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Understanding AI Package Hallucination: The latest dependency security threat

In this video, we explore AI package Hallucination. This threat is a result of AI generation tools hallucinating open-source packages or libraries that don't exist. In this video, we explore why this happens and show a demo of ChatGPT creating multiple packages that don't exist. We also explain why this is a prominent threat and how malicious hackers could harness this new vulnerability for evil. It is the next evolution of Typo Squatting.

GitHub Advanced Security Features And Security In Jira

When it comes to software development, security is a necessary element. That is why we will analyze GitHub Advanced Security and how Jira supports this DevSecOps feature. GitHub Advanced Security brings a range of tools to the table, such as code scanning, secret scanning, and dependency review – customized to identify vulnerabilities before they escalate. Jira integrates project management, turning the complex task of tracking and managing security issues into a streamlined process.

What is ASPM - Application Security Posture Management Defined

Welcome to our concise video on ASPM – Application Security Posture Management! In this brief 1-minute video, we unravel the complexities surrounding ASPM, shedding light on its crucial role in safeguarding digital assets and data integrity. ASPM serves as a comprehensive framework for assessing, monitoring, and enhancing the security posture of applications throughout their lifecycle. From development to deployment and beyond, ASPM empowers organizations to proactively identify and mitigate security risks, vulnerabilities, and compliance gaps.