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How to create a Tines Tunnel with an AWS EC2 instance

Today's business world is more complex than ever, and many companies are reliant on private networks to keep their data safe and secure. But what happens when you need to access data from a remote location or connect to multiple separate private environments? In this guide, we'll show you how to create a Tines Tunnel so you can route traffic from Tines to a private API/network successfully. Read on for step-by-step instructions.


Torq Delivers on the Promise of Parallel Execution

Security operations professionals are constantly being pushed to the edge of their capacities. They’re dealing with endless manual processes and managing tasks sequentially, because of the limitations of their security tools and options. They’ve dreamed of being able to execute more tasks simultaneously to quickly enrich, analyze, contain, and resolve security threats. Today, Torq is proud to introduce Parallel Execution, which makes those capabilities a reality.

Torq Introduces Parallel Execution

Parallel Execution is a significant evolution for no-code security automation that enables you to instantly create multiple branches within an automatic workflow, and handle each concurrently before seamlessly merging back into a single flow. Security teams can now execute more tasks simultaneously to quickly enrich, analyze, contain, and resolve security threats.

Boost efficiency in combating cyber threats with Tines and Lacework

Everyone knows that when it comes to cybersecurity, the faster you can detect and remediate a breach, the better. In order to minimize the risk of damage, security teams need to be able to prioritize remediation efforts, so they can actively watch for exploits targeting vulnerable systems -- including those stemming from commercial, off-the-shelf tools they don’t control.


Security Basics: Incident Response and Automation

Incident response is one of the most challenging tasks that IT teams face. It’s challenging not just because it typically involves many stakeholders and moving pieces, but also because teams usually face pressure to respond as quickly as possible. That’s why investing in incident response automation is a wise choice.


Organizations are traveling the road to cybersecurity automation, but it is not a smooth journey

Our latest industry research – ‘The 2022 State of IT Security Automation Adoption’ – which we have undertaken for the second year running and expanded into other regions including the UK, USA and Australia, shows strong signs that cybersecurity automation adoption is advancing, but 97% of respondents say they have experienced problems during implementation.

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5 Questions to Ask When Developing an Automation Strategy

Automation is like running a marathon. It sounds like a great and noble pursuit until you actually go out and start pursuing it. At that point, it's easy to fail if you don't prepare yourself ahead of time for the challenges that are inherent to the process. Indeed, although automation can provide a number of awesome benefits, whether you actually reap those benefits depends on how easy it is to implement and manage automation tools. And, as many teams discover, doing these things may be harder than it often seems.