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Healthcare Industry Leads the Way in Fixing Software Flaws

The healthcare industry is transforming patient care through software, from 24/7 digital patient portals, to AI-fueled medical research, and everything in between. As innovation reaches new heights, how does healthcare stack up against other sectors in terms of software security flaws and the ability to remediate them?


Analysis and Remediation Guidance of CSRF Vulnerability in Csurf Express.js Middleware

On 28th of August reported a vulnerability in csurf middleware – expressjs supporting library that enables CSRF protection in expressjs. As of 13th of September csurf library has been deprecated with no plans to fix the vulnerabilities. There is no viable alternative for csurf middleware now.


7 Key Benefits of a Reliable Cloud Application Security Partner

When you’re looking to secure your applications, you need to keep a few things in mind. You want to make sure that your software security vendor is a fully-Saas vendor you access in the cloud. That way you benefit from scalability, peer benchmarking, and more. Here’s what to look for in an application security testing solution that you can access in the cloud while supporting cloud-native development. Plus, you’ll learn why cloud-based trumps on-premises solutions.


3 Ways Software Engineers Can Save Time and Eliminate DevOps Waste

As software engineers, we are incredibly busy. We’re designing new features, writing tests and implementing code, debugging, opening pull requests, and performing code reviews. That’s not to mention all of the DevOps stuff that our teams have us doing nowadays, too. Oh yes, and then there are stand-ups, check-ins, one-on-ones, and all-hands. The thing is: you don’t have time to waste. If there is wasted time in your workweek, it’s worth looking into how to recapture that time.


Financial Services Organizations Have Fewer Security Flaws in Applications

According to our most recent State of Software Security Report, the financial services industry has fewer security flaws in its applications than last year. Great news, right? That said, the reduction in security flaws isn’t as significant as we would hope to see. The financial services industry has traditionally been recognized for having the least amount of security flaws.


The Evolution of Application Security in a Cloud-Native World: Q&A with Chris Wysopal

As technology explodes, so do the threats. Point solutions emerge as security players innovate in order to keep up. This creates the need for consolidation, as the fragmented solutions become too much to manage. We’re entering a consolidation phase now, the process of distilling, refining, and letting the cream rise to the top. We sat down with cybersecurity veteran and vigilante, Chris Wysopal, to get his perspective on emerging trends in cloud-native security.

Veracode Unveils Velocity Partner Program

Veracode announces the launch of the Veracode Velocity Partner Program. The objective of the program is to enable partners to grow their security practice quickly and profitably around Veracode's cloud-native Continuous Software Security Platform, offering opportunities to accelerate deal closure, expand market share, and grow revenue.