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Dispelling 5 Myths and Misconceptions Surrounding File Integrity Monitoring (FIM)

File integrity monitoring (FIM) started back in 1997 when Gene Kim launched Tripwire and its “Change Audit” solution. Just a few years later, Change Audit became FIM; this rebranded tool worked with the 12 security controls identified in Visa’s Cardholder Information Security Program (CISP). CISP became PCI DSS 1.0, and things continued to evolve after that. Which brings us to the present day.


Agility joins INETCO's partner network to provide advanced solutions to protect against cyber threats to enterprises in Brazil

September 05, 2022. INETCO® Systems Limited, a global leader in real-time payment fraud prevention and cybersecurity software, is pleased to welcome Agility, a leading provider of managed cybersecurity solutions in Brazil, to INETCO’s reseller ecosystem.


Cybersecurity Challenges in the Metaverse: How to Keep Your Assets Safe

Imagine you are chilling over coffee with your co-workers in a break room. The deadline for the launch of your newest product is imminent and you are discussing last-minute design modifications. Digital images of the product float by as your AI assistant suggests the best potential design modifications. Together, you and your team choose the final product design and are ready for the next step in the launch. Virtual high fives ensue.


Reducing Risks of Real-Time Payments Adoption

2023 might be a really important year for real-time payments (RTP) development in North America. FedNow, a real-time payments service, is on track to go operational in 2023 in the USA, while the Real-Time Rail (RTR) payment system will be fully launched in Canada, also in 2023. Currently, in their test phases, these payment systems will go mainstream next year, making faster payments more accessible to smaller financial institutions and businesses.


Cybersecurity in iGaming: How to Protect Your Business from Cybercrime

When the American heist comedy Ocean’s Eleven was released on Friday, December 7, 2001, it topped the box-office draw for that weekend. The story follows two friends who plan to steal $160 million from three major casinos in Las Vegas. Entertainment Weekly called it “the most winning robbery sequence of the decade”.


How to Protect Your ATM Fleet from the Most Common ATM Crimes

Back in April, our team attended the ATMIA Canada Conference 2022, which focused on what is next for the industry, current trends in cash use, and ATM security. At one of the sessions, the ATM Security Association (ASA) presented their new Crisis & Crime Management Intelligence System – the industry’s first global-scale ATM crime database and intelligence management system for analysis of crime trends.


3 Key Elements for Payment Fraud Prevention in 2022 and Beyond

A San Francisco-based bank recently disclosed the results of a payment fraud investigation that uncovered ATM skimming attempts at the bank’s terminals across the United States. Fraudsters installed ATM skimming devices in several branches and used them to skim customer account information. The bank was understandably concerned that the stolen data would be used to create fake debit cards and attempt cash withdrawals.


5 Common Types of Mobile Fraud & Mobile Fraud Prevention Tactics 2022

A medical lab scientist landed in Johannesburg on Saturday, February 5th, for his two-week assignment. Soon after landing, family and friends called him to say that some people were calling and texting them, looking for him. Those people were hackers, who had got hold of his contacts. The scientist didn’t pay much attention to it, but two days later he received a message from his telecom company that they had received a SIM card swap request from him, which he, of course, never made.


Data Fusion: Supporting Payment Fraud Prevention Strategy with The Right Data

This blog is a part of our new series 5 Strategies for Building Resilience to Financial Crimes and Cyber Attacks in 2022. Access to the right data at the right time is the foundation of an efficient payment fraud prevention strategy. At INETCO, we like to say that not all insights are created equal: if you are missing some key pieces of the puzzle you won’t get a clear picture of the threat landscape.