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Why Compliance Monitoring Is Critical for Your Business: Benefits and Best Practices

As regulatory requirements continue to evolve and data breaches become more common, businesses are under increasing pressure to maintain compliance with industry standards. Compliance monitoring is a crucial aspect of this process, enabling organizations to identify and address potential risks before they lead to costly violations or incidents.


Security Monitoring Explained: How Security Monitoring is Your Foundation for Cybersecurity

Security Monitoring is the catch-all name for the process of detecting threats and managing security incidents. It’s generally broken into two phases: In this article, let's take a look at what security monitoring means and how it forms the foundation for your cybersecurity posture.

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Why You Need Continuous Network Monitoring

It’s not news that organizations’ networks are increasing in complexity. The rise of hybrid work, the proliferation of the cloud, and the increased use of IoT devices has pushed networks far outside the server room — and even the four walls of the office — into a digital-first realm. While these changes have increased efficiency, scalability, and how operations work in the modern age, they’ve also created new avenues for cybercriminals to launch an attack.


What is Vulnerability Monitoring? Benefits, Tools, and Best Practices

In today’s ever changing cyber risk landscape, your organization must adopt a vulnerability management framework to control exposure and remediate risks in a timely manner. In an earlier blog, we explained the vulnerability management process. Here, we explore a key part of that process – vulnerability monitoring – in greater depth.


Three Levels of Change: Approval, Purpose, and Careful Monitoring

I logged into one of my online accounts today, and the entire interface was different. At first, I checked to make sure that I was actually on the correct site. Once I confirmed that, I just accepted that the company who runs the software made changes that would improve the performance and functionality of the software. Once I logged in, I noticed that even the desktop icon had changed.

Under the Wing: Shift Left Across the App Lifecycle

As organizations move into the cloud, it’s more important than ever to monitor and secure your workloads. Misconfigurations in complex, hybrid or multicloud environments can put a target on your team for adversaries to exploit. In this episode of Under the Wing, learn how CrowdStrike helps you monitor and protect your workloads, hosts and containers.

Why BreachWatch is the Best Dark Web Monitoring Tool

Dark web monitoring is an important tool that gives businesses and people insight into what information about them is available on the dark web. A dark web monitoring tool works by scanning thousands of websites, searching for your credentials and personal information. However, not all dark web monitoring tools and services are built the same. Different services offer different features when scanning through lists of stolen credentials and personal data.

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The Life of the Sysadmin: A Patch Tuesday Story

The System Administrator! AKA the Sysadmin. The keeper of the network, computers – well basically all things technology. The one who is hated for imposing complex passwords and other restrictions, but taken for granted when everything works well. They are the first to be called when “” reports: “domain does not exist”.