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5 Reasons Why CISOs are Investing in API Security

Digital transformation has ushered in a new era of devices, applications and online services. And though apps get most of the credit, application programming interfaces, or APIs, provide the underlying connectivity between software and services that make it all possible. As any developer will confirm, APIs enable organizations to streamline workflows, develop new ways to support customers, and pursue new avenues to drive profit.

Hello CISO - Episode 6: Managed Devices and Networks with Working from Home

IT isn't only about – or even primarily about – technology itself. IT is about people. Nowhere is that more apparent than in our homes, which is where many of us now conduct our work. How can IT protect a fleet of devices in multiple locations and across multiple networks? Find out in this episode of Hello CISO.

2023 Security Trends for APAC and the Evolving Role of CISOs

The focus on resilience is changing the role of security leaders in organizations today and will continue to do so in 2023. 2022 saw a lot of disruption in businesses, especially with rising cybercrime incidents. Cyber threats will only continue to grow and multiply due to the ongoing convergence of data, changing the discipline of cybersecurity altogether.


CISOs and their Boards of Directors: Viewing Cyber Risk Differently

CISOs – the senior level executives responsible for developing and implementing cybersecurity programs for corporations and other organizations – are not happy campers these days. And it’s not just because they are chronically understaffed and under constant pressure.


Enhancing CISO Communication with Boards and C-Suites in 2023

CISO communication skills have never been more essential. Organizations are facing unprecedented cybersecurity risks, not the least of which are software vulnerabilities that can turn into nightmarish supply chain attacks. Headline-grabbing events over the past two years such as the attack against systems management software provider SolarWinds and the discovery of the Log4J vulnerability have raised awareness about the impact software supply chain issues can have on many companies.


Why Managed Threat Hunting Should Top Every CISO's Holiday Wish List

With the end of the year fast approaching, many of us are looking forward to a well-deserved break. However, security practitioners and security leaders worldwide are bracing themselves for what has become a peak period for novel and disruptive threats. In 2020, the holiday season was marked by the SUNBURST incident, and in 2021 the world grappled with Log4Shell.


CISO interview with Darren Desmond, the CISO with the Automobile Association in the UK

Philip Ingram (PI) talked to Darren Desmond (DD). Darren currently works with the Automobile Association (AA) in the UK as the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), joining in 2018. He started his professional career in the British Army's Royal Military Police, before a stint in the Special Investigation Branch, and Military Intelligence.


9 Ways a CISO Uses CrowdStrike for Identity Threat Protection

Identity isn’t a security problem — it’s the security problem. This was the takeaway from my recent meeting with a local government CISO in the Washington, D.C. area. Tasked with protecting infrastructure, including the fire and police departments, the CISO turned to CrowdStrike a year ago for endpoint and identity protection.


What Makes an Effective and Successful CISO?

A CISO (chief information security officer) is a company's senior executive responsible for developing, managing, and implementing its organization’s security program and improving its cybersecurity posture. The CISO oversees the information security programs, protects organizational data and assets, develops IT infrastructures, builds security teams, and handles the overall IT security of the company.