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The latest News and Information on Data Security including privacy, protection, and encryption.


Microsoft AI involuntarily exposed a secret giving access to 38TB of confidential data for 3 years

Discover how an overprovisioned SAS token exposed a massive 38TB trove of private data on GitHub for nearly three years. Learn about the misconfiguration, security risks, and mitigation strategies to protect your sensitive assets.

The Best And Easiest Ways To Secure The Data In Your Company

The business world has changed drastically in the last 20 years. Almost all of the important data is now online. This can be pretty useful, but it can also be dangerous. Why? Well, as the business landscape changed, so did the business espionage. Malicious people online are trying their very best to steal sensitive and confidential data and sell it on the market.

A Comprehensive Guide to Securing Data in the Digital Age

In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, data stands as the linchpin of modern business operations. However, safeguarding sensitive data has grown into a formidable challenge for enterprises in recent times. The surge in data volume and escalating threats are not the sole culprits; the pivotal shift toward digitalization has prompted organizations to migrate their data and IT infrastructure to a diverse blend of private and public clouds.


Collaboration: The Key Ingredient to Successful Security Compliance

In the fast-paced world of software development, the clash between developers and security experts could greatly benefit from some much-needed balance. On one side, developers strive for success based on metrics like delivery time, deployment frequency, and number of features. On the other side, security professionals are measured on vulnerability and compliance metrics.


Introducing Data-centric Policy-enforced Access Control and Data Protection for NetApp ONTAP

As increased cyber threats and regulations governing the handling of sensitive personal data, government and defense data are enacted, the ability to automate the discovery, classification and protection of sensitive information is critical across enterprise content management systems. To this end, archTIS recently extended NC Protect’s capabilities to support NetApp ONTAP to ensure we support a wide range of enterprise platforms.


Why Log4j Wasn't the Developers' Fault: Understanding the Challenges of Modern Developers

In today’s fast-paced digital world, software developers face many challenges as they work tirelessly to create and maintain applications that power our daily lives. The recent Log4Shell vulnerability, which exposed a critical flaw in the widely used Log4j library, has drawn widespread attention and criticism.


To the Left, To the Left

Shifting left, reminiscent of Beyoncė’s famous song, Irreplaceable, is not just a passing trend but a fundamental shift in how we approach software development and security. Historically, security has often been an afterthought — a box to check once the software’s built. However, this reactive approach has proven inadequate in today’s cybersecurity landscape.


Data Loss Prevention: Learn Types, Challenges, and Tips to Secure Your Data

Data loss prevention is a security solution to detect and prevent sensitive data utilization. A data loss prevention strategy is necessary for organizations wishing to avoid data breaches and destruction. Even if an organization has a solid data loss prevention routine in place, it does not eliminate potential threats. The most common causes are: The existence of different data leak prevention types calls for a deep dive into understanding them.

Shift Left: A One-of-a-Kind Developer Community in the Cybersecurity Space

To foster a culture of data protection that enhances global enterprises through secure application development, Protegrity developed the Shift Left Developer community. Our community recognizes the discrepancies and challenges data teams face when it comes to implementing solutions – both technologically and professionally – and offers the resources, guides, and cross-collaboration from teams around the world to help develop effective and efficient approaches to integration processes.