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Security Awareness and Log Management for Security Analysts

For today’s remote workforce, security professionals need technical security awareness education distinct from the rest of the company’s “don’t click a phishing link” training. Security analysts know how to recognize phishing emails and set secure passwords. However, where does that leave them when it comes to security awareness?


How to Inspire Privacy Best Practices Throughout Your Organization

In our post-pandemic world, more and more individuals are splitting their time between the corporate office and their home office or working remotely full-time. This shift is blurring the lines between professional and personal cyber hygiene and privacy, which can pose a significant risk to organizations.

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The Life of the Sysadmin: A Patch Tuesday Story

The System Administrator! AKA the Sysadmin. The keeper of the network, computers – well basically all things technology. The one who is hated for imposing complex passwords and other restrictions, but taken for granted when everything works well. They are the first to be called when “” reports: “domain does not exist”.


SIEM Tools: Which Vendors Should Be on Your List?

Whether your organization is ready to deploy its first security information and event management (SIEM) solution or you’re looking to upgrade to a modern, next-gen SIEM, the number and types of tools available in the market can be overwhelming. This post will help you choose the right vendor and best SIEM tools for your business needs. SIEM tools have been available for about 15 years, but like most technologies, there has been a great deal of evolution and innovation over that time.


Top Five Cybersecurity Pain Points of 2023 - Internet Trends Analysis

According to an analysis realized on millions of comments and posts from technical communities and forums on the internet, these are currently the biggest cybersecurity needs or pain points that are lacking solutions or improvement across organizations: It’s worth noting that the above-mentioned concerns can vary by organization size, industry, and specific use case, but they are the common pain points that are frequently mentioned in the online communities and forums.


Advanced persistent threats (APTs) Prevention with SIEM Systems

Advanced persistent threats (APTs) and targeted attacks are a growing concern for organizations of all sizes. These types of cyber attacks are characterized by their high level of sophistication and the ability to evade traditional security measures. In order to defend against APTs, organizations need to adopt a multi-layered approach that includes implementing security information and event management (SIEM) systems.


Are XDR System replacing SIEM?

XDR (Extended Detection and Response) systems and SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) systems share some similarities, but they are not exactly the same and do not necessarily replace each other. XDR systems are a newer technology that is designed to provide organizations with a more comprehensive view of their security posture by collecting and analyzing data from multiple sources, such as endpoints, networks, and cloud environments.