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CISO Challenges & opportunities in orchestrating the defense of the modern enterprise

Tune in to this lively panel dialogue with security industry thought leaders exploring how securing modern applications as a part of digital transformation is disrupting traditional security people, processes, and technology practices. Dave Frampton, VP/GM of the Security Business at Sumo Logic, will moderate a discussion with Yaron Levi, CISO of Dolby Labs, and Tyson Martin, Principal Security Advisor for AWS, on how CISOs can play both a good offense and defense to navigate this transition.

The ClubCISO report reveals a fundamental shift in security culture

With business and technology becoming increasingly intertwined, organizations are being forced to rethink how they look at digital security. Once overlooked or viewed as a mere afterthought, today it has become a business-critical necessity. As a result, organizations across industry lines are racing to improve their security postures.


CISO Interview Series: The thinking of a CISO at the front end of the cyber threat landscape.

What are the most important areas for a CISO to focus on? When speaking to Aman Sood, it becomes clear that the job of a CISO encompasses every aspect of a business. Aman is the Head of Cyber Security with Jimdo, a website building platform that helps small businesses start, grow, and ultimately thrive online. Aman is also the Cyber Security Group Chairman for ISITC Europe CIC, a non-profit industry body and a catalyst for collaborative innovation within the capital markets.

CISOs Need to Speak the Language of Board Members

"I understand the pitfalls of cyber security, but my boss just won't support me with the budget I need.” Does this sound familiar to you as a CISO? I have 3 pieces of advice for you: Speak their language I like to say that CISOs are from Mars, while CEOs and board members are from Venus. It’s because they don't speak the same language. You might go to your board and say, “I installed Akamai Prolexic. subnet to mitigate an SYN flood attack.”

Optimizing the CISO and Board Roles in Heightened Risk Periods

With companies in virtually every industry facing persistent and increasing cyber security threats, federal regulators are taking steps to protect customers and investors. In March, the SEC proposed new cyber security transparency rules that would require publicly traded companies to disclose, among other things, the cyber security expertise—or lack thereof—among their board members. This is despite the evidence that it is a recognized risk within businesses.


What should a CISO's priorities be for reducing inbound and outbound email risk in M365?

While cybersecurity risks are similar across the board for any IT leader, it's down to each CISO to decide what takes priority. Before doing that, they need to assess the risks and plan accordingly for them. Unfortunately, many businesses don't do this. A 2022 UpCity study – the Small Business Cybersecurity Survey Investigations Report – found that only 50% of SMBs have a cybersecurity plan.


The State of Data Security in 2022: The CISOs Perspective

In the two years proceeding from the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the business world has been transformed on a grand scale. Organizations have created more data than ever before, data is now spread across a wider attack surface, putting it at a heightened risk of becoming a compromised risk. The manner and location of data storage and correspondence has had to shift to meet the needs of remote and hybrid workers, with companies being forced to take a more rigorous approach to data security.

Where a CISO Should Sit Within an Organisation - Razorwire Podcast

Welcome to Razor Wire Podcast! In this episode, we’re joined by Claire Davies of Arriva and Keith Christie-Smith of Claroty to discuss where a CISO fits best within an organisation, a bit of the history behind it, where trends have been in recent years, and where we think it’ll going to be in future. The role of CISO has traditionally been a part of IT and they often report to the CIO. This trend has been steadily changing over recent years, but the question remains: where should the CISO sit within an organisation? With security events increasing in cost and complexity, is it time that the CISO should sit on the board? Claire, Keith and cyber security consultancy MD James Rees - your host - share their opinions on the subject from the perspective of a CISO currently in the role and with insights from an Accounts Director who deals with CISOs from multiple companies across a wide range of different sectors. The format of our show is a group of us sitting here talking like we are down the pub talking about what we do for a living. So I am inviting you to join us in this episode to learn about CISO. Listen to this episode on your favourite podcasting platform.