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Building for Cyber Resilience in the Manufacturing Industry

For the third year in a row, manufacturing was the most attacked industry according to IBM X-Force incident response data. Phishing was the top initial infection vector, used in 39% of incidents, and malware was deployed in 45% of attacks. In 2023 alone, manufacturing organizations in the semiconductor, building, automotive, industrial controls systems, boating and consumer packaged goods industries suffered significant attacks.

How Cybersecurity Firms Leverage Technology to Stay Ahead

Cybersecurity companies are leading the way in protecting the digital landscape in an era where cyber-attacks are growing more complex. The dynamic character of cyberattacks encompasses ransomware, phishing, and increasingly intricate advanced persistent threats (APTs). Because of this, these companies have to use cutting-edge technology in order to keep one step ahead of the bad guys.

Q1 2024 Cyber Threat Landscape Report: Insider Threat & Phishing Evolve Under AI Auspices

In Q1 2024, we saw an evolution in techniques used by attackers, some of which may point to longer term trends in the variation and sophistication of attacks faced by organizations. In particular, with regards to phishing, we saw SMS and voice-based tactics being used, which raises concern around the potential for deep fakes and AI-type technologies to further enhance the effectiveness of phishing attacks.
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Useful Questions To Navigate the TIP Vendor Landscape

In today's escalating threat landscape, Security Operations Center (SOC) teams face a constant cat and mouse battle against adversaries as they try to stay one step ahead. This situation isn't helped by the fragmented tools; multiple data feeds and data siloes they must contend with. Likewise, with so many security vendors out there with different approaches and solutions, how do they know what cybersecurity solutions they should be investing in?

Centripetal's Jess Parnell Named Chief Information Security Officer of The Year

Centripetal has won three 2024 Cybersecurity Excellence Awards, which include Jess Parnell as CISO of the Year, Most Innovative Cybersecurity Company, and the winner of Intelligence Powered Cybersecurity. This recognition underscores Jess's dedication to advancing the field of intelligence powered cybersecurity, as well as the company's commitment to innovation and excellence in cybersecurity.

Accelerating Cybersecurity in the Transportation Industry

The transportation industry is not only part of critical infrastructure, but at the nexus of other critical infrastructure sectors that rely on transportation systems to operate reliably. When threat actors put this fundamental function at risk, there’s a ripple effect that disrupts individuals, businesses, government and supply chains.

The Face of Cybersecurity Excellence: Jess Parnell Wins CISO of The Year

In the world of cybersecurity being proactive is a necessity. Cyber threats loom large, and only those who dare to innovate, lead, and push boundaries can truly make a difference. That’s why it’s no surprise that our very own Jess Parnell, has been named the CISO of the Year in the 2024 Cybersecurity Excellence Awards.

CISO of the Year Award: Jess Parnell

We are proud to announce that we have won three prestigious Cybersecurity Excellence Awards! Join us in congratulating Jess Parnell for being named CISO of the Year. We are also honored to be recognized for: Most Innovative Cybersecurity Company Intelligence Powered Cybersecurity These awards showcase our unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation in cybersecurity. Thank you to our incredible team and the Centripetal community for their hard work and support. Together, we will continue to push the boundaries of cybersecurity to build a secure digital future.