, an effort to update and streamline the justice system demanded a fresh look at security, and identity management. See how CyberArk helped them reduce the area off attack of for their endpoints.
Jan 23, 2023   |  By CyberArk
Emre Tanrıverdioğlu has a daunting task. As the Identity and Management Operations Manager at Turkcell, he is charged with to protecting 40 million customers across Turkey, Ukraine, Belarus and Northern Cyprus. In addition, he needs to safeguard 300,000 network devices and 40,000 employee and partner identities. See how CyberArk helped them reduce the area off attack of for their endpoints.
Jan 22, 2023   |  By CyberArk
CyberArk Impact Israel 2022 brought Israel's cybersecurity industry together to hear from identity security experts at CyberArk and other industry leaders. Our audience obtained essential knowledge about CyberArk and emerging trends in identity security, which included the latest technologies and best practices to protect their organization from cyberattacks.
Jan 22, 2023   |  By CyberArk
What are today’s biggest trends in Identity Security and which security investments should your organization prioritize? CyberArk General Manager, Chen Bitan, answers these questions and more. Chen also introduced a new market-leading products in the areas of Cloud Privilege Security and Secrets Management. Following this, CyberArk Chief Product Officer, Peretz Regev, and CyberArk Vice Presidents of Product Management Karen Eldor and Yair Sade, shared demonstrations of the Identity Security Platform Shared Services - two new market-leading products.
Jan 22, 2023   |  By CyberArk
What are today’s biggest trends in Identity Security and which security investments should your organization prioritize? CyberArk General Manager, Chen Bitan, answers these questions and more. Chen also introduced a new market-leading products in the areas of Cloud Privilege Security and Secrets Management. Following this, CyberArk Chief Product Officer, Peretz Regev, and CyberArk Vice Presidents of Product Management Karen Eldor and Yair Sade, shared demonstrations of the Identity Security Platform Shared Services - two new market-leading products."
Jan 22, 2023   |  By CyberArk
As the threat landscape evolves, CyberArk has continuously tackled new initiatives to help keep organizations secured. Watch as CyberArk Co-Founder and CEO Udi Mokady, gives an overview of the company’s recent investments and innovations. You’ll also get a peek into CyberArk’s newest products designed to reduce cyber risk and boost efficiency.
Jan 22, 2023   |  By CyberArk
Ransomware threats, the many flavors of trust, and the war for talent, are just a few of the cybersecurity trends challenging (and changing) today’s organizations. Watch as CyberArk’s Regional Manager, Amit Grinman, as he speaks with Shay Nahmany, Director of IT at Israel National Digital Agency, Shelly Brownshtein, Head Of Cyber Security At Menora Mivtachim Insurance, and Yossi Marmarali, Director, Security Engineering & Business Information Security Officer at Netafim and Dura-Line (Orbia), about staying secure and addressing these concerns head-on.
Jan 22, 2023   |  By CyberArk
In this video, current CyberArk Identity customers can learn about new features released in 2022, to include updates to Workforce Password Management, enhancements to Adaptive Multifactor Authentication (MFA) capabilities and new Delegated Administrations features.
Mar 3, 2023   |  By CyberArk
With perimeter-focused architectures quickly becoming irrelevant, enterprises are looking toward identity-focused security measures to protect new "perimeterless" networks and new forms of working. Identity Security for Dummies is a primer on securing digital identities across the enterprise. This conversational book is written for technical and business stakeholders alike with plenty of examples, analogies and elements designed to make this security topic more approachable.
Mar 3, 2023   |  By CyberArk
Any user can become privileged in certain conditions. This includes everyday employees using business applications in which they can access - and take actions with - the resources attackers aim to exploit. And whether you're a CIO or a PAM admin, you likely see this evolution of privilege occurring regularly. Protecting your users' identities - from securing authentication to granting, certifying and revoking access - is essential. But it's not easy, as the users and apps requiring protection grow in number and scope. So how can your team rise to this challenge?
Feb 1, 2023   |  By CyberArk
Regardless of where enterprises are in their cloud journey, CyberArk's goal is to enable enterprises to protect their assets in AWS by providing powerful solutions for securing privileged access at each stage of their journey. Download this white paper to learn how CyberArk Identity Security solutions can be deployed with CyberArk's automation capabilities and used to proactively protect privileged access and detect threats in real-time in AWS environments.
Feb 1, 2023   |  By CyberArk
A quick read for actionable tips, technical insight and best practices. Privileged access represents one of the largest security vulnerabilities in today's digital landscape. Privileged accounts, credentials and secrets are everywhere throughout your IT infrastructure: on-premises, across multi-cloud and hybrid environments, in applications, on endpoints and in DevOps pipeline. Most security breaches involve a stolen privileged credential. That's why Privileged Access Management (PAM) is a critical part of any cyber security program.
Jan 1, 2023   |  By CyberArk
In January 2023, EU member states formally enacted a revision of the 2016 Network and Information Systems (NIS) Directive. Conceived in response to several widely publicized and damaging cyberattacks, the NIS2 Directive strengthens security requirements, streamlines reporting obligations and introduces more stringent supervisory measures and stricter enforcement requirements. This paper provides a brief introduction to NIS2 and explains how it might affect your business and how you can prepare.
Jan 1, 2023   |  By CyberArk
Cloud migration and digital transformation have led to an explosion of non-human identities that need to be secured across multiple cloud and hybrid environments. And more identities mean more secrets that need to be secured, rotated and managed. That's where SaaS-based secrets management can help. In this eBook, you'll learn about: Want to learn more about SaaS-based secrets management? Schedule a meeting to speak to one of our experts today!

By applying intelligent privilege controls to all identities – human and machine – CyberArk enables secure access to any resource, anywhere, everywhere – with a single Identity Security platform.

Seamlessly secure identities throughout the cycle of accessing any resource across any infrastructure, including hybrid, SaaS and multi-cloud. The CyberArk Identity Security Platform is the first line of defense against malicious actors and unauthorized access to protect what matters most.

Apply Intelligent Privilege Controls Across the Entire Identity Lifecycle:

  • Workforce & Customer Access: Ensure that the right users have secure access to the right resources at the right times, by protecting workforce and customer credentials and tightly controlling access to on-premises and cloud-based applications, services and IT infrastructure.
  • Endpoint Privilege Security: Take control over unmanaged privilege on the endpoints to significantly reduce the area of attack and defend from threats by removing local admin rights, enforcing role-specific least privilege and improving audit-readiness.
  • Privileged Access Management: Secure privileged credentials and secrets with comprehensive capabilities for operating systems, endpoints, cloud infrastructure and workloads, servers, databases, applications, hypervisors, network devices, security appliances and more.
  • Secrets Management: Secure and manage the secrets and credentials used by applications, machines and other non-human identities to access IT and other sensitive resources across both enterprise and external IT environments.
  • Cloud Privilege Security: Extend privilege controls to cloud environments by analyzing, securing and monitoring access. Discover and remove excessive permissions by visualizing access for human, machine and federated identities.
  • Identity Management: Automate the management of digital identities across enterprise IT environments and centrally create, maintain and analyze access to right-size permissions on the journey to least privilege.

Don’t just manage identities. Secure them.