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The 5 Hidden Costs of SOAR

Every investment in SOAR is accompanied with the hidden costs of onboarding and troubleshooting. The licensing structure SOAR brings to an organization is outdated and overpriced. The value of SOAR drastically declined when it transitioned its primary focus from being a force-multiplying automation solution to a glorified ticketing system still requiring countless professional service hours.


Splunk SOAR Playbook of the Month: Investigations with Playbooks

It comes as no surprise that analysts spend a lot of their time investigating and responding to a continuous flood of incidents on a daily basis. While the sheer volume of alerts alone make for a time consuming endeavor, trying to manually tackle so many of these alerts results in slow incident response and can trap your team into a series of reactive security operations.

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How to Use ITSM, SIEM, and SOAR to Remediate API Attacks

In recent years, there has been a significant rise in the number of API attacks, posing a growing threat to businesses and organizations across various industries. APIs, or application programming interfaces, have become essential for enabling communication and data exchange between different software systems. However, this increased reliance on APIs has also made them an attractive target for cybercriminals.


Splunk SOAR Playbook of the Month: Threat Hunting with Playbooks

As SOCs continue to grow and mature, it's vital that they establish effective and repeatable programs in proactive defense. This also means that threat hunting needs to become a critical function. Numerous advanced and sophisticated threats are able to get past more traditional cybersecurity defenses and SOCs need skilled Threat Hunters who are able to search, log, monitor, and remediate threats before they create a serious problem.


KnowBe4 Named a Leader in the Summer 2023 G2 Grid Report for Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR)

We are excited to announce that KnowBe4 has been named a leader in the Summer 2023 G2 Grid Report for Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR) for the PhishER platform for the ninth consecutive quarter! The latest G2 Grid Report compares Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR) Software vendors based on user reviews, customer satisfaction, popularity and market presence. Based on 202 G2 customer reviews, KnowBe4’s PhishER platform is the top ranked SOAR software.


XDR vs SOAR: comparing functionalities for MSPs

Managed service providers (MSPs) must be prepared to defend their customers against advanced threats and, to do so, they need to keep track of different data sources by deploying solutions that are designed to improve their customers’ security posture through effective detection and proactive responses to potential incidents.