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How Cloud SOAR mitigates the cybersecurity skill gap problem in modern SOCs

Even though the cybersecurity skill gap dropped for the first time in recorded history in 2020, it is still one of the most pressing problems in the industry. Demand continues to eclipse the supply of skilled cybersecurity professionals. The scarcity of qualified security workers with the right skill set, experience, and talent means that critical vulnerabilities turn many organizations into sitting ducks in the eyes of hackers.

Siemplify ThreatFuse: Some Things Just Go Better Together

Some things are just better together. Peanut butter and jelly. Beavis and Butthead. Security orchestration, automation & response (SOAR) and threat intelligence (TIP) platforms. But don’t settle for a good SOAR with a basic TIP, or a good TIP with a basic SOAR. Siemplify ThreatFuse, combines best-in-class SOAR and best-in-class TIP.

Splunk SOAR Feature Video: Case Management

Case management functionality is built into Splunk SOAR. Using workbooks, you can codify your standard operating procedures into reusable templates. Splunk SOAR supports custom and industry standard workbooks such as the NIST-800 template for incident response. You can divide tasks into phases, assign tasks to team members, and document your work.

Splunk SOAR Feature Overview: Custom Functions

Splunk SOAR’s custom functions allow you to share custom code across playbooks while introducing complex data objects into the execution path. These aren’t just out-of-the-box playbooks, but out-of-the-box custom blocks that save you time and effort. These capabilities provide the building blocks for scaling your automation, even to those without coding capabilities.

5 reasons why security automation won't replace skilled security professionals

The cybersecurity landscape is constantly evolving, even more so in the past decade, with technological revolutions changing the core of the cybersecurity industry. With new emerging technologies, machine learning, security automation, and AI are slowly but surely becoming a reality in the cybersecurity world. But as the cybersecurity landscape continues and redefines the roles of security workers, which logically begs the question - what does this mean for security professionals?

Siemplify: The Only Cloud Native SOAR Platform for Anywhere Security Operations

It’s time to think location-independent and people-centric. It’s time to build sustainable resilience and flexibility. It’s time to have an “anywhere operations” approach. The Siemplify Security Operations Platform, the industry's only cloud-native SOAR, sets you up with the building blocks you need to think beyond the traditional SOC and move into an anywhere operations mindset.

Uncovering the powers of Cloud SOAR's Open Integration Framework

The speed at which security operations are processed and data is consumed is moving at a dazzling pace. This is why flexibility, customizability, and user-friendliness are deemed as core pillars of next-gen security solutions. And it is exactly what Cloud SOAR’s Open Integration Framework is all about.