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Non-repudiation: Your Virtual Shield in Cybersecurity

In the digital world, where countless users communicate, share data, and engage in diverse activities, determining the origin and actions behind these interactions can be quite challenging. This is where non-repudiation steps in. Coupling other security factors, such as delivery proof, identity verification, and a digital signature, creates non-repudiation. This guarantees that the parties involved in the transmission are unable to renounce the execution of an action.

Fines for HIPAA Non-Compliance

In today’s digital age, the exchange and storage of information has become very common in all sectors of the world, healthcare being no exception. But with this transmission and storage comes the dangers of security and unauthorized access. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) was enacted with stringent regulations to safeguard this data and its violations can be severe.

What is SaaS Security Posture Management?

In a cloud-first world like today, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is becoming the everyday solution for organizations to operate and boost their efficiency. Still, this rapid uptake of SaaS apps brings new security problems. This is precisely where SSPM comes in-a vital tool to help organizations efficiently track, audit, and enhance their SaaS application security posture. What is SaaS Security Posture Management? How does it work? In this piece, we'll break down the fundamentals of SSPM, including its benefits, features, and how it sets itself apart from other similar solutions.

Revolutionizing Security: The Impact of EV Fleet Management Solutions

The global rise of electric vehicles (EV) fleet management solutions is unstoppable. Driven by a global push for sustainability, research shows 71% of U.S. fleet managers are now looking to add electric vehicles to their fleets in 2024. With billions of dollars invested heavily by governments and organizations in electric vehicles and their supporting networks, key critical flaws have emerged. Electric vehicle charging software, stations, monitoring systems, and unsecured internet networks have become access points for multiple cybersecurity threats ranging from unauthorized access to EV vehicles and data breaches of customer private information.

Building a Robust Data Quality Management Framework: A Step-by-Step Guide

Maintaining data quality is crucial for any business that depends on dependable data. Without a structure in place, organizations run the risk of making decisions based on flawed or incomplete information. To uphold data integrity and make informed decisions businesses need to establish a data quality management framework. In this article, we will delve into the steps involved in constructing such a framework.

Transforming Digital Asset Treasury Operations with Fireblocks Automation

Fireblocks Automation streamlines treasury and finance operations by automating manual processes involved in digital asset management. From rebalancing wallets and sweeping funds to converting tokens and managing payment flows, Fireblocks Automation significantly reduces the time, cost, and risk associated with manual operations so your team can boost operational efficiency and focus on growth.

Phishing: A Primer on How to Protect Your Organization

In April of 2024, the FBI released a warning that threat actors are sending SMS phishing, also known as smishing, messages to individuals pretending to be toll road operators messaging about unpaid toll fees. This kind of attack is a common one, and targets more than just individuals –— think the MGM resorts breach of 2023 that started with a phishing call to an IT professional and ended up costing the casino millions.

What is the difference between Information Disclosure and Data Exposure

As digital infrastructure becomes increasingly integrated into every day operations across various industries, ensuring the security of sensitive information becomes crucial for safeguarding both individuals and organizations from cyber threats. In the vast landscape of cybersecurity risks, two terms stand out: information disclosure and data exposure. Understanding these concepts is vital, as they can significantly impact trust and lead to potential repercussions.

4 out of 5 of Physicians Were Impacted by February's Cyber Attack on Change Healthcare

A new survey of physicians details the devastating impact of the Change Healthcare cyber attack on the healthcare sector. In February, a cyber attack on Change Healthcare brought much of the U.S. healthcare system to a halt. The revenue and payment cycle management provider is central to connecting payers, providers and patients within the U.S. healthcare system to ensure payments are made.