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This Month in Datadog: Cloud Security Controls Ruleset, New Test Coverage Page, and more

Datadog is constantly elevating the approach to cloud monitoring and security. This Month in Datadog updates you on our newest product features, announcements, resources, and events. To learn more about Datadog and start a free 14-day trial, visit Cloud Monitoring as a Service | Datadog. This month, we put the Spotlight on Cloud Cost Management.

Black Duck's New Year's Resolution

The new Black Duck SCA release offers enhancements to help organizations to better understand the potential risks in their software supply chain. Black Duck® software composition analysis (SCA) started the new year off strong and got a running start on its resolution to better help teams secure their software supply chain at the speed of modern software development. Let’s look at some of the highlights of the 2023.1.0 release.


Techniques for Effectively Securing AWS Lake Formation

A couple months ago, we received a request from one of our enterprise financial clients looking to build their internal data lake capabilities. The client wanted to know more about security best practices related to the AWS data lake management tool, AWS Lake Formation, and asked our team for help. One of our principal security consultants specializing in cloud got to work, preparing an overview of critical security considerations when architecting a data lake system.


Financial Firms In The European Union Are Facing Strict Rules Around Cloud Based Services

In today's hyper-connected world, most of us now take care of our daily tasks with the help of digital tools, which includes online banking. Whether we're reviewing our account balances, transferring money, applying for payment cards, or simply paying our bills, banking has become more digital, and requires financial firms to adapt to this new world of transacting business. This adaptation has seen EU-based financial firms adopting and relying more heavily on cloud services.


Lookout Reimagined: The Freedom of Control | Lookout

A company’s brand is more than just its logo and color palette. It’s a signal to the world about their vision and commitment. This is why I’m super excited that Lookout is debuting a reimagined identity and position centered around freedom of control. ‍ Lookout started its journey in 2007 trailblazing the concept of mobile security.

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5 Reasons Why CISOs are Investing in API Security

Digital transformation has ushered in a new era of devices, applications and online services. And though apps get most of the credit, application programming interfaces, or APIs, provide the underlying connectivity between software and services that make it all possible. As any developer will confirm, APIs enable organizations to streamline workflows, develop new ways to support customers, and pursue new avenues to drive profit.


How to Prevent a DDoS Attack in the Cloud

Content If you want to learn how to prevent a DDoS attack in your cloud environment by detecting the early signs of compromise associated with this threat, then this article should explain most of the best practices required to secure your cloud infrastructure. From January through July 2022, Sysdig Threat Research team implemented a global honeynet system that captured numerous breaches through multiple attack vectors.

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Device Authority and Entrust Demonstrate Their Partnership Potential to Provide Security to the Supply Chain

Identified as leaders in IoT (Internet of Things) Device Identity Lifecycle Management by ABI Research, and leaders in IoT IAM according to Quadrant, Device Authority and Entrust have worked together to integrate Device Authority’s KeyScaler® IoT IAM (Identity and Access Management) platform with PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) services from Entrust, extending the existing collaboration for Hardware Security Module (HSM) services, to provide device trust, data trust and automation at IoT sca