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Black Hat Asia customer panel recap: How to lead DevSecOps adoption

DevSecOps is all about collaboration: facilitating a solid partnership between development and security teams. However, these collaboration efforts won’t succeed without help from leadership. Development and security teams need top-down support to set measurable goals, create a secure CI/CD pipeline, and establish a DevSecOps culture. Three experts came together at Black Hat Asia 2023 to discuss how leadership can participate in fostering security success.


Black Hat NOC USA 2023: A tale of sharp needles in a stack of dull needles

During Black Hat 2023 in Las Vegas, our Corelight team worked effectively and speedily with our first-rate Black Hat NOC partners Arista, Cisco, Lumen, NetWitness and Palo Alto Networks. I was fortunate enough to be a member of the NOC team at the show, helping to defend the Black Hat network. In this blog, I’ll share my experience within the Network Operations Center (NOC) as well as an incident that we detected, investigated, triaged, and closed using Corelight’s Open NDR Platform.


Release with Trust or Die. Key swampUP 2023 Announcements

Every year, JFrog brings the DevOps community and some of the world’s leading corporations together for the annual swampUP conference, aimed at providing real solutions to developers and development teams in practical ways to prepare us all for what’s coming next.


Top Questions Keeper Received at BlackHat 2023

The Keeper team had an amazing time at the 2023 Black Hat security conference in Las Vegas. We met with partners, prospects, friends, vendors, and of course, our incredible customers. Over the span of two days we talked to thousands of people and collected valuable data on a number of critical topics. In fact, we generated a mountain of data about what cybersecurity professionals want from password and privileged access management solutions.

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In the Alleys of Black Hat and DEF CON 2023: The Quiet API Security Crisis

The neon lights of Black Hat and DEF CON, with their flashing demos and groundbreaking presentations, often dazzle attendees and cyber enthusiasts alike. From AI-driven hacking tools to quantum encryption, the subjects covered span a vast spectrum. However, as with any vibrant city, these include areas of risk and concern. For Black Hat 2023 events, APIs are core to these areas.


Security Researchers Share Insights on Black Hat 2023 Topics and Trends

Shocking to no one: Artificial Intelligence (AI) was a huge topic at Black Hat USA 2023, but what did we learn about it? With no shortage of talks on it, there are many insights to take into account. We asked highly skilled Software Security Researchers who attended both Black Hat and DEFCON to weigh-in on the most insightful moments, particularly related to AI. Here’s what we found.