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Healthcare Industry Leads the Way in Fixing Software Flaws

The healthcare industry is transforming patient care through software, from 24/7 digital patient portals, to AI-fueled medical research, and everything in between. As innovation reaches new heights, how does healthcare stack up against other sectors in terms of software security flaws and the ability to remediate them?


FBI warns of criminals attacking healthcare payment processors

Millions of dollars have been stolen from healthcare companies after fraudsters gained access to customer accounts and redirected payments. In a newly-published advisory directed at the healthcare payment industry, the FBI warns that cybercriminals are using a cocktail of publicly-available Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and social engineering techniques to impersonate victims and obtain access to files, healthcare portals, payment information, and websites.


Recognizing and Stopping Insider Threats in the Healthcare Industry

As a direct result of COVID-19 burnout, the ongoing Great Resignation trend might be impacting healthcare more than any other industry. Research shows that healthcare has already lost an estimated 20% of its workforce over the past two years. This turnover is happening top-to-bottom throughout organizations. Doctors are switching between hospitals, administrative staff are leaving the industry, and technology teams are being lured away by higher paying jobs in other sectors.


Identity Verification for Telehealth: A New Boon To The Medical Industry

Telehealthcare Sector is one of the best innovations that could have happened to the healthcare industry. The way it fulfilled the need of the ailing person and health care providers during the pandemic in 2019 is ineffable. For the first time, everywhere in the world, people realized the power of Teleconsultation for doctors and medicines. And it continues to grow and expand to meet the requirement of the users and suppliers.

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Cyber Security News: The NHS 111 Attack

In a recent article looking at cyber security trends, we highlighted the potential for incidents to occur from supply chain attacks, as well as the prevalence of ransomware across the Internet. No organisation is safe from attack, as illustrated by the NHS 111 attack at the beginning of the month.


How to Prevent Fraud in Healthcare by Knowing Your Patient?

Healthcare fraud, waste, and abuse cost taxpayers billions of dollars. According to a report published in BusinessWire, the global healthcare fraud analytic market may reach US$ 5.69 billion by 2027. Detection of fraud leads to hefty fines, criminal proceedings, and incarceration for the concerned individuals in organizations. 2021 saw a peaking of medical fraud and abuse, according to the latest report of the HIPAA journal.