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The Life of the Sysadmin: A Patch Tuesday Story

The System Administrator! AKA the Sysadmin. The keeper of the network, computers – well basically all things technology. The one who is hated for imposing complex passwords and other restrictions, but taken for granted when everything works well. They are the first to be called when “” reports: “domain does not exist”.


Highlights from AWS re:Invent 2022

Just like shopping on Black Friday, AWS re:Invent has become a post-Thanksgiving tradition for some of us at Datadog. We were excited to join tens of thousands of fellow AWS users and partners for this annual gathering that features new product announcements, technical sessions, networking, and fun. This year, we saw three themes emerge from the conference announcements and sessions.


Tripwire Enterprise Use Cases - Advanced Monitoring

Many people remember where they were during historic events. Whether it is a personal, or a public occurrence, it’s just human nature to remember these significant moments. Every profession also has its share of memorable events. In medicine, those who were in the profession will remember where they were when they heard about the first heart transplant or the discovery of a cure for a particular disease. In cybersecurity, there are similar events that stick in the mind.


Solving Cross-Border Payment Challenges: New Players, New Risks, and New Technology

Over the last few years, rapid digital payment adoption and technology development have played an essential role in making international money transfers cheaper, faster, and easier than they were decades ago. The volume of cross-border transactions is now expected to grow to $39.9 trillion by 2026, as these payments are essential in the interconnected economy.

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Monitoring Transaction Log Files for PCI compliance

File Integrity Monitoring, aka as FIM, is a must-have feature for anyone in charge of security. With FIM, one can detect when a critical file, such as a file that belongs to the Operating System, or a key configuration file, is changed. In most cases, configuring FIM is straightforward: If the file changes then generate an alert.


Stepping up your security: Protect your network monitoring environment using SHA-2

While the internet grows, so does the online presence of businesses of every scale. Although this allows for seamless business operations, you have to also consider the risks involved. Since organizations rely on networks to carry out their activities and utilize a wide range of networking components like routers, switches, servers, firewalls, and VMs, all of which demand continuous end-to-end management, it is critical to protect and defend these networks from threats and attacks.


Difference between Network Monitoring and Network Security Monitoring

It seems like every other day; we hear about another company that has been hacked and its customers’ personal data compromised. In the wake of these incidents, it’s more important than ever for businesses to take steps to protect themselves from cyber-attacks. One way to do this is by implementing a network monitoring and security monitoring solution.


Dark Web Monitoring Tools - These 5 Features Are a Must

It may sound counterintuitive, but the Dark Web presents an invaluable opportunity for businesses to flip the script on hackers. The Dark Web remains a relatively hidden digital space that comprises upwards of 5 percent of the entire internet. This is where cybercriminals go to peddle sensitive and valuable data after breaching vulnerable business networks.