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Must Know Software Development Best Practices For Every Developer

Software is an integral part of everyone’s life and it gets used for both personal and professional tasks. But, if any complexity occurs in it, overall business operations can get impacted. And as a developer/programmer or a part of the development team, you must make sure that application will function seamlessly. And to assure it, you must prefer following the software development best practices.


The Economics of Secure Software Development

Undeniably, many companies fail to subscribe to an effective process for developing software that does not introduce added risk to the enterprise. Proprietary applications are coded without regard for security implications and are rushed to production in the name of increased quarterly revenue opportunities. Poorly engineered code can result in software security issues such as buffer overflows, improperly handled exceptions, memory leaks and input validation issues.


A Reference Handbook To Secure Software Development Framework

The software works as a spine for many organizations in every sector. It helps to boost their sales, meet objectives, increase revenue, and wider the user base. But, when it comes to securing it, most people configure authentication, access control, or similar traditional mechanisms. However, there’s a main concept that most developers don’t focus on. And that is Secure Software Development Framework.


A Developer's Checklist To Curate Secure Software

Developing software requires immense focus on functionality and especially on its security. According to Intrusion Inc. cost of cybercrimes is increasing at a rapid speed and will cost around USD 10 Trillion. In addition, HackerOne has also issued a report, defining an increase of 65,000 vulnerabilities in different applications and development platforms. In addition, 50% of hackers don’t even report the vulnerability and take advantage for an extended period or until you patch it.

Cultivating Developer Adoption

Many organizations are encouraging their developer teams to adopt a security mindset and take more ownership on security issues earlier in the development process. But how can that actually be achieved effectively and what a successful program looks like in practice? In this recording, we’ll discuss some of the program lessons we’ve learnt from many enterprises that are going through this process and investigate different methodologies for implementing DevSecOps and will share what are best practices to follow and common pitfalls to avoid.

How To Get Developer Buy-In For AppSec Programs

Anyone who works on application security knows developers are inseparable from AppSec programs. Even so, the hardest part is figuring out how to get security on their agenda and actively involve them in preventing and managing vulnerabilities. Only with their buy-in and active involvement, it is possible to scale an application security program to the level desired by AppSec teams, especially in large enterprises where developers way outnumber security engineers.


Secure software development for modern vehicles

Targeted software security practices can help overcome challenges in satisfying emerging cybersecurity standards in the automotive industry. In the automotive industry today, software-defined vehicles (SDVs), electric vehicles (EVs), and connected and autonomous vehicles are becoming increasingly popular.


Snyk in 30: Developer-first security democast

In our latest Snyk in 30 democast, I demonstrated working on an app, starting in an IDE and going all the way to the live app deployed in the cloud. Along the way, I showed how Snyk fits into the tools a real developer might use. Specifically, I focused on the practical aspects of implementing Snyk in a real-world development and cloud environment, answering questions like: I’ll cover some of the main highlights from the presentation in this blog post.

Using ggshield Throughout The Software Development Lifecycle - A Developer's View of GitGuardian

Take a tour of how developers commonly use ggshield, the free and open source GitGuardian CLI to find hardcoded secrets. We will also see how developers participate in the remediation process. In this video demo, see: Learn more at

Three expert tips for cultivating secure software development practices

We often hear about the importance of DevSecOps — integrating security into DevOps processes. But as many security professionals know, it’s not nearly as easy as it sounds. Cultivating secure software development practices requires working alongside developers with varying opinions, priorities, and idiosyncrasies. And any process involving humans is complicated. So, how do today’s security teams overcome these challenges and make secure software development practices a reality?