Intro to Torq: Chatbots

The challenges and workloads facing today’s security teams are not getting easier, but the response methods of security teams are still manual, utilizing a patchwork of security tools that are not connected nor communicating with each other. What if you could utilize your organization’s most common communication tool (i.e. Slack) to bring security communications and operations into every part of your organization?

What SecOps Teams Can Expect in 2022

Traditionally, most organizations have had siloed departments wherein teams’ activities are highly separated and the objectives within organizational structures are divided. This operational methodology has brought about friction – especially within the IT department, where developers and ITOps lack collaboration.

Digital-First SecOps: A CISO Perspective

Businesses of all types, and across all verticals, have gone digital-first. This shift enables many benefits, such as greater scalability and speed. But it also amplifies the security and compliance challenges that arise from digital systems. For CISOs, this shift amplifies the need to apply the same level of automation, speed, and business-wide accessibility for security that digitization has brought to other aspects of the business. In short, modern businesses need to adopt a digital-first approach to SecOps itself.
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Mitigating the Next Log4shell: Automating Your Vulnerability Management Program

As CVE-2021-44228, a.k.a "Log4Shell" or Apache Log4j Remote Code Execution vulnerability continues to send shockwaves across the world of software, many security vendors and practitioners are rushing to provide recommendations on dealing with the crisis. If you need immediate help mitigating the impact of Log4shell, we're here for that. But the goal of this post is to look forward. This isn't the first and won't be the last high-impact vulnerability to be uncovered. So it's worth preparing your organization for the next one, so that you can respond faster, mitigate and remediate sooner - and have fewer weekends like the last one.

To Fix the Broken State of Cybersecurity Culture, Turn Every Employee into a Security Practitioner

Which cultural values empower businesses to thrive today? That’s an open question, of course. But I suspect most employees, managers, and analysts would include items like collaboration, transparency, and creativity on the list of essential ingredients in business success.

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To Reinvent SOAR, Automation Is only a Feature

Security, by its very nature, is one of the most innovative fields on the planet. Every technological advancement carries with it a handful or more of new attack vectors, which in turn lead to a dizzying amount of security innovation as our industry works to mitigate risk and defend against threats. But for all this innovation, there are a few ways in which security lags far behind.

$50M to reinvent security automation

Today, we’re announcing our $50 million Series B funding led by Insight Partners with participation from SentinelOne, GGV Capital, and Bessemer Venture Partners. Together with them, we believe that security teams deserve better. Better ways to collaborate, better ways to work, better ways to keep our lives and livelihoods protected.