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The Battlefield vs Red Teaming - Where the Skills Collide!

It was early 2003 in central Iraq, a couple of hours before dawn, 30 degree heat, and everything had a green tint through the night vision goggles. I was on an operation with a team from the US Psychological Operations forces (psyops) and an ODA (Operational Detachment Alpha) from the US Special Forces. We'd spent days gathering HUMINT (Human Intelligence) and undertaking reconnaissance on the target. The ODA team was set up for the assault, the psyops were ready to run diversionary tactics and I was on the team providing comms and perimeter security. Authorisation was given from above, the operation began, and the sky lit up with tracer rounds.

How a Generalized Validation Testing Approach Improves Efficiency, Boosts Outcomes and Streamlines Debugging

In two recent blog posts from the CrowdStrike Software Development Engineers in Test (SDET) team, we explored how end-to-end validation testing and modular testing design could increase the speed and accuracy of the testing lifecycle. In this latest post, we conclude our SDET series with a deep dive on how our generalized validation testing component improves efficiency, enhances product functionality and streamlines troubleshooting.

Providing Comprehensive Application Security from Code to Production: New Snyk and Hdiv Security Partnership

Together, we look forward to helping more global businesses to innovate securely by combining Snyk’s static analysis with Hdiv’s interactive testing capabilities. This will allow these digital-first organizations to continue their rapid pace of innovation while staying secure through comprehensive application security – from code in development to running workloads in production.

Shift Left Testing and Its Benefits

Testing practices have been shifting left in the software development process due to the growing challenge of developing and delivering high-quality, secure software at today’s competitive pace. Agile methodologies and the DevOps approach were created to address these needs. In this post, we’ll map out the basics of shift left practices in the DevOps pipeline, and how you can shift left your open source open source security and compliance testing.

What is Vulnerability Testing?

Even the most secure IT system can have vulnerabilities that leave it exposed to cyber attacks. Constantly changing network environments, social engineering schemes, and outdated or unpatched software are all threats that call for routine vulnerability testing. Vulnerability testing, also called vulnerability assessment or analysis, is a one-time process designed to identify and classify security vulnerabilities in a network.

Web application security explained: reviewing WAS testing, best practices, and tools

In today’s corporate environment, business is predominantly conducted online. Most organizations have a website or some type of web application that functions as the hub of their online operations.In today’s corporate environment, business is predominantly conducted online. Most organizations have a website or some type of web application that functions as the hub of their online operations.

Are Any of These Top Open Source Vulnerability Testing Tools in Your Program?

Sorting out the differences and similarities among the various open source (OS) security tools is no easy task. In fact, many security practitioners today agree, it can be staggeringly complex. Although automated OS security scanning tools make it easier to find and patch existing vulnerabilities in web applications, thereby reducing the burden on security and development teams, they do require a good deal of management and oversight.

Secure Software Development: How to Check Your Code

In May of 2021, a cybercrime organization called DarkSide successfully locked operators of the Colonial Pipeline, which supplies the east coast with 45% of its petroleum fuel, out of their own software system with a type of malware called "ransomware." True to its name, ransomware returns access to your software (in theory) if you pay a ransom. The result-fuel supplies collapsed across the eastern United States, with gas lines, price spikes, and panic. People began hoarding gasoline in states not even served by the Colonial Pipeline. The US government passed emergency legislation. Even DarkSide seemed shocked at the impact of their cyberattack.