Introduction to SAST

DevSecOps means countering threats at all stages of creating a software product. The DevSecOps process is impossible without securing the source code. In this article, I would like to talk about Static Application Security Testing (SAST). As development fluency is growing every year, many companies are introducing DevSecOps. Its main message calls for ensuring continuous safety control at every stage of product creation. At the same time, DevSecOps processes are automated as much as possible.


Application security testing is important-now can you quickly use the results?

Multiple AppSec tools lead to many results. Let Code Dx centralize your AppSec management to help you make sense of your data. Most organizations have more than one application—some large enterprises have hundreds or thousands of applications in development and production. Each application is constantly updated to fix security issues, improve performance, and meet new customer demands, and an essential part of the update process is to test the application for security issues.


Application Security Testing Evolution and How a Software Bill of Materials Can Help

Early in my career, I developed web applications. At the time there were practically no frameworks or libraries to help. I was coding with Java using raw servlets and JSPs – very primitive by today's standards. There was no OWASP Top 10 and writing secure code was not something we paid much attention to.


Snyk Code CLI support now in public beta

Snyk is on the mission to make Static Application Security Testing (SAST) tools work for developers throughout the DevOps pipeline. Snyk Code scans in real time with high accuracy — and it does it right from the tools and workflows developers are already using. For example, the IDE plugins for IntelliJ, PyCharm, WebStorm, and Visual Studio Code make it easy to code, scan and fix even before code hits the version management.

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Dev-first SAST: Increase your developer productivity while staying secure

Static application security testing (or SAST) used to be a term coined by the security team, to help developers test their code early in the software development life cycle (SDLC). Unlike dynamic testing, it does not require a working application, which allows developers to identify security vulnerabilities while they code, so they can spot them as soon as they appear and fix them when it's easiest and fastest to do so. This cuts down their future workload by decreasing the backlog of issues they'll have to address later.

Announcing Snyk's Series F: Leading the World to Developer Security

We’re proud to announce our Series F funding at a $8.5B valuation, co-led by Capital Ventures and Tiger Global! We believe in helping the world’s developers build secure applications and equipping security teams to meet the demands of the digital world. Thank you to our investors and community for supporting our vision. We're excited to continue our journey of advancing and leading developer security.

Appknox - Highest Rated Mobile Application Security Solution

Launching a mobile enterprise application is no easy feat and one minor security breach can undo all your hard work in no time. With the right security platform, you can detect and fix security vulnerabilities without losing sleep. Say hello to Appknox, a plug-and-play security solution that secures your mobile enterprise applications in less than 60 minutes. Rated the highest in security products in Gartner and being a high performer on G2crowd for SAST, we set ourselves apart from our competition by allowing you to integrate your SDLC with all project management and CI-CD toolchain.

A Comprehensive Approach to DAST

In the modern DevOps framework, the security has shifted to the left and Application Security Testing (AST) techniques like DAST have become even more important. The latest Forrester reports indicate that application weaknesses and software vulnerabilities are the most common attack methods, and businesses fall victim to ransomware every 11 seconds. Further, modern-day businesses are consistently grappling with fast-paced development and industry disruptions.


Top 5 Security Testing Types with Tools & Examples

Technology has shaped the world magnificently and has become a driving force for businesses and organisations. From academia to big enterprises, everyone is enjoying the perks of technological advancement in the form of applications, IoT devices, online shopping and businesses, portals, etc. including amateur to non-technical people, everyone now utilises some form of a networked-enabled communication system such as email, social media, etc.