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Actionable Threat Intelligence - Boosting Attack Surface Management

Modern cybersecurity challenges require a comprehensive approach to attack surface management. As technology evolves, organizations find themselves facing a multitude of cyber threats from various directions. These threats are not limited to internal systems but extend across external attack surfaces and the digital supply chain. To navigate this complex threat landscape, organizations need more than just raw data; they need actionable threat intelligence that provides context and guides targeted action.

What's the buzz about NIS 2?

The latest version of the Network and Information Security Directive (NIS 2) has severe implications for companies that provide services or carry out activities in the European Union (EU). NIS 2’s goal is to establish a higher level of security and cyber resilience for member EU states in 18 essential industry sectors. Violations can lead to substantial fines, legal liability and even criminal sanctions on an individual level. and Software Supply Chain Security: A Cautionary Tale

Over 100,000 websites using a popular JavaScript service ( are now victims of a web supply chain attack. A web supply chain attack is a cyberattack is a type of software supply chain attack that targets a third-party web software component to gain access to an organization’s systems or data. These attacks can be difficult to prevent because they can be hard to detect, take advantage of trust, and have long-lasting effects.

Security Misconfigurations - Detection and Automatic Remediation

Security misconfigurations can open the door to potential cyberattacks, leading to data breaches, system compromises, and other severe consequences for organizations. In modern IT environments, including cloud infrastructure and other digital platforms, these misconfiguration vulnerabilities are becoming increasingly common and complex. Preventing and addressing security misconfigurations requires a collaborative effort across DevOps, DevSecOps, and security teams.

Navigating Security Challenges in Hybrid Infrastructure

As organizations increasingly adopt a mix of cloud-based and on-premises systems, they face unique challenges in securing their hybrid infrastructures. Unlike traditional IT setups, where everything is managed within the confines of a single data center, hybrid infrastructures combine the agility of the cloud with the control of on-premises systems. While this blend offers flexibility and scalability, it also introduces security complexity and a broader attack surface.

Recent Interview Reveals How Asklepios Kliniken GmbH Improves Risk Exposure with CyCognito

I recently sat down with Daniel Maier-Johnson, the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), and Markus Diehm, Cybersecurity Analyst, with Asklepios Kliniken GmbH, Germany’s second-largest private healthcare provider, to hear about their experience using CyCognito to gain continuous monitoring, prioritize cyber risks, and safeguard patient information. Vital to any healthcare organization, is keeping patient data safe while complying with an ever-growing number of government regulations.

CVE-2024-38526 - Polyfill Supply Chain Attack for Malicious Code Execution

The research team warned today that a script from the domain and service, which was purchased earlier this year by a Chinese company named ‘Funnull’, has been modified to introduce malicious code on websites in a supply chain attack. Currently over 100,000 sites could be impacted.

Understanding Vulnerability Prioritization, Management & Remediation

What are your most important corporate assets? Like most companies, you probably have mission-critical assets and those that play a smaller role in your revenue and continuity. You are also likely to be using Vulnerability Management or Assessment tools to lock down where those assets can potentially be compromised. Vulnerability Prioritization combines asset importance and potential for risk.

Stop Remediating Backward - Reactive Approaches Aren't a Long-Term Solution

Prioritization in vulnerability management is not just about fixing problems but fixing the right problems at the right time. Not all vulnerabilities have the same level of risk. But gathering details to understand vulnerability impact takes time, a huge challenge for already overworked staff. Many are forced to work backward, taking critical issues obtained from 3rd party sources like CISA KEV or a Reddit forum and then search for assets that it may apply to.

SolarWinds Fixes Severe Serv-U Vulnerability (CVE-2024-28995): Overview and Response Guide

SolarWinds has recently addressed a critical security flaw, designated as CVE-2024-28995, in its Serv-U Managed File Transfer and Secure FTP software. This vulnerability, discovered by Hussein Daher, involves a directory traversal flaw that allows unauthenticated attackers to access sensitive files on the host system.