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From Data to Decisions: Leveraging EHR for Better Healthcare Outcomes

The advent of Electronic Health Records (EHRs) has indeed revolutionized data management in healthcare. Gone are the days of scattered paper charts and fragmented databases; EHRs provide a centralized repository for patient information, enabling healthcare providers to access comprehensive medical histories, diagnostic test results, treatment plans, and medication details with ease.

Top 5 cyber security threats in healthcare

From email compromise to malware, the healthcare sector is impacted not only by familiar and persistent challenges but also with newly emerging security threats. Drawing on insights from the recent Kroll report, The State of Cyber Defense: Diagnosing Cyber Threats in Healthcare, this article outlines the key threats affecting organisations such as hospitals, health trusts, GP practices and other healthcare bodies.

Analysis: A new ransomware group emerges from the Change Healthcare cyber attack

As the full scope of the Change Healthcare cyber attack and ransomware story unfolds, a new leading gang has emerged known as ‘RansomHub’. This ‘new’ group has been claiming more victims since the massive February ransomware and data breach attack. On April 8, Forescout Research – Vedere Labs obtained samples used by RansomHub affiliates in a separate incident.

Ascension Healthcare Compromise

On May 8, 2024, Ascension Healthcare notified business partners of suspicious activity detected within their systems. They have launched investigations and are actively working on remediation efforts. Consequently, some systems will experience interruptions during this process, such as clinical operations. Ascension is currently working with Mandiant to investigate the compromise and whether sensitive data was affected, if at all.

HIPAA Compliance For Email

In the current era of digital technology, email has become an essential means of communication in the healthcare sector. It helps simplify processes, fosters teamwork, and enhances the quality of patient care. However, it is important that the confidential patient data is kept secure, and all communications are done as per the HIPAA compliance email procedures.

Securing medical devices: The role of fuzz testing in cybersecurity

In today's digital and interconnected era, the healthcare sector operates in a landscape of security risks. In 2023 alone, the number of vulnerabilities uncovered in medical devices jumped by 59% to 993 issues. Consequently, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the European Commission, and other governmental agencies have issued cybersecurity guidelines for medical devices. Many of these guidelines advocate for fuzz testing as a means of vulnerability detection.

The Impact of Ransomware on Hospitals and Patient Care with Hannah Neprash, PhD

NEWS: Cyber Security Decoded is now Data Security Decoded! In this episode of the podcast, our host and Head of Rubrik Zero Labs, Steve Stone, is joined by Dr. Hannah Neprash, a health economist whose research focuses on the delivery and financing of healthcare. Steve and Dr. Neprash discuss the findings in Rubrik Zero Labs' new report, “The State of Data Security: Measuring Your Data’s Risk,” and focus on the aspects of the report, specifically calling out the cyber threats and vulnerabilities facing healthcare organizations.

How to secure PHI with an identity governance solution

Cyberattacks pose a growing threat across all industries, but healthcare is especially vulnerable. In 2023, hacking incidents in the healthcare sector accounted for 79.7% of data breaches. While patients, providers, and policymakers all have a stake in protecting health information, a critical weak point lies with the technology companies that offer electronic health record (EHR) systems. These systems hold a treasure trove of PHI, making them prime targets for cybercriminals.

Top HIPAA Compliant Fax Services: Ensuring Secure Healthcare Communication

When it comes to transmitting sensitive patient data, faxing must be secure and compliant under HIPAA regulations. But what does a 'hipaa compliant fax' service entail? Without delay, this article gets to the heart of HIPAA fax compliance, detailing the necessary security measures, the severe risks of non-compliance, and how to identify credible fax services that uphold these regulations. Discover the components and benefits of dependable HIPAA compliant fax solutions that protect patient data and uphold the integrity of healthcare providers.

Healthcare cyber security insights revealed in new Kroll report

While the top concern for healthcare cybersecurity professionals is credential access, the Kroll Threat Intelligence team finds that the healthcare industry is consistently targeted by ransomware groups using a combination of valid credential theft and the exploitation of vulnerabilities. These and other insights are discussed in the new Kroll report, The State of Cyber Defense: Diagnosing Cyber Threats in Healthcare.