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Prioritize Alerts and Findings with Sysdig Secure

If you work in Security or Operations, you are surely familiar with the concept of “alert fatigue.” Alert fatigue Syndrome is the feeling of becoming desensitized to alerts, causing you to potentially ignore or minimize risks and harming your capability to respond adequately to potential security threats.


Set, Triage, and Improve: Strategies for Tuning Out False Positives

As a security analyst in a growing company, it is often easy to get into the “set it and forget it” mentality. You create one alert after another. Then another. And another. With each alert comes a certain amount of work for an analyst. Analyst time costs money, and some alerts consume more time than others. If most of the alerts result in false positives, a large amount of resources are being spent unnecessarily.


How to reduce alert overload in cybersecurity

Cyberattacks cost businesses trillions of dollars every year in lost productivity, lost business, and legal penalties. So companies try to solve the problem by signing up for as many WAFs, NIDS, and bolt-on bot bundlers as they think they need. But while these systems can help stop cyberattacks, they also cause another problem: alert overload. Alert overload happens when your security team is inundated with notifications about possible threats to your system.


Make Snyk notifications work for you

Snyk can send a number of different types of email notifications. Notifications can be powerful when they enable you to learn about a new vulnerability, license issue, or fix an issue in your projects on the same day we find it. However, these alerts can be noisy if they aren’t configured according to the needs of your teams. That’s why we’ve made Snyk notifications flexible! Let’s take a look at how to make them work for you.


Can your AIOps platform do Log Noise Reduction in addition to Alert Noise Reduction? If not, it is time to re-evaluate your AIOps

One of the core value propositions of AIOps platforms is to increase IT efficiency & productivity by applying AI & ML techniques to perform Alert Noise Reduction. This in turn translates to direct cost reduction due to savings in IT man-hours. In this approach, the AIOps platform kind of becomes like a gatekeeper for all the IT alerts/events, and it can help effectively, reduce and correlate such events, so as to send meaningful incidents to NOC or Service Desk.