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Monitoring in Post Production

Our lives revolve around measuring things on a daily basis. Comparisons between today and yesterday, between different resources – a bevy of factors. On average, a person makes about 35,000 decisions a day, and many of these require comparison tools to make the right decision. Technological advances today are faster than ever, and as a result, devices and other assets are rapidly improving.

How to Secure Online Video Gaming from The Biggest Cyber Threats in 2022

Imagine, you are in the middle of a heated battle and are almost ready to claim the victory over your virtual opponent when you see a note on the screen: “We are experiencing a DDoS attack which may result in disconnections for some players.” Now?

RedAbierta chooses INETCO BullzAI to secure its payment channels

Vancouver, Canada – June 16, 2022 – INETCO Systems Limited, a leader in real-time payment monitoring and fraud prevention, announced today that RedAbierta, a leading fintech company with offices in Honduras, Nicaragua, Guatemala, and El Salvador, has selected INETCO BullzAI® to ensure the integrity of its payment channels.

Digital Experience Monitoring In the Age of Distributed Work

“Why is Exchange so slow? I’ve checked everything in the O365 administration portal. The MTAs, the DB and the service are green. It must be networking! Can you check the network? I am sending the ticket to you!” The company I worked at previously was an early customer of the Exchange O365. And the company ran on email. Every message, file, PowerPoint and design document was sent via email. If email was not working, the company ground to a halt.

Navigating New Cybersecurity Policies and Regulations: What You Need to Know

2022 has brought in tighter cybersecurity restrictions and privacy regulations around the world. With the escalation of cyber threats due to the accelerated digital transformation and the Russian invasion of Ukraine, governments globally have made decisions to step up their cybersecurity defense and introduce new measures to protect businesses or national security.

BIG things are Happening at Graylog!

Did you hear the news? Graylog is on a mission to help make your IT environment and data more efficient and secure by making it super easy to uncover the answers stored in your machine data. At Graylog, coming up with solutions to problems faced by IT and Security professionals is what drives us. Our teams are always working on ways to add meaningful functionality that increases productivity so you can focus your resources on the innovation and core competencies that you’re known for.