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Threat Detection

Staying Connected with Cloud Exchange: Netskope Cloud Threat Exchange & Digital Shadows Plugin

Many technology professionals have experienced the sense of frustration that occurs when multiple tools in their environment do not play nicely with each other. When technology leaders are making decisions about bringing new tools into their environment, they should be thinking about more than whether the platform is just a shiny new object that adds a new capability to their team.

5 Reasons Why Managed Detection and Response (MDR) Must be on Every Company's Security Roadmap

The Managed Detection and Response (MDR) solutions offered by security firms today are a far cry from those first deployed by vendors. To better understand how MDR has grown over the years and the changes Trustwave has implemented to stay ahead of the curve, we spoke with Trustwave's Jesse Emerson, Vice President, Solution Architecture & Engineering.

The Most Commonly Mixed-Up Security Terms: Learn the Differences Between Asset, Threat, Vulnerability, and Risk

The cybersecurity landscape is complex enough without the lack of a common vocabulary. But, often, organizations use common security terms incorrectly or interchangeably. This leads to confusion, which leads to frustration, which can lead to something much, much worse. Something like a breach. Let’s take a moment, then, to review the four most commonly mixed-up and misused security terms in the cybersecurity world.

Secure SSH on EC2: What are the real threats?

Every compliance audit will ask you to secure SSH, and every time a scanner checks the configuration or CSPM of your cloud account you’ll be warned for it. For example, if you don’t secure SSH on EC2, you’ll certainly get a critical alert stating that one of your Security Groups has its SSH port (22) open to the world. When this happens, you may think: Have I been pwned?

With Trustwave, the Best in MDR Just Got Better

Trustwave has recreated new Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services to deliver unmatched capabilities tailored to fit an organization regardless of size or budget. While larger organizations may have the resources for heavy security investments, small and medium enterprises (SME) often struggle to keep up with this punishing pace and finding enough qualified security personnel can be even more challenging with the ongoing skills shortage.

Enhanced Network Evidence for the Modern SOC

Security leaders protect their businesses by using analytics and insights to understand security needs, attack surfaces, and trends. Every company from ‘big box’ travel sites to powerhouse car manufacturers needs to optimize their SOCs, retain talent, and expand business opportunities securely.

RSAC 2022: CrowdStrike Delivers Protection that Powers Productivity

The theme of RSA Conference 2022 succinctly captures the aftermath of the disruption we’ve all experienced over the last couple of years: Transform. Customers continue to transform and accelerate digital initiatives in response to the massive economic and technological shifts driven by the COVID-19 pandemic.