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Penetration Testing

CIS Critical Security Control 18. Penetration Testing

The Center for Internet Security (CIS) provides Critical Security Controls (CIS Controls) to support the evolving field of cybersecurity. CIS Control 18 covers penetration testing (this topic was covered by Control 20 in the previous version). Penetration testing is the intentional launch of cyberattacks in order to evaluate an organization’s security.

Your Ultimate Guide to Black Box, Grey Box and White Box Testing

Are you looking about getting a penetration test done, but you're not sure what kind of test to get. If you are an IT consulting company, you must have heard about black-box, grey-box, and white-box testing. The following are some of the most common questions asked when it comes to selecting the type of testing: Consider the advantages and disadvantages of black box, grey box, and white box testing.

Penetration Testing: Practical Introduction & Tutorials

You’ve built an awesome business — it is booming and making money. You’ve streamlined all the processes and operations. Business is good. But, when you build something great, it attracts cyber criminals. Your business is valuable to you and cybercriminals can leverage it. That’s why security is important. You can use different security approaches to secure your application, infrastructure and network. In this post we’ll focus on one such approach: penetration testing.

Privilege Escalation Attacks: Types, Examples and Defence

When a system is breached, compromised or exploited, the attackers never stop after getting the initial access because it doesn’t give them privileged access. And the same thing goes in an offensive security assessment, i.e. infrastructure penetration testing or a red team assessment.

Penetration Tests of Newly Released Web Applications

Running penetration tests of a mature web application is always a great challenge. Systems are usually well hardened, and scanners fall short of flagging anything interesting, requiring an experienced security engineer to identify vulnerabilities using advanced exploitation methods. On the other side, some applications are going for their first release ever or release after a major code change.

Penetration Testing To Prevent API Attack

This blog describes the attack path we have uncovered during a recent penetration test of a web application, coupled with a back-end infrastructure assessment. Throughout we introduce different attack techniques and tools that can be used to attack the underlying infrastructure and APIs of a web application.

Webinar: "I get paid to hack your company and these are the controls I hate most!"

Drawing on over three decades’ experience in penetration testing for global organisations of all sizes, this webinar outlines some of the most common attack methods in use today and shares effective approaches for tackling them. The session on will detail the most effective security controls to prevent and mitigate common types of cyber-attacks.

Types of pen testing: white box, black box and everything in between

This blog attempts to cut through the industry jargon to provide all the information you need to identify the right pen test for your organisation, including the important question of whether you require a black box, white box or grey box testing style.