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Securing PostgreSQL from Cryptojacking Campaigns in Kubernetes

PostgreSQL is a powerful, open-source relational database management system (RDBMS). Because of its robustness and scalability, PostgreSQL is used extensively in the cloud. Most public cloud providers including AWS, Azure and GCP provide database services to their customers based on PostgreSQL.

How to detect Crypto Mining with Sysdig Secure

Detecting a crypto (bitcoin, monero, etc.) miner malware is essential to prevent a cryptojacking attack. Learn how to detect and prevent these mining attacks! Cryptojacking is a cybercrime in which another party’s computing resources are hijacked to mine cryptocurrency.#CryptoJacking, which is also referred to as malicious cryptomining, lets hackers mine crypto currency (like bitcoin, monero, ethereum, etc.) without paying for electricity, hardware and other mining resources.

Cryptojacking Attacks See Growth Despite Weak Year for Cryptocurrency

2022 has seen a slowdown for the cryptocurrency ecosystem, as well as a decrease in demand for cryptocurrency-related activities like cryptomining. Even before the catastrophic implosion of the FTX cryptocurrency exchange, multiple market bubbles (from failed exchanges other than FTX) and events like Ethereum’s highly anticipated transition from proof of work to proof of stake have dampened enthusiasm for cryptocurrencies.


Hackathon! How can blockchain solve supply chain visibility challenges?

PA Consulting recently joined forces with RKVST to host a Hackathon, looking to identify new and innovative propositions for digital supply chains. Could the teams of PA consultants and analysts identify opportunities to help their clients using RKVST technology? Short answer: YES! Many of today’s business challenges can be addressed with a reliable evidence ledger. If you want the long answer, read on.


The blockchain & data privacy (GDPR)

Blockchain has been outlined as a digital, decentralized ledger that keeps a record of all transactions that present itself across a peer-to-peer network. It permits the secure transfer of assets while not being an associate mediator. It conjointly provides a record of transactions that's absolutely clear and displayed in time period for the good thing about participants.


New Phishing Technique Targeting Over 20 Crypto Wallets

Netskope Threat Labs spotted a new crypto-phishing attack that aims to steal sensitive data from crypto wallets, including private keys and security recovery phrases, disguising itself as a service to revoke stolen ERC (Ethereum Request for Comments) assets. The page was created and hosted with Netlify, which is a free cloud service to create websites and apps.


Blockchain as a Service (BaaS)

A key share of growing technology is blockchain. Blockchain technology permits entities to share information quickly and firmly while not compromising on security. The engineering blockchain has hit the marketplaces everywhere nowadays. And it’s because blockchain has many applications that deliver higher output and reliability than the traditional network. Now that many businesses have begun to experiment with the blockchain, a full new sort of marketplace is developed.


eKYC Verification & Digital Onboarding : Where Indian Crypto Exchange Platforms are headed

Crypto Trading volume and user signups in India have increased by up to 45% in recent weeks as a result of the steady bitcoin price and the rupee’s weakening. Bitcoin prices have been stabilising inside an increasingly narrow range this week, even as global equities and bond markets remained volatile, with signs of stress emerging in sovereign debt and currency markets. Bitcoin (BTC) has risen almost 2% in the last 30 days.

Why Crypto Portfolio Tracker Is The Best For All Cryptocurrency Crypto Tax USA?

Do you want to know if a crypto portfolio tracker is the one-stop solution for all cryptocurrency businesses to run it flawlessly? If yes, then you can find everything in detail here. Proceed further and grab the details about Binocs here.