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Snyk enhances ServiceNow with comprehensive insights into vulnerabilities in open source software

We’re excited to announce a new partnership to bring Snyk security insights to ServiceNow workflows. The integration between Snyk Open Source and ServiceNow Application Vulnerability Response, the first of its kind, gives application security teams visibility into vulnerabilities in open source dependencies to provide a complete view of an organization’s application security posture.


Developing an Effective Change Management Program

Change detection is easy. What is not so easy, is reconciling change. Change reconciliation is where most organizations stumble. What was the change? When was it made? Who made it? Was it authorized? The ability to answer these questions are the elements that comprise change management. Historically, the haste of accomplishing a task consisted of a sysadmin moving full-speed ahead to satisfy the needs of the business.

Forward Fix: Minimize Downtime with ServiceNow Integration

Not enough detailed information in your ServiceNow ticket causing headaches and delays? Forward's ServiceNow integration can help you save time by automatically providing network data in incident tickets or automatically create tickets based on intent or reachability. Learn more at

Sumo Logic brings full coverage to modern IT and SecOps workflows with ServiceNow

Modern, digital-first businesses rely on agile, optimized IT and security operations teams to effectively monitor and secure their complex applications, infrastructure and workflows that ultimately drive increased productivity and improved user experiences. Implementing a high-performance, end-to-end process to achieve these positive outcomes can be challenging as it oftentimes requires combining multiple data silos and technologies for different teams with contrasting roles and responsibilities.


What is Incident Management in IT and Why does it matter?

Incident management is the process of identifying and resolving problems that occur in IT services. Incident Management is also used as a metric to measure the health of the IT Service Desk. Let’s discuss what incident management is, why it matters to your business, and how you can apply it to your organization.


Making ServiceNow better with CloudFabrix RDA

The onset of ServiceNow has relieved the IT Services workforce. With CloudFabrix RDA added to it, we made it even better. Let’s face it that many IT Service transformation implementations take longer because of a lack of automation around migration and production. The efficiency of ITSM is further compromised due to the absence of data automation and enrichment. ServiceNow with Robotic Data Automation stirs a positive impact on three critical areas of data operations ITSM teams.


Top 3 NLP Use Cases for ITSM

What is NLP Natural Language Processing is a specialized subdomain of Machine Learning which is generally concerned with the interactions between the human and machine using a human verbal or written language. NLP helps in processing huge volumes of text which would take a significant amount of time for a human to comprehend and process otherwise. Hence a lot of organizations take advantage of NLP to gain useful insights out of their text and free formatted data.


eBonding Integration: ServiceNow Incidents to 5 Destinations: PagerDuty, Twilio, Slack, ElasticSearch/Kibana and Email

In this blog, we will walk through the scenario of sending or E-bonding ServiceNow incidents to 5 destinations simultaneously, using Robotic Data Automation and AIOps Studio. E-bonding refers to a scenario where data is delivered (one-way) or synchronized (two-way) between two or different systems, which are typically under different administrative boundaries. E-Bonding term originally appeared in Service Provider and Telco space (see: ATT E-Bonding).