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Asset Management

ITAM & CMDB - EXPRESS - ServiceNow Integration - Tanium Tech Talks #85

See how Tanium can feed your ServiceNow CMDB with fresh asset inventory on today's Tanium Tech Talk. We're going to start at the beginning with asset data: hardware, software, usage, and more. Many Tanium customers update their ServiceNow CMDB multiple times per day to enjoy the benefits of accurate and timely asset data.

IT Asset Management vs. Device Management

Devices are the gateways to our work, and IT professionals understand the importance of managing and securing endpoints as part of a holistic identity and access management (IAM) strategy. Yet, it’s impossible to control what you aren’t aware of. Shadow IT, the unauthorized use of devices, apps, and services that people use to perform their jobs, can bypass even the best security programs.

JumpCloud Acquires Resmo for Integrated Asset Management

JumpCloud has acquired Resmo, an asset management and SaaS security solution, to provide customers a unified solution of SaaS, IT security, and asset management that empowers them to eliminate shadow IT and gain full visibility into all apps and cloud infrastructure in an all-in-one solution. The inclusion of Resmo’s technologies will enhance JumpCloud’s ability to help customers deliver secure and streamlined user provisioning, access request management, and utilization monitoring.

Challenges with Cybersecurity Asset Identification and Management

Anyone who’s ever misplaced their wallet knows that horrible moment where their stomach drops, the beads of perspiration begin to form on their forehead, and they start mulling over worst-case scenarios. In that worst case scenario, someone used the cash and cards in the wallet to go on a personal spending spree. In a company’s IT environment, a missing device or shadow IT represents that missing wallet.

Using Asset Management to Keep a Cloud Environment Secure

In modern network environments focused on cloud technology, organizations have undergone a significant transformation in the development and deployment of their IT assets. The introduction of cloud technology has simplified and expedited the deployment process, but it often lacks centralized change management. The cloud's shared responsibility model enables quick deployment and scaling but can pose security risks if not properly managed and understood.

Enhancing Security and Asset Management with AI/ML in Cato Networks' SASE Product

We just introduced what we believe is a unique application of real-time, deep learning (DL) algorithms to network prevention. The announcement is hardly our foray into artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). The technologies have long played a pivotal role in augmenting Cato’s SASE security and networking capabilities, enabling advanced threat prevention and efficient asset management. Let’s take a closer look.

Cybersecurity Asset Inventory in Your Home

Back in 2015, we published an article about the third party risks that are introduced into a home network. Now, eight years later, it is a good time to revisit the landscape of the home network. If we think about the technology in most homes in 2015, it was fairly sparse, consisting only of a router with an internet connection. The speed of most home internet connections was well below 100Mbps.