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SSH Snake - Tanium Tech Talks #95

In January of 2024 the #Linux / Unix world was rocked by a script that worms its way through insecure SSH connections to map your environment. A team of two Tanium SMEs built content that you need to find and map your exposure, giving you the information necessary to remediate your environment. But #Windows and #MacOS are not off the hook. SSH services on other platforms have the same exposure. Use this Tanium content to find the issue everywhere it is applicable.

Tanium Plays Critical Role in Supporting AstraZeneca's Mission to Deliver Life-Changing Medicines

Tanium shares the success story of customer and global pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca in securing over 125,000 endpoints across 125 countries using the Tanium XEM platform. The company consolidated multiple endpoint-management tools to improve agility, efficiency, and visibility across company functions, minimising the risk of a cyber-attack. This allows AstraZeneca leaders and scientists to prioritise their mission to focus on the patient and optimise their results.