How About a Magic Trick? A New Jester In Court

Over the past months, Cyberint Research Team observed a new group that emerged on several underground forums. What seemed to be “yet another info stealer seller” has turned out to be something far more interesting. As the group is named Jester Stealer, that were, at first, selling a fairly sophisticated info stealer (Figure 1). Other evidence suggests that there is much more to it.

See No Evil, Hear No Evil: The Use of Deepfakes in Social Engineering Attacks

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the most high-profile technology developments in recent history. It would appear that there is no end to what AI can do. Fom driverless cars, dictation tools, translator apps, predictive analytics and application tracking, as well as retail tools such as smart shelves and carts to apps that help people with disabilities, AI can be a powerful component of wonderful tech products and services.

The Top 10 Cybersecurity Threats Impacting the Public Sector

From nation-state threat actors to typical cybercriminals, the public sector faces a multitude of cybersecurity threats. At the same time, public-sector organizations struggle to maintain a robust cyber hygiene posture because they need to balance limited budgets with complex IT environments and highly interconnected ecosystems.

Tips for Defending Against Adversarial Actions Regardless of Their Origin

When an unfortunate event occurs, people tend to be curious about who was responsible for the event. It can be interesting and helpful to know who your enemy is and what their motives might be. But in cybersecurity, the primary focus is ultimately on preventative and detective measures to avoid similar issues. Let’s use a recent example to illustrate this point below.

Managed Security Awareness: Beyond the Breach | Ransomware Infected Thumb Drives

The FBI has warned of a FIN7 cybercrime campaign in which attackers mail USB thumb drives to American organizations with the goal of delivering ransomware into their environments. Our latest Arctic Wolf Managed Security Awareness session, Beyond the Breach, breaks down what to look for and how to respond, shares background on this new cybercrime, and offers guidance on how to protect your organization.

Latest FBI Warning: Don't Trust Thumb Drives

The FBI recently warned and advised on a current scam in which bad actors mail malicious thumb drives in packages and trick recipients into thinking there is a legitimate reason for connecting the thumb drive to their computer. Let’s be clear. DON’T. Don’t stick that thing in your computer. You don’t know where it’s been!

Russia's FSB Takes Down REvil Cyber Gang in an Unprecedented Series of Raids

Reuters reported on Friday that the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) and local police launched a series of raids against members of the REvil/Sodinokibi ransomware gang at the request of the United States. More than a dozen arrests were made with millions in cash and goods being confiscated by authorities. This unprecedented action from the Russian Federal Security Service aligns with the fear that we've observed while conducting cybercriminal chatter reconnaissance on the Dark Web.

Malicious USB drives are being posted to businesses

A notorious cybercrime gang, involved in a series of high profile ransomware attacks, has in recent months been sending out poisoned USB devices to US organisations. As The Record reports, the FBI has warned that FIN7 – the well-organised cybercrime group believed to behind the Darkside and BlackMatter ransomware operations – has been mailing out malicious USB sticks in the hope that workers will plug them into their computers.