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Panther Labs CEO Jack Naglieri: How to make security operations painless

Today on the Future of Security Operations podcast, Thomas is joined by Jack Naglieri, CEO of Panther Labs, a cloud-native SIEM platform that alleviates the pain of traditional SIEM with detection-as-code, a robust security data lake, and huge scalability with zero-ops.

Automatically Update URL Blocklists in Zscaler Using Torq

Blocking access to certain URLs is a simple, effective strategy for protecting users and the network. But, in a world where new and increasingly sophisticated scams seem to appear almost weekly, the task of maintaining that list can become overly burdensome when performed manually. Torq offers a number of ways to automate URL blocklist management, reducing manual effort and speeding up response to new threats.

How to Automatically Suspend Inactive Accounts Using Torq

Contractors, freelancers, and other temporary workers have become essential parts of the modern enterprise. For IT and security teams, these individuals present unique challenges compared to full-time workers—and potential risks. The ‘offboarding’ process for these contractors is often less formal than bringing them on. Meaning, many just stop using their entitlements and accounts without actually closing them. These dormant accounts can pose serious risks to the organization.

Introducing Reporting: Demonstrate your ROI

We know for customers creating automation Stories in Tines, anything that makes tracking your progress more manageable and helps you demonstrate the platform's value makes a big difference. We're excited to announce that Reporting is now live across Tines. This new feature allows our customers and Community Edition users quickly and easily calculate how much time they're saving by automating their repetitive workflows through the platform.

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4 Database Access-Control Methods to Automate

Regardless of which role a person has in an organization, they will always need access to one or more databases to be able to perform the functions of their job. Whether that person is a cashier at McDonald's or a technical account manager supporting a Fortune 500 company, data entry and retrieval is core to the services they provide.

Niall Heffernan: How to empower your security operations team to focus on higher value strategic work

In our sixth episode of the Future of Security Operations podcast, Thomas speaks with Niall Heffernan, Head of Security at Cygnvs, a former Senior Manager of Information Security at Informatica, and a Lecturer for BSc, HDIP, PGDip, and MSc students studying in the Cybersecurity courses at the National College of Ireland.

Understanding your deployment options: Cloud, self-hosted, and the Tines Tunnel

One of the biggest decisions a rapidly evolving organization has to make when it comes to its IT infrastructure is whether to move to the cloud. At Tines, we love the cloud but understand that different security systems and environments require different deployment options. Some organizations need extra guardrails in place to access and manage their systems and data.

Top 10 CI/CD Automation Tools

Software teams have focused on agility since the world embraced Mark Zuckerberg’s motto to “move fast and break things.” But many still lack the confidence or tooling to accelerate their processes. What’s more: in the race to release more, ship faster, and prioritize speed, many have neglected thoughtfulness and security – with Facebook itself becoming the poster child of data misuse.

Automated Developer-First Security: Our Partnership with Snyk

Today’s developers move at increasingly rapid speed – making it more critical than ever to identify and resolve code vulnerabilities early in the software development lifecycle. By tackling security early – instead of waiting until testing and deployment – engineering teams can reduce unnecessary patching and maintenance cycles, reduce risks, and ensure timely delivery of new features.