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Atrium and Novant Health Get Attacked and Patients Suffer in 2023

Both Atrium Health and Novant Health are health organizations that work with a large number of hospitals offering services. These v work with data from thousands of patients and enable standard hospital practices to occur. Between the two organizations, a huge number of different hospitals and private practices are involved. That's why it's upsetting to learn that both of these organizations were recently breached.


Data Breaches of 2023 that Left Healthcare Industries in Critical Condition

The EU Healthcare system is under attack. Between January 2021 and March 2023, the health sector faced various cybersecurity incidents, endangering the confidential information of hospital and patient data. For the 13th year in a row, the healthcare industry reported the most expensive data breaches, averaging a cost of USD 10.93 million. This year, 40 million patients have already been impacted by data breaches, indicating that 2023 is on track to set a new record for attacks on the health sector.


Choosing a HIPAA Compliance Product in 2023

All covered entities must comply with HIPAA or face fines of up to $50,000 for every violation. However, with such high cybersecurity standards and insufficient implementation guidance, it's not surprising that HIPAA violations are common occurrences. To overcome the challenges of adhering to HIPAA’s stringent safeguards, covered entities are turning to HIPAA compliance software for support.


Cognizant Customers and Select Medicaid and Medicare Patients Exposed in Recent Breach

Cognizant is a massive IT services company with over 300,000 employees and more than $15 Billion in annual revenue. The company helps major corporations with IT services. TMG Health is a healthcare services provider that works with Medicare Advantage, Medicaid Part D, and Managed Medicaid programs for many government agencies throughout the country. Between these two major companies, a huge amount of data is stored. All that data is now vulnerable because of a breach that started in May.

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The Top 15 Healthcare Industry Cyber Attacks of the Past Decade

10.93 million dollars. That’s the average cost of a healthcare breach in the U.S. It’s an alarming number that’s only continued to climb, increasing by over 53% in the past three years, according to IBM’s 2023 Cost of a Data Breach Report. In fact, the healthcare industry has had the highest average cost of a breach for 13 years running. It’s not just the costs that are climbing, either.


Discover the Pharmaverse: A New Frontier for Clinical Trial Analytics

Imagine an intricate multiverse where each world holds endless possibilities. Now picture that same concept but for pharmaceutical research. Welcome to the Pharmaverse! Similar to the complex world of the multiverse, the Pharmaverse contains various solutions to explore, and each solution can be customized based on your data analysis needs. We first learned of the “Pharmaverse” during Mike Stackhouse’s session at the Egnyte for Life Sciences Virtual Summit. ‍


Rhysida Ransomware - Detecting a Significant Threat to Healthcare and Other Sectors

The Rhysida ransomware as a service (RaaS) group was first revealed in May 2023. Since then, the group has claimed 41 victims, including some high-profile ones such as the Chilean army and five educational institutions in the U.S. The group is also suspected to be behind the attack against Prospect Medical Holdings, which affected 17 hospitals and 166 clinics in the U.S., although Prospect is not listed as a victim on Rhysida’s website.


Hospital Staffing Solutions Suffers a Data Breach Exposing Over 100K Individuals

Hospitality Staffing Solutions is a short-term employment provider or temp agency that sends workers to a variety of hospitality-related organizations. Companies such as restaurants, hotels, colleges, casinos, senior living, and some light industrial establishments rely on workers provided by the company. The organization employs over 10,000 people and earns an estimated $4.3 billion in revenue annually.