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Securing the Chain: A Comprehensive Guide to Blockchain Security Audits

In the realm of digital business, blockchain security audits are essential for implementing the best security practices and ensuring robust system security. It secures all complex online systems and networks, thereby enhancing their performance and ensuring compliance with modern standards. According to SlowMist's blockchain hacking incident archive, there were 464 security incidents in 2023, resulting in losses of up to $2.486 billion.

Fireblocks x Cosmos: Institutional Access to the "Internet of Blockchains"

Fireblocks has consistently led the way in providing the fastest and most diverse range of blockchain support. With a growing list of over 60 supported blockchains, Fireblocks enables our customers to securely custody tokens on the latest chains and quickly build innovative services for their customers. Today, we are excited to announce that Fireblocks has expanded our support for the Cosmos ecosystem – delivering custody, DeFi, and staking support across several leading appchains.

Four Operational Security Pillars for Building Blockchain Apps

For hackers in 2024, digital assets likely look like a gold mine. Looking back at 2023, many people in the industry celebrated that there were only $1.5 billion of funds stolen due to hacks and security breaches over the course of the year (a smaller number when contrasted with 2022’s jaw-dropping $3.8 billion).

How to Protect Your Cloud Assets from Being Cryptojacked

Cryptojacking attacks have become the most prevalent type of attack on cloud native infrastructures. For example, in 2022, there were 139M cryptojacking attacks, but the following year there were over 1 billion! That translates to nearly 3M cryptojacking attacks every day, on average in 2023.

Fireblocks adds support for $EIGEN and enables Restaking on EigenLayer

Fireblocks now offers support for $EIGEN, alongside access to restaking via EigenLayer, a leading protocol in the Ethereum ecosystem. This integration allows ETH stakers to generate additional rewards without committing further collateral through a process called “restaking.” EigenLayer is set to launch the first round of its EIGEN token stakedrop on May 10, 2024.

Cryptocurrency Threat Landscape Report - Q1 2024

This whitepaper explores the Q1 2024 cryptocurrency landscape, highlighting Bitcoin's surge from $42,000 to $73,000, settling around $65,000 by the quarter's end. It investigates emerging threats, such as exit scams and evolving phishing tactics, and discusses the broader impact of rising cryptocurrency prices.

Transforming Digital Asset Treasury Operations with Fireblocks Automation

Fireblocks Automation streamlines treasury and finance operations by automating manual processes involved in digital asset management. From rebalancing wallets and sweeping funds to converting tokens and managing payment flows, Fireblocks Automation significantly reduces the time, cost, and risk associated with manual operations so your team can boost operational efficiency and focus on growth.